The Lightest MTB Pedals on the Market of 2024

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Platform pedals are conventional with commuter bikes. And you get a grippy surface that your feet can hold on to. These pedals are ideal for cruising around town and for mountain biking. You can even decide to upgrade to larger platforms with the sealed bearing coming through to help you save weight and enhance performance.

SHIMANO PD-M530Highly DependablePRICING
Crankbrothers CandyLightweight Alloy WheelsPRICING
MKS UrbanTriple Seal BearingPRICING
SHIMANO PD-M520LQuite LightweightPRICING
Xpedo Mountain ForceTitanium LightweightPRICING

The information below reveals the best in the market so you can make an informed decision when you finally decide to buy.

1. SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Pedals

With SPD heritage still active, the M530 is ideal for any trail rider. If what you seek is a set of mid-range clips that will last the test of time, this is what you need.

Shimano may sit at the lower end of the pedal lineup, but it does not mean that Shimano features a sub-par product because the M530 ranks high and should be a modern classic.

You may get less support from the cage when compared to other competitors; you will still get a lot for flappy-soled trail shoes- with more side support than the HT878, for instance.

The mechanism is in top shape and works well with a healthy, decent level of float and usable with an array of tension adjustment. It works perfect with all types of shoes; yet to see one that doesn’t quite fit with it.

Considering the shape of the mechanism, you don’t have to get stuck upon the rocks. However, with one side sprung, entry becomes limited when you compare it with other competitors.

For reliability, they rank higher than the XT level–that loosen out after a while. The simple and cup cone system make it easy for service.

They are in between heavy and being lightweight, incorporating the broadest available cleats. You will not be found wanting if a mishap occurs. SPD and clipless can be interchanged; it’s just one of the best out there.


  • Highly dependable
  • Awesome feeling of engagement
  • Highly reliability


  • More touch foot support recommended for users

2. Crankbrothers Candy Clip-In MTB Bike Pedal

Crankbrothers Candy Clip-In MTB Bike Pedal is among the cheapest bike pedal in the market. Several reviews and feedbacks are giving thumbs up to this product for the right reasons. It comes with several benefits that make it stand out. It is desirable by many and comes at a reasonable price too.

It is the ultimate pedal for Candy riding and racing, coming forth with a longer spindle. It is customizable with integrated traction pad technology for better fit, power transfer and feels.

From lightweight alloy wheels that are well designed for exploring the bounty trail to precision carbon wheel that is reliable for cross-country racing champions, you can never get enough with this product. This brings great quality to the table and it is good news to cyclists and cyclist enthusiasts.


  • It is easy getting in and out of it
  • Suitable for candy riding and racing
  • Lightweight alloy wheels
  • High precision carbon wheels
  • It is easy to grease up and also rebuild if need be


  • No platform for holding the weight of your body with the wings open to rock

3. MKS Urban Platform Bicycle Pedals

Finding the correct pedals for your road bicycle may appear as a wrong idea after you have put resources into getting a best fit bike, yet having the best road bicycle pedals can have a significant effect in the comfort and proficiency of your ride. It’s important always to give credit where it’s expected. What’s more, for this situation, is that the MKS Urban platform pedals are pretty good. Believe it or not, we wouldn’t expect anything less from MKS. Be that as it may, it’s excellent each time these makers give us one more dazzling item.

The MKS Urban pedals are unique; regardless of being platform pedals, they are incredibly stabilized. Pedal solidness is significant when cycling; a minor slip up could have harmful impacts though. With the MKS Urban pedals, safety is the primary need.

As a top quality pedal for riding in road shoes; the Urban Platform pedal highlights a comprehensive platform and super-smooth cartridge heading. The platform is single-sided, which increases cornering clearance.


  • Flip tongue for a streamlined turn
  • Toe clip compatible
  • Triple seal bearing


  • Too little for platform pedals

4. SHIMANO SPD Pedal Clipless Pedals

High technology road biking Pedal designs that improves the performance and riding form with SPD Shimano street pedals; they are dependable and entirely stable pedals. This model has been supported as a pedal that needs little upkeep, and the version makes it a better structure.

The wide platform gives it a secure connection with the three bolt cleats. As standard, the pedals come with spikes that can be balanced +/ – 3 degrees. Different spikes are accessible that have 1 degree or zero.  Shimano has kept the stack height low and also low on the bicycle, keeping you through corners as you ride on.

Generally speaking, the pedals are thin, so you don’t need to stress over leeway, and the active development implies they hold up to being smacked into the street in a situation when you shouldn’t have been accelerating through a corner but did it anyway. Innovative jumps have made the pedals more secure and user-friendly. The pedal cleats connect to a break in the sole of a clipless riding shoe, making strolling or climbing feel like similar to wearing a hiking shoe.

Clipless pedals keep your feet set up making it simpler to pedal at a decent rhythm (a prime objective is 70 to 90rpm). It improves the connection among foot and pedal, so a higher amount of your vitality advances into each pedal stroke, which is incredible for hiking, fastening and long rides.

The current systems give some level of float, enabling your feet to self-adjust on the pedals. This component resembles a cradle that anticipates knee issues.

It helps when you are endeavoring to jump the bicycle to address issues, for example, checks, logs, and shakes.

It won’t catch on roots, sticks, and garbage how toe clasps and lashes when you are riding on the bottoms of the pedals or strolling on your bicycle down the trail. It is simpler to get into than toe clasps and ties. It’s comfortable to pedal on when you get shoes that fit your feet and the pedals. You will enjoy every bit of it.

There’s no enclosure to scrape your foot or cut into your shoe and no tie to limit flow.

It is lighter than regular pedals and pedals with clasps and ties. It looks insignificant, smooth and fresh.


  • Overall, it is progressively proficient
  • Quite lightweight
  • More power transmitted with each pedal stroke
  • Allows you to get your foot well positioned on the pedal without fail


  • There might be a need to learn and adapt to using clipless pedals
  • Can take time putting your foot on the ground
  • Can take more time to position your foot on the accelerator effectively

5. Xpedo Mountain Force Titanium Pedals

The flagship model Xpedo Mountain Force Titanium Pedals is a definitive execution pedal for riders searching for lightweight, solidness and quality. The product comes with a perfect PosiLock maintenance framework that permits predominant flexibility for high committed activity.

Titanium shafts are joined with triple exactness cartridge heading for extra sturdiness in every single climate condition. The ultra-smooth titanium body unites everything at a negligible 215 grams for each pair (Ti Spindle). The brand has been demonstrated in most World Cup and Olympic courses.

When riders pick a pedal given by one of the big brands out there, they need to settle on two opposing qualities. One item conveys security and strength, while the other offers negligible weight and structure for ideal mud-shedding. Xpedo provides its pedals with a secure platform and lightweight titanium axles to conquer any hindrance between the two structural limitations.

It features cartridges, one fixed bearing, four degrees of Rotation, and Xpedo XPT fitting. XPT cleats have a substantial contact territory with the pedal, but on the other hand are Shimano SH5, single-discharge, compatible, recommended 175-pound weight limit, Shimano-perfect SPD cleats.

The Xpedo pedals use a blend of materials to adjust weight investment and moderateness. The body platform is developed out of 6061 manufactured aluminum to offer rigidity that doesn’t add extra weight to the pedals.

Each of the pedal shafts is made out of titanium to limit weight, which restricts the pedals to a 180-pound full load for both the rider and apparatus. The model we tried uses a single fixed bearing to keep the body pivoting around the axle with minimal maintenance, even though the 2015 model will utilize three fixed directions for expanded strength and unbending nature.


  • Titanium lightweight
  • Offers superior adjustability
  • Low profile for leeway


  • Might be difficult setting it up


Maybe you want to adjust the riding style by flipping over or you know you can deal with multiple surface types as you ride on, lightweight pedals are ideal for on-and-off-road biking. You will be thanking the platform and the cleats combined for a great job. Lightweight pedals are here to stay, and you should grab them with both hands. They are worth every inch of your money. We believe a pick from one of the above reviewed products is certainly a good choice as you will find out sooner than later that each and all are just the best you will find out there.

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