Best Climbing Shoes For Intermediate Climbers Of 2024

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Climbing is a very interesting outdoor activity and best bet is that you do love it just as much as we do. There are great perks to climbing but more interesting and exciting is the fact that there are myriads of options for climbers to choose from when it comes to climbing accessories. If you have been climbing for a while now, there may come a time when you feel to change your climbing shoes or even step up your games.

For intermediate climbers, getting a better shoe with more durability and power might be just what they need to get their carrier revved up. Another scenario is that you have started to recognize your need for a better climbing shoes to practice some footwork you just learned because your current one is old, now is just the perfect time to do the needful.

Scarpa Instinct VSDual-tension RandPRICING
La Sportiva MythosLaspoFlex MidsolePRICING
La Sportiva FinaleVery Sticky and Grippy Rubber OutsolePRICING
So iLL Free RangeOne-strap FeaturePRICING
Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsymSplit-grain LeatherPRICING
Tenaya IATIVibram XS Grip solesPRICING
Tenaya OASISuperior Cosure SystemPRICING

But with the increasing numbers of climbing shoes out there, it gets all the more difficult to get hold of a climbing shoe that carefully takes quality into account and measures up to its purpose. Luckily, you are here, as we have prepared this guide to help you get through this. We understand the importance of climbing shoes to climbers as they can easily leave a hole that can be very difficult to fill when their quality is sub-par.

As you read on this guide, you will come across different climbing shoes which we have selected just for climbers like you who are looking to make a choice from a carefully curated list of shoes.

1. Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

The first shoe we are reviewing on this list is the Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS which is a climbing shoe notably recognized for its high durability and power. It is somewhat a new climbing shoe but has grown really fast in terms of popularity and most climbers now use it.

It is exquisitely a great choice for bouldering and sport climbing and works superbly well for other climbing types like competition and indoor climbing. It comes with a 100% leather and rubber sole and a Vibram XS grips at the heels which allow for excellent gripping especially on steep rocks. It is also designed with super charged dual-tension rand which allows for maximum toe edging power -a better improvement over those commonly found in bouldering shoes.

It features a medium length construction of the outsole which sets it apart from most climbing shoes out there. It ensures the shoe delivers a high-performance climbing and bouldering for an excellent overall experience while climbing the rocks. With its power straps which float on the shoe, you can expect a higher level of fit and maximum power.


  • Superior rubber sole
  • High durability and power
  • Dual-tension rand
  • 100% leather
  • Mid length construction of outsole
  • Improved fit and power


  • May scratch easily due to leather made

2. La Sportiva Mythos Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Mythos stands among the most iconic climbing shoes out there. For intermediate climbers who are looking to grace their feet with a different level of masterpiece for a better climbing experience, this is definitely a great choice. It is always up to task any way it comes and fits incredibly well.

It is deigned with a flat last and comes with a special kind of a leather upper which is Eco friendly and is Idro-Perwanger biodegradable. This construction allows you to easily wear the shoe all day without having and sore feeling or hitch. More so, the Eco rubber fitting on the shoe’s sole ensures you are served with the utmost level of performance by the shoe, makes it altogether a perfect choice of intermediate climbers especially.

It features a closure lace which ensures the shoe is easily tightened to your feet, comes with a LaspoFlex midsole of about 1.1 millimeters. While it is a great choice for most intermediate climbers, it may not really come in handy for lengthy overhanding climbs or edging. However, it does serve well in terms of durability and comfort as it beats many other climbing shoes in the market.


  • Very comfortable
  • Closure lace system
  • Eco rubber sole
  • LaspoFlex midsole
  • Great on durability and fit
  • Biodegradable leather upper


  • Not suitable for lengthy overhanding sport climbing

3. La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe

This is another incredible pair of climbing shoes from La Sportiva which delivers on its promises and is able to make a difference in your carrier as an intermediate climber. It is one of such shoes you can wear all-day with comfort and depend on for high performance.

Because of how demanding and stretching climbing can be especially on the feet, the Finale has been designed with an unlined leather upper which is soft and geared towards giving you a comfortable feel. It comes with a Permanent Power Platform (P3) which helps the Finale best fit for performing even the most tedious edging often appreciated by master climbers.

The Finale also comes with a Vibram XS Edge sole which is an improved rubber to allow for secure grips. Its LaspoFlex midsole is designed to be neither too stiff or too soft but somewhere in between for optimal performance.

It also comes with a lace-up system increases it versatility for use on different climbing situations and even when you feel like hitting the gym. Another reason why it delivers a superb edging performance is the presence of its powerhinge which works synergistically with its tensioned heel rand for an overall fantastic climbing experience.


  • Unline leather which is soft and comfortable
  • High edging performance ability
  • Very sticky and grippy rubber outsole
  • Superb lace-up system
  • Permanent Performance Platform feature


  • Sizing may pose a bit of an issue

4. So iLL Free Range Climbing Shoe

The So iLL Free Range is one of the best rock climbing shoes for intermediate climbers particularly women and offers a mix of style and performance. If you are the type that buys shoe using women size, or perhaps you wear a specific men’s size, the So iLL Free Range has got all in stock to meet different size needs.

Control is improved and served on a more awesome level with the So iLL Free Range, thanks to its cross-foot closure mechanism which ensures there is little or no chance for dead spots. It comes with a fully padded tongue in addition to its one-strap feature which improves the comfortable feel of the shoe.

The So iLL Free Range brings an improved edging performance to scene with its stiffer frontfoot. Because of its heel tension and wider rubber coverage, you are able to achieve a higher level of technical accuracy while climbing. The Dark Matter rubber coating on the shoe which comes sticky and used originally in the US Navy Seals helps to achieve better security when placing your feet during approaches.

It is ideal for gym climbing, scumming, as well as grabbing just as much as it does at edging. On steeps, this climbing shoe works superbly, thanks to its downturned toe which is very well pointy. The Toebox isn’t too soft and neither is it too stiff, kind of semi-stiff and this helps greatly for both comfort and secure toe hooking ability.


  • Fully padded tongue for comfort
  • Wider rubber coverage
  • Cross-foot closure system
  • Dark Matter rubber coating
  • One-strap feature
  • Great for gym climbing


  • The strap closure may relax over time thus causing loose fitting

5. Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe

Looking at the Five Ten Men’s Anasazi, you have an impression that it is not just any common climbing shoe; later on, you will find out that this is true. The Anasazi MoccAsym combines performance with safety and is one of those top high-friction climbing shoes out there. Whether you are up for some extreme rock climbing or just want to adapt this footwear for bike racing on the mountain or kayaking, the Anasazi is definitely up to task. As an intermediate climber, it is a great choice to replace your old or worn out climbing shoes.

It comes with a Split-grain type of leather, a great addition which helps the shoe to stretch a bit in length when situation demands or to achieve a customized fit. Because the shoe isn’t designed with straps or lace closure, it features three pull tabs with which you can easily wear it and ensure it stays gripped to your feet.

The Anasazi also features a rubber sole for superior grips and locking in and is completely resoleable. The Side-exit heel seam ensures that your feet is supplied with enough aeration and prevent it from getting wet due to sweat build up. The slingshot heel makes for seamless locking of the feet in place and transfer power to the toe of the feet.

The shoe delivers comfort and a high-performance action when used for either climbing or bouldering.


  • Very versatile and usable for climbing or bouldering
  • Better grip and superior locking in
  • Split-grain leather
  • Good quality heel
  • It is relsolable


  • Price a bit on the high side

6. Tenaya IATI Climbing Shoes 

The Tenaya is arguably one of the best climbing shoes out there. It is widely recognized for its exquisite design that brings a mix of comfort and performance into a single product without sacrifice. As you will find it fitting for beginners and intermediate level climbers, it is being used by professional climbers all around the world, many of which has helped win championships and break records.

The Tenaya IATI performs well at rock climbing irrespective of the angle the rock presents itself, from extreme overhanging routes to walls for technical climbing and even intricate friction slaps. One of its features you will appreciate quickly is its pointy toebox which points down to give you enough locking precisions at different points.

It is designed with a uniformly bent and structured tip which allows for improved force transfer on aggressive overhanging routes. Also, it comes with a RBX technology which buttresses the feel you will experience when you have this Tenaya IATI on. It helps you achieve a fantastic fit and an excellent control as it graces your leg to the highest intimate feel it can get from any climbing shoe. What more? You enjoy even a greater responsiveness needed for controlled friction holds or edging.

The Tenaya IATI is designed with microfiber and leather upper in a construction system that cuts out the tendency for unsolicited movements and ensures you are served with absolute control. Other features coming with the shoe include a two-dimensional (2-D) multilayer Stretchtex, dual midsole, and Vibram XS grip soles for securing your feet and superior grips.

Tenaya gives a helpful tip and advise a downsize of about 0-0.5 sizes from the regular US street size of shoes you would normally find fitting. More so, Tenaya shoes are designed with synthetic materials that are aimed at limiting size stretch thus making it possible to make consistent and tolerable size predictions.


  • Designed with quality and performance
  • About the most functional climbing shoe out there
  • Vibram XS Grip soles
  • Microfiber|Leather upper
  • Perfect for aggressive overhanging routes
  • Ideal for intermediate climbers


  • None

7. Tenaya OASI Rock Climbing Shoe

There is an impression that Tenaya shoes bring, and it’s that feeling of quality, performance and durability. The Tenaya OASI is another great climbing shoe for intermediate climbers. It has been carefully constructed to help intermediate climbers and beginners alike to easily find their footing right whenever they are out there on rock edges or just during any technical climbing.

The Tenaya OASI dubs itself as one of the most aggressive climbing shoes in the Tenaya line and works exquisitely well for any type of foothold. The signature characteristic construction of the Tenaya OASI is a boost to its ability to help achieve superior precision in different climbing situations.

It is very versatile and does well on overhanging routes too. It comes with an aggressively bent shape which looks more like a curve and the toe-box angle which enables the heel to relax even lower for superior control and feel. It also features a Draxtour closure lace system which allows for uniform fitting and adjustment across different sides of the shoe thus helping to achieve needed fit and comfort for any shape of foot.


  • Microfibre upper
  • Superior closure system
  • Very versatile and perfect for overhanging routes
  • Offers improved control and feel
  • Can easily fit any foot shape


  • Softer rubber which may cause easy slipping off tiny holes


Security is the hallmark of protective gears, but with these climbing shoes, you can enjoy a lot more of security, performance and comfort. We want this to be your last stop in search for a climbing shoe that is up to task. Having reviewed the best intermediate climbing shoes you will find out there, we are confident you can never go wrong with any of them. No matter which target you aim to meet as an intermediate climber, be rest assured these shoes are always rock ready!

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