Best Medium Sized Coolers Of 2024

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Are you perturbed as regards taking hot drinks while on trips or during camping? Or perhaps you are a lover of chilled drink and you’d love to store your drinks in the comfort of a medium sized cooler? Be rest assured that there are various medium sized coolers available on the market that are made purposefully to serve your needs. Although selecting the best of the best may be quite challenging, this guide is therefore targeted towards reviewing the best medium sized cooler available on the market.

Undeniably speaking, there are quite a number of products that do not in anyway meet up to expectations of users, and of course, this would lead to a bad usage experience. As such to avoid futuristic problems, it is quite important to take into consideration quite a number of things. In this regard, this guide was professionally articulated in order to help select the best medium sized coolers available on the market.

Over time, usage of medium sized coolers has increased partly due to the increase in tourism rate in various parts of the country. As a matter of fact, it is always a big plus to know some factors that determine the best medium sized coolers which would in turn help you in narrowing down quickly the best for you.

Artic Zone Titan Deep FreezeIt Has a Hard BodyPRICING
IceMule ClassicStrong Cold Trapping FeaturePRICING
Coleman 16-CanIt Includes Zippered FeaturesPRICING
Coleman 9 CanHas a Germ Resistant FeaturePRICING
eBags Crew Cooler JRIt is Made of Quality MaterialPRICING

The Lid: Before purchase, the sure to observe the lid of the product, be sure it does not in any way give room for entrance of external influences that may in turn cause a reduction in the condition of the things or edibles stored in the cooler. Most times, a zipless lid is mostly recommended. This guide is comprehensively packed to depict the best of all available medium sized cooler

Body: a great thing it is for your medium sized cooler to have a hard body that would effectively and efficiently manage both cold and heat factor. Quality medium sized cooler are most times with hard body which would enable them to effectively keep your edibles chilled and intact.

The base: Beyond reasonable doubt, a medium sized cooler with a cold base enhances the chilly feature of the product itself. Quality medium sized cooler are with cold enhanced base which would in turn give users the best usage experience. As a buyer, never make the mistake of purchasing a medium sized cooler with a light and heat enhancing base. Carefully read this guide to the end in order to give you an insight of the best available medium sized cooler on the market.

Portability: In most cases, medium sized coolers are used mainly for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnic and others, although medium sized coolers can be used for indoor activities too. The point is that, before purchase, it is very important that the product should be easy to lift and move around for various purposes.

Durability: Products don’t last long due to under quality materials used during production process. Actually, this factor is a two in one, before purchase, be sure to consider the credibility of the materials used by examining the quality of the finished product in order to ensure its durability. The blessing of a certain product is in its ability to last long and perform their task effectively irrespective of the passage of time.    

1. Artic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

The Artic Zone Titan Deep Freeze has a high-performance insulation which ensures a radiant heat barrier. The product is durable, quality and it’s of high quality. Over time, the authenticity of this product has been reflected in the reviews that have been written by users. The product is quite portable, durable and user friendly.

The Titan Deep Freeze has a triple layer cold block base which are combined to create high level cooling effect. It has a ‘flip open’ feature and a patented zipper less lid that provides quick and easy access to stored foods and drinks at any point in time. It has a zippered accessory pocket for cutlery, cell phone, napkins etc.

The exterior material is strong, tough, stain resistant, water resistant and could be wiped clean easily. The interior of the product features a hard body liner and with smart shelf that could be accessed easily at will.

The smart shelf allows users to be able to separate hard stuffs such as drinks and soft stuffs such as sandwiches.Peradventure users have intentions to turn the cooler into a single compartment, the smart shelf could be removed in order to have a single compartment that would contain the things users wish to store. The product is designed for user’s convenience and usability. This product features an adjustable back saver shoulder strap with attached shoulder pad for ease of movement.


  • It has a high-performance insulation feature
  • Triple layer cold base
  • It has a hard body
  • It is durable and it’s made of quality material
  • It has an adjustable feature
  • It is leak proof
  • Zipper less lid


  • Not machine washable although can be cleaned manually
  • Users discretion is advised as regards arrangements

2. IceMule Classic Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag

The IceMule Classic Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag is an exceptional deep freeze product that is outstanding amidst its contemporary due to its backpack feature and every other outstanding feature attached to it. It has an outstanding and sturdy exterior fabric, with a tough interior layer. The two features combined creates a rugged shell that protects the stored things from getting exposed to heat or getting spoilt.

The extra ordinary polar layer insulation foam keeps content cold for a maximum of 24 hours while giving air room for extra insulation. Beyond reasonable doubt the IceMule Classic Insulated backpack cooler bag is portable, user-friendly and it is equipped with strap which makes it easy to lift and move around.

The product is available in different portable sizes and shapes which does not in any way compromise the integrity of the product while ensuring that your drinks or refreshments remain fresh. The product is spacious and it’s in compartment; although the smart shelf can be removed in order to create one big compartment. It is suitable for hiking, family vacation or any outdoor activity.


  • It has strong interior and exterior
  • Strong cold trapping feature
  • Weighs about 5 pounds
  • It has padded strap pads
  • Ensures ease of moving
  • It is quite spacious


  • Not machine washable
  • Proper maintenance is required

3. Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

The Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler is durable, effective and efficient for all outdoor activities ranging from hiking to family vacation or beach treat. The product is spacious and is capable of taking up to 16 cans at a time. The Coleman cooler is suitable for BBQ’s, camping or sporting activities.

It comes with zippered pocket, side mesh pocket and a mesh pocket on the lid. The product comes with bungees on the lid for extra stowing. It has an adjustable shoulder strap which enables ease of movement by anyone. The product is quite soft on the outside but has a hard liner on the inside which in turn effectively trap cold temperature for a very long time. The liner material on the inside supports effective and safe storage of food and edibles. The liner can be removed, clean and fixed back in its spot. The soft cooler feature provides for antimicrobial protection to resist mold, mildew and odor.

On a general note, the products hold about 16 cans at a time, includes an antimicrobial feature, zippered feature for various compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, and heat welded seams to prevent leaks.


  • It is user friendly
  • Holds up to 16 cans of drinks
  • Can be used for any outdoor camping
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • It has a removable liner feature
  • It includes zippered features


  • It is neither fire nor tear proof

4. Coleman 9 Can Removable Liner Cooler

Keep your food and drink in the confines of this safe cooler for the next 24 hours without fear of losing the chillness. The Coleman 9 Can will effectively store your drinks and snacks. In addition to the already known compartments, it has additional compartments for storing extra things such as serving gears and others.

The bungee cord on the lid also provides quick, fast and swift access to other items. It comes with an anti-microbial feature that is built into the flexible inner lining to effectively resist odor, mildew and mold. It holds about 9 cans at a time. It can possibly hold wines, bottle water and others alike.

Beyond reasonable doubt, the removable plastic liner ensures packing flexibility and ease of cleaning. It has heat welded seams and prevents liners from breakage. The product comes with adjustable shoulder strap for ease of carrying and comfort. It has front zipper pocket, two side mesh pockets and lid bungees for extra storage.

The product is durable, long lasting and is made of quality material. The products antimicrobial feature is professionally built in between the liner. The Coleman 9 Cans cooler is leak proof, has easy carry straps and handles, multiple pocket and a germ resistant liner.


  • Has easy carry straps
  • Durable and user-friendly
  • Takes up to 9 cans at a time
  • It is leak proof
  • Has a germ resistant feature
  • Zippered compartment feature is inclusive


  • It is not fire proof
  • It can’t take more than 9 cans at a time

5. eBags Crew Cooler JR.

The eBags is a soft sided insulated lunch box which is suitable for work, travel, weekend trips, vacation or hikes. The eBags Crew Cooler is made from twisted poly and it features a well construct-design with top compartment to hold dry edibles or items and an insulated bottom compartment that is capable of holding cold items. The product is light, durable and outstanding.

The eBags Crew Cooler is insulated on all sides with replaceable zip-out PVC which ensures easiness in cleaning and as a result ensures that your cooler stays fresh at all times. The product includes an elastic mesh pocket for silverware, a zippered mesh pocket in the lid to store napkins or other small items and pockets that can easily hold water bottles. Carry beverages or other edible items and gain access to them at any point in time easily, swiftly and comfortably.

Beyond reasonable doubt, this product had proven to have stood the test of time and rigorous usage. Experience an outstanding outdoor experience with the eBags Crew Cooler JR. that is built to ensure the satisfaction of its users. This product has proven to be one of the best medium sized coolers available yet on market.


  • It is spacious and in compartment
  • Preserves stored food effectively
  • It is made of quality material
  • It is insulated on all sides
  • Compartments are well organized
  • The product is made of 840D twisted poly material


  • It can’t take more than 6 cans of drinks
  • It is not water proof


Experience an outstanding outdoor experience with the best deep freeze coolers that are capable of giving you the best service you can ever wish for. Thus, the above is a thorough rundown of the best coolers available yet on the market. Many make the mistake of selecting without making proper research about the product in question. As such, this guide is directed towards guiding you from making a detrimental mistake of buying the wrong medium sized cooler which could eventually create problems and mitigate the optimum satisfaction to be derived from your camping expedition.

We have done the hard work and combed through different catalogues of products before coming about these coolers which have been tested, trusted, stood the test of time and stayed strong even after vigorous usage. Purchasing a cooler could be a big step into planning a trip, camping or hiking trip as such it is quite imperative to consider the guidelines stated in this guide in order to ensure optimum satisfaction from the product. As a potential buyer, be sure to check for the comfortability, convenience and durability before eventually purchasing.

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