What Is A First Aid Box?

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If you are planning on camping or going hiking in the coming days, it is wise to step out with a first aid box. A first aid box contains essential medical materials needed to quickly care for sprains, bruises, fractures or blisters, as well as medications that you may be in need of while out there in the wild.

First aid box that are primarily meant for hiking or camping in the wild often come in a small design/size and are very lightweight. Usually, you will find the best ones to be waterproof and easy to reach the inside. It is essential that the first aid box come lightweight so as not to weigh you down as you hike through the trails or backpack in the backcountry.

Military UniformsFDA ApprovedPRICING
CramerBig On Organization And SupportPRICING
MtghyayaLightweight And CompactPRICING

If you are traveling in groups or with a large number especially with the family, it is always great to go with extra so you will be able to help in case of emergency. As such, you might want to shop for a first aid box that offers you enough space to stuff in more supplies.
With the supplies that comes with your first aid kit, you might want to augment with these added stuffs such as extra acetaminophen and ibuprofen, extra bottle of antibiotic ointment and sunscreen, extra band-aids, insect repellant, and a very small AAA flashlight. Wonder why Benadryl might be needed as an addition to your first aid kit? It actually helps to deal with allergic reactions to bee stings and bug bites. It may be the single thing that will make a difference between death and life in such situations.

The choice of first aid box out there is wide, and it is easy to get confused as to which to go for. More so, not all first aid kits out there are really worth your money, thus we have created this short guide to help you make the best choice.

1. Military Uniforms First Aid Kit

Absolutely one of the best you will find out there, no kidding! If you are keen on getting a first aid kit that you can rely on, the Military Uniforms first aid kit should be your target. It delivers great value for your bucks.

Whether you are going hiking for the whole of a month, or you are out there camping with your family, don’t step out without the Military Uniforms. It has been upgraded and improved with special features including the addition of 156 medical items. These includes cotton swabs, disposable hand gloves, bandages as well as kits like glow sticks and trauma pads for critical emergency cases. So, you can never go wrong with this first aid kit handy as it will provide you all you need to handle a medical emergency whenever you are out there in the wild.

Speaking of quality, the Military Uniforms is approved by FDA because it meets the standards. It comes in a bright red colored case which allows for quick identification even in the thick wild. The supplies inside the box were well arranged and this gives you a great advantage as you can intuitively reach for an item without having to scramble through the box.

Because it is very big on being lightweight, it makes a good choice for hikers who don’t have the luxury of getting dragged down by weighty loads and is also perfect for camping outing.


  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with a first aid guide
  • Great on visibility, thanks to the red color
  • FDA approved
  • Furnished with over 156 medical items
  • Handle for easy carriage
  • Extra 33 medical item in the added mini kit


  • Not one size fits all

2. Cramer C3 Rigidlite Athletic Training Kit

If you are keen on quality and sturdiness, they are some of the things you are certain to get from Cramer C3 Rigidlite. It is one of the best first aid kit out there, thanks to the quality of the package and its outer shell. The outer shell was made from a mix of thermally-formed rigid foam and a shell made of polyethylene which has been laminated with ripstop materials and 1680 ballistic nylon. It is designed with such durability durable so that it can offer maximum protection for your valuable items

You find it so easy to hold your gears with the Cramer C3 without affecting your chances of getting what you are searching for. The modules of this first aid kit are come with netted pockets which are sufficiently elastic and placed on both sides. It also has its plastic pockets zippered and coming with center dividers, thus making it all the more perfect for holding bandages and some other items of relatively small size.

One other striking benefit of going for the Cramer C3 is the level of organization and structure it allows for. With its rigid PVC skeletal setup which ensures there are 10 compartments each for the ten modules coming with the kit, the Cramer C3 has more defined structure and support. This also help maintain the strength of the bag and prevents it from being crushed.


  • Very durable and strong outer shell
  • Big on organization and support
  • Netted elastic pockets
  • Polyethylene shell


  • Low quality belt fabric

3. Mtghyaya Small First Aid Kit Bag

The Mtghyaya’s first aid bag is certain to pique your interest at first sight and this is because of the type of packaging and outer shell it comes in. It is ideal for use even beyond the wild, whether at work, office or when going camping with your family.

It is made from a 16800 Denier Nylon which adds to its durability and waterproof ability. More so, it is also lightweight and very portable to carry, therefore it wouldn’t weigh you down on your hike up the trails.

Because it is compact and convenient to carry, you can easily keep it in your bag or laptop case or even your purse. With its red color design and label, it will be easy for you to locate it anytime.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easily noticeable
  • 16800D nylon for durability
  • Waterproof


  • Empty and too small


The outdoor is filled with many excitements, especially packed in activities such as hiking or camping where the feeling of being free makes your time out there well wrapped with fun and adventure. However, several dangers lie in the wild and a little bruise can jeopardize the whole experience if not probably managed. In the case of hurt, a first aid is required to keep things controlled and taken care of. It is therefore essential that on the list of your gears, a first aid kit is a must buy!

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