Best Backpacking Pillow for Side Sleepers of 2024

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One of the most delicate parts of the human body is the head, as such subjecting the head to lesser than appropriate posture while sleeping is quite detrimental.  Getting a good night’s rest while maintaining a suitable head posture shouldn’t be limited to indoor basis alone, the outdoor experience is outstandingly relaxing and pleasing too.

Color your outdoor experience with the best backpacking pillows for side sleepers while breathing in the cool wind of nature whether during long-distance hiking, camping, mountaineering or perhaps any outdoor activity involving you resting your head for the night or short duration nap whether far from home or around the home’s premises.

Beyond reasonable doubt, in the market today, there are different backpacking pillows available as such selecting the best may posit a problem. On a general note, it is quite important to observe the following different types of backpacking pillow before selecting out of the range available on the market which may include.

Sea to Summit Aeros PremiumIncludes Inflation and Deflation FeaturePRICING
Exped AirPillow UL MAdjustable Height SizePRICING
SuitedNomad Inflatable PillowIt is Ultra-light and Suitable for TransitPRICING
Big Agnes AXL Air100% Cotton MadePRICING
Exped DownIt is Washable

Inflatable UL pillow: These pillows are extremely lightweight and can stand alone without additional support. They can be inflated and deflated at will. Products of this nature are quite reliable and comfortable. Although these kinds of pillows are not nearly as soft as some other types of pillow, but comfy anyways.

Compressible pillows: These kinds of products are most times made of shredded materials that expand. They are very comfortable and quite heavier and bulkier compared to ultra-light pillows. These kinds of products are very reliable, as they take the outlook and features of a regular home pillow.

Stuff sack pillows: The stuff sack pillows are ultra-light and are most suitable for backpacking, although they require a puffy jacket or some kind of clothing to add loft to them. When they are rightly stuffed, they are very comfy and also provide the utmost support the head needs. Thus, if they are wrongly stuffed they could be quite uncomfortable.

Hybrid pillows: These products use a combination of certain components, i.e. an air bladder with down insulation or layer of foam right at the top. They are most similar to the benefits the ultra-light air pillow provides in terms of height, support and comfy. Although they are quite bulkier and heavier compare to other types.

1. Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

The Sea to Summit products stand for quality and perfection while taking users’ comfort as a priority. The designers develop ingenious, beautiful and functional products with an independent Austrian tradition.

The product is lightweight and nimb but functional enough to perform the exact reason it was produced. This is a perfect epitome of a gear that works enough to inspire you to take on more road travels. Beyond reasonable doubt, the product is ingenious, reliable, functional, inspiring and unconventional.

The best selling Aeros Premium Pillow inflatable backpacking pillow has over time changed the way over thousands of people sleep in the back traveling or during travels. This product is luxurious with a high-performance option in a lightweight and compact package. The 50D polyester knit is very soft to lay your head upon and durable enough to take some knocks. The product comes with internal baffles to create a contour that cradles your head comfortably and effectively. It comes with scalloped edge centers the pillow around your shoulders. The included low profile multi-function valve enables the fine-tuning for increased personal comfort level.

It should be noted that your sleeping routine won’t be incomplete without the provisions of the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium pillow. The product gives enough space to move around such that it comes in two sizes which are perfect for those who move around in their sleep. It is also great for campers who want to experience luxury and comfort on the outside without having to lift around heavy pillows for increased comfort (since it is lightweight).

The product also features ease of inflation and deflation mechanism; this enables users to be able to inflate the sleeping pillow before use and deflate it after use. Over time this feature has made the transit of sleeping pillows in backpacks quite easier. Also, the product has a very soft touch compared to a regular inflated and deflated pillow since it’s a 50D polyester knit product.


  • Includes inflation and deflation feature
  • Very soft
  • It is lightweight
  • Suitable for both side sleepers and campers
  • There is enough room to move about over the pillow
  • User-friendly and very comfy


  • Improper inflation will give less than anticipated comfort

2. Exped AirPillow UL M Pillow

Never make the mistake of selecting a sleeping pillow that is lesser than extraordinary to prevent futuristic problems or discomfort. Ideally, one of the delicate parts of your body, which is your head needs to be well protected against harsh treatments such as having to rest your neck and head on a pillow that is below standard or worse, on the floor. 

On a quick note, old travelers such as people above the age of 50 need maximum comfort while sleeping; young travelers also need to be comfortable as well. The Exped AirPillow presents to you a state-of-the-art pillow that is carefully designed and manufactured to suit users sleeping and travel needs at any point in time or any place of choice depending on the discretion of the user or users.

It should be noted that the product is durable and made of quality materials which is more reason why this product is considered as one of the best. The Exped AirPillow features an adjustable height for side and back sleepers and the outstanding anatomical shape holds the user’s head in place. It comes with an anti-slip grip skin honeycomb pattern combing to ensure additional comfort and support. The product comes with an inflation and deflation feature which enables a user to be able to increase and decrease sleeping pillow before and after use respectively.

Color your outdoor experience with the provisions of the Exped AirPillow UL camping pillow for maximum comfy and good night rest.


  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Includes inflation and deflation feature in its design
  • Adjustable height size
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Ensures maximum head protection


  • Not machine washable

3. Suited Nomad Inflatable Pillow for Camping and Backpacking

The Suited Nomad products are produced after recommendations for users on a worldwide basis as such resulting in an outstanding production. For anyone whose intentions are to get a good night rest, select the suited nomad ultra-light inflatable pillow.

The product is highly durable and produced with quality material. Enjoy your outdoor sleep with the provisions of the suited Nomad pillow. The product is very comfortable due to its ergonomic shape designed to by physician to prevent neck stiffness and at the same time keeps your upper and lower body aligned without any form of discomfort. The product as well serves multipurpose function i.e. it is suitable for hikers, backpackers, or outdoor sleeping whether near the home or far away from home. The inflatable pillow is very easy to set up; it requires no special expertise to set up, all that is needed is to read the manual to know the right way to set it up for maximum comfort.

Also, the product features an inflatable and deflation feature which gives room for users to increase and decrease the pillow at will. In cases of some pillows, they don’t stay inflated for more than an hour, in the Suited Nomad’s case, such is found wanting due to the non-slippery feature included in the product. Save yourself from having to sleep in discomfort with a less than a quality pillow and select the Suited Nomad ultra-light pillow that is mainly designed to serve the purpose of your comfort and comfort alone.   


  • Includes inflation and deflation feature in its make up
  • Multipurpose functions
  • Very comfy and durable
  • Gives maximum head support to users
  • It is ultra-light and suitable for transit


  • It is one of the best but not the best available yet on market

4. Big Agnes AXL Air Pillow

You don’t have to use your jacket as a pillow while and wake up the following morning with a stiff neck, sleep outdoor or at camping site comfortably with the Big Agnes AXL Air pillow. The product is credible, durable and carefully designed to suit your needs.

Users over time make the mistake of choosing wrongly without carefully observing the provisions of quality pillows. The product’s offset I-beam construction provides consistent stability and increased comfort.  The product comes with a four-way stretch nylon that is smooth next to the skin. The Micro-adjust valve allows users to control, how firm and soft your dreamy pillow should be. It is made of quality cotton, which affirms the softness of the product. It is ultra-light and can be moved around whether by campers, hikers or long-distance travelers.

The product can fit into the backpack depending on how you want it. The product is available in different sizes and can be folded to fit into any backpack, either of these product’s sizes would ensure the user’s maximum comfort.

Reviews over time show that the product gives nothing less than the best night’s sleep. It ensures head protection while sleeping and prevents neck stiffness.


  • It is available in different sizes
  • It is very comfortable
  • Fits into a backpack
  • 100% cotton made
  • It is ultra-light and suitable for transit
  • Suitable for campers, long distant travelers, hikers, etc.


  • No inflation or deflation feature

5. Exped Down Pillow for Camping and Travel

The Down pillow has an internal air chamber for excellent support and more outstanding feature. Are you perturbed as regards how to get a wonderful night rest outdoor or during camping? Then you need to consider the Exped Down pillow for camping and travel.

The product is well designed to give users the best outdoor sleeping experience without having to wake up with a stiff neck or wake up with body pains. The product feels nice against the skin and it is washable and at a point in time. It gives users increased warmth, comfort and soft cushioning. The product like the articulated best grants users with the best experience, it’s durable and made of quality material and lightweight.

Beyond reasonable doubt, users of this product have never complained of discomfort of any sort which makes this product more reliable and purchase worthy. The product has an ergonomic 3-D design, an adjustable height feature and a luxurious down-filled cover. The product comes with a combo valve with a one-way flap and deflation pin which allows for inflation and deflation at any point in time. The Fabric eyelets feature allows for attachment to a mat or other platforms.

It should be noted that the air cover and the air-core can be used individually, or separated for washing and repair when the need arises. The product is well brushed with tricot nylon. 

Sleep well with the Exped Down pillow for camping and travel to have an outstanding night rest without having to wake up with a stiff neck or uncomfortable posture. Choose Exped pillow for camping and travel.


  • Includes a height-adjustable feature
  • It is ergonomically shaped to ensure maximum comfort
  • It is washable
  • Includes internal air chamber for maximum support
  • At has one flap and deflation pin


  • One of the best but not the best available yet


The Provision of these sleeping pillow gives room for increased support and comfy on a general note. Many make the mistake of selecting a below standard pillow due to conviction from sales assistance (a sale assistant would say anything to make sales), be sure to carefully observe the provisions of sleeping pillow before purchase. As earlier stated, an ideal sleeping pillow ensures a user’s comfy night rest, no stiff neck and an overall feeling of solace.

As a potential buyer, go through the articulated sleeping pillow in this piece to make your selection. It should be noted that the articulated best backpacking pillow for side sleepers was written after proper research has been done and a valid conclusion drawn. Experience the best camping or outdoor sleep with the advantages these backpacking pillows offer.

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