One Night Backpacking Checklist

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You could be that type that has such keen interest in backpacking but you have never tried it before. Now you are ready to step out of your comfort zone for a one night backpacking expedition. Tendencies are that you’d get overwhelmed, but worry not, this checklist is for you. Perhaps you are a regular who’s looking to take a night out hiking in the backcountry, this list has been designed to also get you set and revved up to hit the trails. Thus, here are the top 8 things you will need for your next one night backpacking.

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1. Backpack

For a one night backpacking expedition, backpacks from small to medium sizes will do. But who says you can’t go without a large one? However, the best backpacks offer you as much as possible space to stuff your things and are very lightweight. Comfortability is key too because a portion of your energy will be lost to carrying your backpack even if it is empty. So, these vital requirements must be characteristics of your choice backpack, all in one piece. Here, this backpack by Gregory performs excellently well.

Gregory Stout 45 Men’s Hiking Backpack

Step on the trails with the lightweight Gregory Stout 45 hiking backpack and climb on without losing any dose of your passion all through the way. Its ventilation and suspension systems are top notch. It features a trail flex hang system which is easily adjusted and fits quite well to your back. This allows the backpack to rest on your body for a comfortable fit.

The ventilation system allows for efficient airflow in between the backpack and your back for increased comfort on the hike. It is built with rain cover and the spring-action steel frame on the inside allows the backpack to oscillate with your body movement and minimize energy loss. The base of the front pocket houses a rain coat from where you can pull out the rain coat in case of any rain pour.

The Gregory Stout 45 has its top enclosure to be stretchable so as to create more space for excess storage. The base panel has been reinforced with double-level construction to ensure better abrasion, piercing, and weather resistance. It features attachment hooks for holding trekking poles and other tools; also a sleeping bag storage space.


  • Sufficiently spacious
  • Attachment points for tools and trekking poles
  • Sleeping bag storage space
  • Improved ventilation system
  • Spring-action steel frame


  • Available in only one size

2. Tent

Your tent is your shelter and you need one for the time on the mountain. The weight of the tent as well as the number of people to sleep in it are some of the factors that determine which to go for. More importantly, the tent has to be easy to set up and fold down like a breeze. This Terra Hiker 2 Person Tent is a great option. You can depend on it to shield you very well from the elements.

Terra Hiker 2 Person Tent

The outdoor can be very interesting to explore, especially the mountains, but the weather can be so unfriendly that it ruins your backpacking experience. The Terra Hiker 2 Person Tent is here to enclose you and offer a friendly shelter to pass the night in. It is built to be easily transportable by the hiker and comes with a couple of features, all in one piece.

It is a double layer shield, having being crafted out of breathable nylon fabric for ensuring protection against mosquitoes and good cross-ventilation within the tent. It comes with an excellent rain fly as well as ground waterproof canvas (tarp) that are designed from 20D nylon material. These tarp and rainfly are coated with silicone oil on one side for enhanced waterproofing ability and are excellently streamlined for better windproof capability.

The Terra Hiker features two entrances at the front and back for ease of movement. It also has a single mesh vent for improved airflow. It can conveniently contain you and since it’s a 2 person tent, it can hold one more person as well though comfortability may be jeopardized.

It has great packability, thus will fit finely into your backpack and is incredibly lightweight.


  • Great packability and lightweight
  • Excellent waterproof ability
  • Will hold two persons conveniently
  • Two entrances for easy moving in and out


  • No color options other than green
  • With the second person, it’s kind of very tight

3. Sleeping Bag

Who says you can’t have an experience of a home away from home? You’ve got the tent which is key, now you need to get your hands on the best lightweight sleeping bag out there. We present to you the NACATIN Sleeping Bag.

NACATIN Adult Sleeping Bag

Sleep wide and soft in the NACATIN Sleeping bag designed to keep you cozy and offer you the best outdoor experience. With this sleeping bag, you are saved the horrors of sleeping on a bare ground or poor-quality sleeping bags through the night.

The sleeping bag is very skin friendly with the lining being made of 100% polyester for soft feel on the skin. With its top notch 190 polyester shell, it has never been made more durable. It has 2 zippers on the top which affords you the space to stretch out your hands for reading or browsing your phone. If you open the bottom zipper of the sleeping bag, moving in and out of the sleeping bag will be like a breeze.

By separately opening the side zippers on the bottom and side of the bag, it unfolds into a two-person bag. This way, you are able to stretch out very well and even reach closer to other members of your camping as you lay on it. Its straps help you carry easily and the compression sacks it comes with is helpful for easy storage of the bag.


  • Ideal for all seasons
  • It is weather-resistant and waterproof
  • Can be converted into a 2-persons sleeping bag
  • Features straps and compression sack
  • Dual-fill technology for eliminating dampness


  • Hand zippers are too close – seem constrictive

4. Hiking Boots

A regular hiker knows well enough to not get talked out of investing in the hiking boot when looking to purchase one for hiking. Hiking boots can make or mar your overall backpacking experience depending on the type you go for. They protect your feet and ensures a comfortable feel as you march on rocky terrains, swamps, thorns and whatnot. With the Columbia Men’s Newton, you can consider your feet secured!

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II

Talking about shoes meant for outdoor, the Columbia company are top manufacturers and their Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II proves itself as the best for the wild. Being superiorly waterproof, it is perhaps the best you can wear for backpacking at any season of the year. It is built with a suede leather for durability and its Omni-Grip rubber sole for great traction movement without slipping. With its Techlite midsole, you experience a lightweight feel and better cushioning.

The sole comes with a superior traction technology to make the shoe fit for treading diverse environments. Its tread pattern allows for solid grip and sturdy footing upon diverse surfaces.

The tongue is made with a breathable mesh for breathability and maximum comfort to your toes. The closure type is lace-up which is very effective for achieving a secured and adjustable fit.


  • Suede leather construction for breathability
  • Mesh tongue
  • Great cushioning and superior traction
  • Solid grip on many surfaces


  • Sole may wear quickly

5. Water Filter

Your water department has got a big job to do – clean out contaminant from water and improve the taste. A big job, huh? Yeah it is, and as trivial that may sound, it is worth going backpacking with a high-performance water filter. If you have the Sagan Life AquaDrum handy when you run out of clean water and need to fetch from streams, you will have yourself to thank.

Sagan Life AquaDrum Water Filter

What makes the Sagan Life AquaDrum water filter different from the common water filters you have seen out there? You are about to find out.

It delivers on its promises and it’s a great hiking companion. It does water purification so well through removal of lead, bacteria and viruses, protozoans as well as parasites. With its 2 feets long straw drinking from the water filter has never been made seamless. Thus, you can dip the filter bottle into the water source and draw up clean water through the stretchable straw.

The Sagan Life water filter comes with a pump feature which seamlessly combines with the straw of the water purifier for clean water sharing. It also allows you to employ the purified water for other purposes like washing hands, fruits or dishes. The water filter is easy to fit into the pocket or backpack for mobility. It has been tested and approved to have the capacity to purify two hundred and fifty (250) gallons of water and fulfils purification requirements by EPA.


  • Superior water purification
  • Tested and certified
  • Can remove lead, virus, bacteria, and protozoans
  • Stretchable straw


  • None

6. Multitool

To be able to have everything in one piece is golden when it comes to survival in the outdoor. With a multitool, you can always find your way around almost anything demanding metal. Multitool allows you to go with all tools at once instead of having to buy and carry them separately. Go with the Victorinox Swiss Army multitool, it wouldn’t disappoint you.

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

The Swiss Army Multi-Tool by Victorinox is the darling of many backpacking lovers and if you get stranded up there, you want to make sure you have this multitool by your side. Or on the flip side, thinking of a way to pop open a bottle for toast to the “lords of the wild”? The Victorinox Swiss Army’s bottle opener is available to save the day.

It features up to fifteen (15) functions in one piece and this includes a blade, screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener, scissors and much more. If you need to carve a small wood or cut through a piece of shrub, its wood saw is up to task. Each of these functions are built of solid steel construction for superior durability and effectiveness.

Designed with polished black ABS case handle, the tools are kept in place and the ergonomics is taken to a whole new level. It stays comfortably in the backpack or even your pocket and isn’t heavy at all.


  • 15 functions
  • Solid stainless-steel build
  • Ergonomic handle case
  • Very lightweight and compact


  • Doesn’t feature a one-click tool fold back

7. Rain Jacket

Rain jackets come in fits and sizes. While you may be aware of the primary need to get one for your backpacking expedition, finding the best might prove to be a bit of a hassle. The best rain jacket ultimately shields you from the rain of course, fits very well and also keep you warm.

Columbia Men’s Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket

Be it rain, be it snow or wind, the Columbia Men’s rain jacket is the one to depend on. It is a high-performance jacket designed for keeping you dry in the rain. It is made of 50% polyester and 50% nylon to provide a blend of durability, breathability and waterproofing ability.

Apart from it being able to be machine washed, it is cherished also for its ease of packability. It features a zippered front with underlay behind to prevent water from getting through to inside. It comes with a stow-away hood for keeping your head warm and dry, and an embroidered logo of the Colombia company on the left chest side.

The Columbia Men’s features slanted pockets on the side into which you can deep your hand at any instance. The pockets are well-protected against moisture and slanted to avoid entry of water during any rainfall condition. Its collar is the standing type and the sleeve cuffs it comes with are adjustable for customized fit. Comes with drawcord hem to allow the rain jacket fit you perfectly without leaving space for water to splash in. It is available in many different colors and sizes.


  • Customizable sleeve cuffs
  • Can be machine washed
  • Slanted side pockets
  • Comes with a hood
  • Stand-alone collar
  • Waterproof and very breathable


  • Isn’t so touch as compared to other high-end rain jackets

8. Headlamps

If you think going out there with a headlamp is too old-fashioned, try a flashlight or any other light source. Soon, you will realize you are missing out on a lot of things. And except you have an owl’s eye, you can’t see through the dark night with your bare eyes. Having a headlamp with you will help you through the night as it is versatile, easy to move about, and doesn’t require any know-how.

MaceHawk Tactical LED Headlamp

The MaceHawk LED Headlamp is perfect for hiking and backpacking not only because of its ease of use but also because of its strong battery life. More importantly, it was made small and lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re carrying about a log of mahogany on your head.

With its AAA batteries, it has been reviewed that you can enjoy up to 30 hours of full beam illumination and up to 120 hours in its lowest brightness.

The MaceHawk LED headlamp comes with a swivel function with which you can direct the light to any point you desire to illuminate. It features red lights and is able to flash SOS light so you can be easily seen in case you need a rescue or want to scare an animal away.

It is accessorized with a branded netlike sack, and comes with a plastic casing for proper safeguarding. The straps are elastic, buckled and adjustable to adjust for a custom comfortable fit to the head.


  • Swivel function for light focusing
  • Very lightweight
  • Elastic, buckled straps
  • Strong battery life


  • Limited color options


You can’t go wrong with this list when preparing for your first backpacking experience. If you are the regular type, you will find this list helpful too. It’s true that nothing seems to give more peace than to know you have got the right tools for every situation that may arise in the process. Go all out with every tool on this checklist and you can be sure of a memorable experience out there.

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