The 6 Best Folding Camp Stools

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Sitting around a campfire can be fun, especially with your friends and family, cooking over the open flames and exchanging stories. Having comfortable lightweight collapsible stools can make all the difference for a more luxurious camping experience.

Three properties make collapsible camping stool far more practical—simple transportability, ease of storage and longevity. They come handy in so many outdoor situations. They’re lighter and you can rely on them every time you compare them to the standard chair you know. You can carry as many as possible to open-air events like a sporting event, college graduation, competition and adventures.

The principal function of folding seating is to offer extra room. When it comes to soft ground, you don’t have to worry. Most of them come with pointed legs which hold firmly to the ground to keep you steady while you seat down and relax.

Walkstool BasicQuality and DurabilityPRICING
Camp Time JumboIt is Very SturdyPRICING
Big Agnes Skyline ULIt is Light, Comfortable and SturdyPRICING
Keith Titanium Ti2501It is Less BulkyPRICING
BOBVILLAGE Ultra-LightThe Setup is Pretty, and Seating is SoftPRICING
ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MCTriangular Seat Shape is an Advantage for the LegsPRICING

Lightweight collapsible stools are not only outdoor seats—they’re items for your convenience, and outdoor recreation and comfortable camping. These stools are perfect for:

  • Campers and outdoor lovers. The best camping stools are portable for your outdoor trips to offer a place for relaxing, resting or working. You can conveniently take along a foldable chair on a beach trip or golfing, or have it in your car for last-minute adventures.
  • Hunters and fishers. While staying outdoors for extended periods, a lightweight collapsible stool can be a lifesaver for a person’s back. The right lightweight collapsible stool will provide you comfort so you can hunker down yet not sacrifice your posture.
  • Spectators of events. Sometimes, seats and benches are out of it when it comes to concerts, and parties. With your handy  light weight collapsible stool with you, you can sit  wherever you want  best view that you can think of.

Carrying Handle

The ergonomic carrying handle of collapsible stools is designed for easy folding and moving around. Just lift the handle; it will fold quickly and with ease in a split second using one hand. The step stool’s handle will appear as soon as the stool is folded flat. 

Secure Locking System

When you fold the lightweight, collapsible stools, they lock in place with an innovative 3 point locking system. It provides a solution to many of the problems with middle folding step stools that are not as stable.  

Regardless of the kind of outdoor adventure you’re embarking on, you want to make sure everything you pack is portable, functional and lightweight. For this reason, you’d need to get yourself the best camping stools by looking for products that are comfortable, durable, and reliable.

There is a wide array of light, collapsible stool for your everyday needs. It rests assured to find the one that best fits your need. Take a look at the list below and make your choice.

1. Walkstool Tripod Stool Basic

Walkstool Basic is quite similar to the Comfort models as they both have a lightweight construction, as well as telescope legs in aluminum. It is manufactured with excellent quality and durability that can last the test of time.

The truth is that it is the only three legged telescopic stool that has patents and trademark protections. You’ll get the basic models in two sitting heights—50 and 60 cm (20 in and 24 in)—with a top section in black and the lower legs are in dark grey. The Basic model features smaller seat sizes, including smaller rubber feet when compared to Comfort models. The Basic models are inexpensive to reflect durability and quality.

Another thing you need to consider is the use of plastic feet for Basic. They wear out quicker than the thick rubber feet. On softer grounds, the stool can hold its own as it does not sink—this is because the legs are pointed. The Walkstool Basic is an accessory which increases the surface area that is in contact with the ground. And that makes it difficult for the stool to sink into the ground. The Walkstool Basic comes handy in a rural setting or on slippery surfaces.

It is also suitable for more massive people that want the stool to hold their weight and possibly cause a reduction in tear at the seat mesh. This feature will prevent the legs from spreading out in case of a heavyweight. You’ll enjoy it for many outdoor activities like fishing, photography, camping, etc.


  • The stool was designed with quality and durability
  • Perfect for outdoor activities


  • With a 45 cm height, it might not be easy reaching things on the floor
  • The stool is more substantial than other of its type
  • It is more expensive when compared to other portable stools

2. Camp Time Jumbo Stool

The Camp Time Jumbo Stool features a fabric layer that is well arranged to take out “bias- stretch.” The seat is uniform on its surface for superior comfort—it is a 19” x 19” diagonal seat by 19” tall. The 19” tall chair makes standing and sitting come with ease. The 19” seat height perfectly fit tables.

The leg folds into a 4” diameters 26” Long—that is more like a compact bundle. Carriers are seamless over the shoulder featuring built-in shoulder strap.

For more tensile strength, the aluminum alloy legs are tempered and hardened and cold- drawn than high carbon steel. It can allow 300 pounds. It weighs 1.6 pounds. 


  • It is well-made and very durable—both the fabric and the metal.
  • It is very sturdy


  • It is not very comfortable and robust

3. Big Agnes Skyline UL Ultralight Chair

The Big Agnes Skyline Backpacking chair and stool is perfect for many outdoor activities like tailgating, camping—or even anywhere you desire to take rest. This is a lightweight folding stool at 10.2 ounces, and it is slim with an inch thick when it is folded. The stool can have its way even with a weight of 175 pounds—because of the durable titanium legs and nylon seat.

It comes with a weight capacity of 175 lbs (80 kg) and a folded dimension of 14.6 × 10.2 × 0.8 in (370 × 259 × 20 mm). The unfolded dimension is 11.3 × 10.2 × 9.2 in (287 × 259 × 234 mm) and weighs 10.2 oz (290 g).

It is designed using ultralight nylon ropstop that give it extra durability; combine that with high-tenacity robic yarn that gives it 25% – 30% extra strength. It can withstand the weather using the waterproof UTS coating.

Pre-bent poles and a stronger frame allow for a deeper, wider seat than any other ultralight camping chair in the market The color-coded architecture allows for easy setup. No tools are needed, and all pieces come together in a matter of seconds.

The frame and pre-bent poles allow for deeper and wider seat, and better than any other chair you can think of.


  • It is light, comfortable and sturdy
  • It is perfect for kids sporting events and picnics


  • It wiggles when you sit on it

4. Keith Titanium Ti2501 Folding Stool

With the Keith Titanium folding stool, you’ll get a holding capacity that is 275 times its weight—and it features a mesh storage sack.Titanium is super durable and ultralight metal; it is extraordinarily hypoallergenic, also eco-friendly, and exceptionally corrosion-resistant.

The Keith Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified company and also a GMC Certified Manufacturer, so whatever you’re getting from this company is of high quality. Their product samples have passed through the EU Food Grade test, including the U.S. FDA test.

The design inspiration from Keith was taken from travelers and adventurers. The company looks out for innovative solutions that best fit their needs and having the belief that less is more, which brings elegance at the end of it all. It is a multipurpose and versatile stool that saves weight and space—every ounce counts. It is environmentally friendly and very healthy for outdoor use. The product minimizes the environmental footprint, and it has a lifetime warranty.

The material of construction is titanium, and it is one of the most durable metals ever known without causing any chemical pollution. It is compatible with the body and it is non-toxic. The company boasts of exceptional years of experience and in using titanium for product creation.


  • It is a quality product with great designs
  • It is less bulky


  • It has a low maximum weight
  • It is too compact

5. BOBVILLAGE Ultra-Light Folding Camping Chair

If you need great support from a chair that is convenient and on-the-go, then think BOBVILLAGE Ultra-light Folding Camping Chair. This camping chair is easy to assemble, providing you with great comfort whenever you need it. You can bring it to any outdoor event because of its lightweight, and that makes it very portable. You can never regret taking it to BBQs, festivals, tailgates, road trips and several other events.

Its foldable aluminum poles that feature shock-cord structure allows for easy setup as you guide connected poles directly into the frame. The four corners on the seatback are reinforced for reliability and security. BOBVILLAGE Ultra-light Folding Camping Chair comes with a weight of 2lbs, and that makes it convenient and perfectly suitable for any outdoor event.

When not in use, you can fold the chair and keep it in a drawstring storage bag. The drawstring storage bag can hold the folded chair together within the compact space, so you can travel with it with ease and carry it around. You can even attach the bag to the chair with a clip, so you don’t lose it—or being blown away by the wind.

The ergonomic design alongside with mesh seat net allows for breathability to give you relaxing and comfortable experience—it has a load capacity of over 250Ibs. It is very portable, and you can bring it along for all kinds of events. It helps you find a balance between convenience and comfort using BOBVILLAGE Ultra-light Folding Camping Chair.

The nylon fabric is sturdy. Combine that with high strength aluminum alloy for durability of the frame and seat you can rely on any day. The dense nature of the nylon allows it to support your posture when you seat on the chair for an extended period. The frame is made from aircraft anodized aluminum poles and it less resistant when it comes to changes in color, rusting or distortion. The MOLLE webbing that is on the side of the back makes it easy to attach backpacks—even other gears too.This is the perfect companion you need for any trip.


  • The setup is pretty, and seating is soft
  • It is portable and of high-quality 


  • It cannot carry a certain weight

6. ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Stool

The Rhino MC is a name associated with quality as the MC stands for more comfort. This broader and longer hunting chair still holds its own to retain compactness. At first glance, it looks more like a stool, but you can count on the comfy seat it brings to the table and the backrest too. That allows you to relax.

The frame is similar to a Horizon Swivel that is produced from sturdy powder-coated steel. The seat is of durable nylon fabric. You’ll get great comfort as the triangular shape of the seat allows for more room yet is not too large. The side of the seat is prevented from digging into your legs. Even the angled back provides more comfort. You’ll find mesh storage pocket underneath the seat. It can be folded with ease—throw it inside carrying bag that comes with it. The weigh is only 5 pounds.

The lack of cushioning on the seat may not come off well for users. It is okay if you’re using it for a short period, but anything longer, you become antsy. This is because you don’t have much to sink into with the seat being thin.

It is not stable on uneven grounds; it sinks into soft grounds, and that is a drawback as far as this product is concerned.


  • It weighs five pounds, and that makes it very light
  • Triangular seat shape is an advantage for the legs
  • Maximum comfort provided by the angled seat’s back
  • It comes with a mesh storage pouch which is under the seat


  • The seat comes with no cushioning, and it can be very uncomfortable
  • Not suitable for uneven ground


Who says you can’t go camping with lightweight, collapsible stools? Satisfy your desire and enjoy your adventure with any of the stools listed above. Make your outdoor activities more fun as you relax in these entirely-made collapsible stools.

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