The 5 Best Cheap Camp Chairs

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As humans, we tend to have the notion that incurring certain costs when it comes to camping could be quite too much to bear due to certain financial constraints. Beyond reasonable doubts, this factor has been considered by producers and as such have decided to inject quality but cheap camping products into the market. Over time, camp chairs have been a trend which everyone has intention to make use of due to the comfortability and camping convenience they offer. It should be noted that there are quite a number of producers of these camping chairs that are readily available to offer its users with the camping experience; as such, the need to select the most credible and durable of these products. The aim of this guide is to help you to view the pros and cons of these cheap camp chairs which would in turn allow you to make rational and best selection. As a potential user, before purchase of camp chairs, it is recommended to take note of certain general features a quality camp chair should possess:

KingCamp Lumbar Support Camping ChairIncludes Side PocketPRICING
Sport-Brella Recliner ChairLeg Stretching And Canopy FeaturePRICING
Timber Ridge Bigleaf Director’s ChairAttached Table And Cup HolderPRICING
Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach ChairComes With Adjustable FeaturesPRICING
Browning Camping Fireside ChairIncludes Foldability In Its FeaturePRICING
  • Credible back support: The first factor to consider before purchasing a camp chair is to examine the back support. Is it does it alleviate or prevent body aches? Is it strong enough to hold anyone of any weight? These are questions that should be properly asked. A lot of buyers fail to take these factor into thorough consideration, hence run into problems of breakage and fault. More so, ergonomics is important, and to go for a camping chair which offers less than enough ergonomics is a fast way to developing aches and severe body issues. In order to avoid this problem, be sure to properly scrutinize the product before purchase.
  • Durability: The durability of a camp chair is a cogent factor that greatly determines your experience over a particular time frame. Be sure to consider how long a camp chair will last without fear of breakage or expiration. Quality camp chairs are always designed to stand the test of time without the fear of breakage or expiration.
  • Portability: Camp chairs are ideally made to be moved around with ease and comfort. A quality camp chair is meant to be portable and should be easily packed at will. The portability of a camp chair is what makes it a credible instrument for a successful and convenient camping experience.
  • Comfort: It is also important to check for how comfortable the camp chair is, the texture/feel and other comfort rendering essentials related to the camp chair. Depending on the user, be sure to select a camp chair that would suit the size and weight of users.

1. KingCamp Lumbar Support Camping Chair

The KingCamp Lumbar Support Camping Chair is suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage depending on the user’s discretion or need. The KingCamp camping chair is most suitable for outdoor activities such as picnics, BBQ’s, camping, beach, fishing, patio parties and other related outdoor activity. This amazing camp chair has been used also by quite a lot of people and is most loved for its strength and level of dependency. It has stood test of time, and have proven to be a great seat for comfort without fear of falling.

The product is sturdy, comfortable and very much up for any the task be it during camping times in the wild or on rough terrains. It comes with a drink holder, cooler bag and a side pocket. This chair features 600D polyester fabric in its make-up. It features high steel tubes bracket structure and a strategically built metal material contact design to evenly distribute your weight across every inch of the chair as such reducing the risk of imbalance while in use. The chair weighs about 11.3lbs and the packed size is about 38 x 9 x 8 inches. The product is portable and light weight enough to give users the opportunity to carefully pack and move the product around at will. The oversized frame measures about 24.5 x 23.5 x 41 padded seat area with a 600 x 300D oxford fabric for optimum comfort.

The chair also features a shoulder carry bag which allows for easy storage and ease of movement. In a nutshell, the KingCamp camping chair comes with outstanding lumbar back support, cooler bag, side pocket and head storage bag.


  • It gives the same comfort as sitting on a cushion
  • It is reliable and thus, no fear of falling
  • Includes side pocket in its design
  • Has a head storage feature
  • It is quite light weight and moving-friendly
  • It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activity


  • It is not as lightweight as others

2. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

The Sport-Brella Recliner encapsulates the whole of your back (which also includes leg stretch) conveniently while offering you maximum comfort. The sport brella gives you the opportunity to comfortably seat as your watch and cheer on your favourite player display at his best while staying protected from the harshness of the sun with the aid of the attached UPF 50+ and a metallic underside.

The featured canopy can be easily attached to any side of the chair which lets you stay protected from UV at all times. It has 3 adjustable hinges meant for reclining, and a detachable foot rest which enables users to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. The insulated drink pouch feature and the built-in bottle opener implies that you can possibly pop open a drink for yourself and friends anywhere outdoor. The product comes with a zippered storage pouch which allows you to store your personal belongings safely as you rest or nap under the shade.

The Sport-Brella is suitable to be packed along when going for family vacation, picnic or a beach treat. Always be ready to paint your camping experience with the best memories with the Sport-Brella Recliner chair which is easy to carry anywhere you need it. This camping chair is built to ensure comfort, stability and enjoyment. The product is light weight, made of quality material and is durable. Users in recent and old times have realized the merit of having to move around with a portable chair that would ensure comfort of seating at any point in time.


  • It is quite lightweight
  • Comes with side pocket for safe keeping of valuables
  • Comes with leg stretching and canopy feature
  • It is very comfortable, durable and made of quality material
  • It is user-friendly
  • Suitable various outdoor activities


  • Ability to hold drinks is relative; if too big, it won’t take it
  • Maintenance is a very important factor with chair so as to prevent breakage

3. Timber Ridge Bigleaf Director’s Chair

Timber Ridge is a brand committed to giving the best service to customers via production of quality outdoor products. The Timber Ridge Bigleaf Director’s chair is an easy folding chair that is capable of being used anywhere, such as beach, movie shoot site, vacation BBQ’s, and other related outdoor scenarios.

The chair can hold up to 300lbs of user’s weight. The included side table design which also has a cup holder built in between it is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities at any point of the season. The Timer Ridge Director’s chair comes with maximum loading of about 300lbs, breathable mesh material, sturdy aluminium frame and a seat width of about 21 inches. The features of this chair are credible and have attracted potential users’ awe over time. It has a foldable side table which is designed to be accessed at any point in time, depending on your discretion.

The product is light weight and very portable. This camping chair is made of lightweight polyester material and aluminium frame which makes it portable for everyone and anyone to carry during outdoor camping or any outdoor activity. It comes with easy folding and storage saving feature; the Timber Ridge is built in such a way that it can be folded after use and stored without consuming much space. It has padded arm’s rest with provides users with comfortable experience. On a final note, the chair is suitable for any outdoor activity or occasion.


  • It is foldable
  • It comes with an attached table and cup holder
  • It is light weight and quite portable
  • Suitable for camping and outdoor activities
  • It is made of quality polyester and aluminium materials
  • It is durable and incredibly outstanding


  • Does not feature a leg stretch feature
  • Not suitable full back rest/napping

4. Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair

The incredible Ostrich 3 N 1 is a light weight chair that allows users to sit comfortably in any posture of choice i.e. when in the chair, you can lie on back or stomach depending on what is comfortable. The product is a versatile one which can be converted to a reclining beach chair with innovative features that enhances your comfort experience wherever you find yourself outside home.

The aluminium material used can be easily folded and unfolded at will and at any point in time. This chair is rust proof and has an incredible usage strength which guarantees long period of rugged use without breaking an inch. The product is suitable for extensive outdoor use. It includes an extra wooden arm rest and cup holder. The Ostrich 3 N 1 comes with carry straps which could be used to convey the product before and after use. The product features a patented open/close face cavity with arm slots and pillow for enhanced comfortability. It has 5 adjustable chair position depending on what users want. It also comes with 3 position adjustable foot rest which could be accessed at will. The seat is about 12 inches high from the ground level. The camping chair is rust proof and can be used for over a long period of time.

The Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair is durable, comfortable and is made of quality material. Reviews had shown the dexterity of this product over time which makes it a suitable product that qualifies it to be enlisted amidst the best and cheap camp chairs.


  • It is relatively cheap
  • It is suitable for any outdoor activity
  • Can be used by anyone
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is durable and made of quality material
  • Comes with adjustable features


  • Maintenance is a necessity
  • Can’t hold more than a single drink at a time

5. Browning Camping Fireside Chair

The Browning Camping Fireside Chair is made of high-quality material that is directed towards giving users the best outdoor experience. Beyond reasonable doubt, the product gives users a comfortable feel that complements the feeling of adventurous camping.

The chair is durable enough to last through different seasons and time frame. The Browning Camping Fireside chair comes with a pro tech powder coated steel frame that is strong, durable and incredible. The folding chair is capable of being fit into a 7 x 45 inches carry bag which makes it liable for being carried anywhere and used. In a nutshell, the product comes with a powder coated steel frame, durable fabric, a foldable feature/design, as well as an oversized cup holder which can hold any drink at any point in time.

The product is suitable for outdoor activity such as fishing outdoor discussions, camping and other outdoor related activities. The Browning Camping Fireside chair is about 27 x 16 x 38 inches, weighs about 11 Lbs and it as comes with a weight capacity of about 300lbs. Experience an outstanding outdoor experience with what browning camping fireside chair has to offer.


  • It is portable and lightweight
  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • Enhances airflow while in use
  • It is durable and quality
  • It is user-friendly
  • Includes foldability in its feature


  • None


The above reviewed camp chairs are relatively cheap, durable and made of quality material which is aimed towards giving users the best comfort and outstanding experience. Beyond reasonable doubt, the reviewed camp chairs can be purchased with rest of mind of enjoying maximum benefits. Perhaps, a quality and versatile camping chair is what you need to take your camping experience to a whole new level, you should therefore find any of these chairs on your top list of things to buy in preparation for your next camping. Trust us, you can never fully know what level of magic to expect with a quality and affordable camp chair until you get one. Buy any of these and rock your next camping expedition!

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