700 Fill Down Jacket Temperature Rating (Updated 2024)

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There are different weathers and different reaction to weather, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a single solution to all weather reactions? Having the experience of certain climatic condition might as well be frustration, some could be sweat breaking while others could be bone breaking.

Irrespective of the conditions, 700 fill down jacket temperature products are capable of giving the best experience you can ever wish for, as a hiker, trekker or adventurer. The original focus of fill down jacket temperature is for your protection, comfortability and optimum usage.

Nevertheless, there are tons of these kinds of products readily available in the market. It should be noted that sales agent would put in an effort to make you buy certain products which may or may not be as effective as you had hoped, but do not be dismayed, this guide is targeted towards reviewing the best 700 fill power down temperature rating jacket.

On a general note, before purchasing any of these products, it is quite imperative to note a couple of features an ideal 700 fill down jacket temperature is meant to possess which includes.

Marmot Down HoodyDurable and LightweightPRICING
Helly Hansen Verglas Hooded Down InsulatorIt has a Water Resistance FeaturePRICING
Marmot Zeus VestIt is Made of Quality MaterialPRICING
Marmot StockholmIt is Portable and Light WeightPRICING
Jack Wolfskin ZenonIt is Made of Quality MaterialPRICING

Comfortability: One of the most important features to check out as a buyer is the comfortability of the wear. There are different sizes available on the market, it is quite important to take into cognizance how comfortable the product is, whether itchy, slippery or totally suites your body requirement. Many buyers make the mistake of purchasing because the sales assistant says so; it is important to try on the product in order to examine how comfortable it will be during actual usage

Texture: The fabric with which a 700 fill down jacket temperature is made from is quite important as well. It would be disappointing to make use of an under-quality product made of discreditable materials/fabric. Before purchase, it is very important to take note of the credibility of the product’s texture; an ideal texture in most cases should have the feel of a soft shell, a double weave polyester, stretch elastane amidst other credible features.  

Down jacket temperature range: The beauty of a 700 fill down Jacket temperature product is the ability to switch features; i.e the ability to adapt when there’s external cold and the other way around. It is quite imperative to examine the inbuilt features of the product whether it has the ability to resist both cold and heat when the need arises for both conditions. In order to be sure of this feature, you can consult with the sales assistant or perhaps look through the product’s guide before purchase.

Wind resistant: There are certain situations when the wind might choose to take its turn in the circle of weather; irrespective of this condition, a 700 fill down temperature jacket is meant to resist the conditions of the wind. Peradventure the product does not have this feature, your usage experience may or may not be complete depending the circumstance of usage.

Water resistant: One of the most important criteria for selecting a 700 fill down temperature jacket is the ability to use under rainy for wet condition without getting wet or cold at any point in time. When trying out the resistant capability, when water is poured in the product, it is meant to roll right away and not sink in. peradventure it sinks in, users may not have the best experience while in usage.

1. Marmot Down Hoody Winter Puffer Jacket, Fill Power 700

Experience the best 700 fill down temperature jacket with the Marmot Down Hoody men jacket that is capable of being used by men of different height and size. Over time, reviews show that the product is credible, long lasting and durable.

The product is made of softshell and a 90% polyester with a double weave feature. It also has a 10% stretch elastane, and 7.0 oz/yd. it has a regular fit feature capable of been worn by anyone of age. Also, it has a 100% polyester with a WR 1.8 oz/yd embossment. It is suitable for use under snow sport condition or any other multi-day conditions whether windy, harsh weather or any other snowy condition. It has a moisture resistant-down defender treatment which keeps users warm in wet or cold condition.

In addition, the product comes with a Zippered hand warmer pockets offer additional warmth. Attached zippered chest and interior pocket allows for convenient storage. The Marmot Down Hoody has an adjustable fit and temperature control. The Men’s Guides Down Hoody is a combination of style, warmth and comfort.

The light weight 700 fill power down is well made with a moisture resistant feature that keeps the jacket’s insulation from clumping and losing its prowess when exposed to wet or cold environment as such increases its ability to keep users warm and the other way around under different condition. In a nutshell, the product’s feature encompasses storage spot for small items, zippered hand warmer pocket for thawing your cold fingers, adjustable Velcro cuffs for superior fit and temperature regulation, and a wing movement or full range of motion.


  • Support cold, wind, heat and water resisting technologies
  • Comes with a hoody feature
  • Adjustable fit and temperature control feature
  • Made of quality material
  • Durable and lightweight
  • It is relatively cheap


  • Only most suitable for men
  • Its’s a jacket, not an arctic or mountaineering jacket

2. Helly Hansen Verglas Hooded Down Insulator Puffy Jacket

The Helly Hansen men’s Verglas Hooded Down Insulator Puffy jacket is made of quality and durable material that is specifically made to suit your needs and desire. The product is made of a 100% polyamide with a 700+ fill power.

It features a Pertex microlight ripstop down fabric which gives users optimum comfort and it also features a durable water repellence treatment which enables usage under wet or rainy condition. The jacket is made to withstand both cold and windy conditions.

The product is a hooded version of the lightweight verglas down jacket which has an allied down 85/15 European goose feature. It also has a CIS compatible feature. The product is in different sizes and shapes which is suitable for kids, women and particularly Men. Over time, reviews have shown the credibility and durability of this product.


  • Comes with a hoody feature
  • It is made of quality and light weight material
  • Suitable for men of different size
  • It has a water resistance feature
  • it has a European goose feature
  • It is cheap


  • It mainly made for men usage
  • No adjustable fit feature

3. Marmot Zeus Vest

The Marmot men’s Zeus Vest is a combination of style, efficiency and effectiveness. Over time, the product has left users in awe and satisfaction due to its outstanding features and has over the years generated positive reviews. It comes with a zipper closure; very light weight material and quality make up.

The Marmot men’s Zeus Vest is suitable for chilly weather hikes, causal wear, camping trips and general warmth rendering. It is ultra-light, has a water-resistant feature and in turn keeps users dry. In addition, it has a moisture-resistant down defender treatment that keeps you warm in wet conditions.

Also, it has a zippered hand and interior zipper pockets which offers additional warmth and storage room for small items as well. It has elastic drawcord hem which provides for a secure fit while in motion. Experience the best warmth with Marmot men’s Zeus Vest while considering style and trend. The product is credible and very durable.


  • It is made of quality material
  • It’s a mixture of style and efficiency
  • Excellent constructive outlook
  • It has a great fit on users
  • It is very comfortable
  • Warmth is guaranteed


  • It is sleeveless
  • Made particularly for Men

4. Marmot Stockholm Down Puffer Jacket, Fill Power 700

Marmot products in general have over the years proven to be very efficient, effective and has stood the test of time. The Stockholm Men’s Down Puffer jacket is made of a 100% polyester with a 100% nylon shiny plain weave, and a 3.2 oz/yd. The product is capable of been used as a casual wear for everyday urban winter use. It is light weight, and has a hire cire feature.

In addition, the down proof fabric adds style and comfort to its users. The moisture resistant down defender feature makes it possible for the 700-fill power down to improve warmth under wet condition. Also, the product has a zip-off hood, zippered sleeve pocket, zippered hand pocket, zippered interior pocket, and interior mobile office pocket provide warmth, storage and security.

The Stockholm men’s Down Puffer jacket is fashionable and meets up with trend. The garment displaces 700 cubic inches per ounce meaning that it has a high loft quality and softness embedded in a light weight product. The Product has an adaptable style feature which enables users to switch outlook by merely unzipping the jacket. On a final note, it has a regular fit, athletic fit, semi-fit and a relaxed fit which only means it is suitable for usage by anyone.


  • It has a mixture of style and efficiency
  • It is portable and light weight
  • Can be used by anyone
  • It is water resistant
  • Warmth rendering feature is credible
  • Down defender inclusive in design


  • Not suitable for children
  • Water resistance feature does not work like other water-resistant jackets

5. Jack Wolfskin Zenon Storm Windproof Down Puffer Jacket

The Jack Wolfskin men’s Zenon Storm Windproof Down Puffer jacket is a product that has gained popularity amongst users and have over the years generated positive reviews for its products. The product is windproof and also water proof; this feature ensures maximum warmth during usage and prevents users from experiencing chilly and cold feels.

It has a smooth fabric with the high breathable feature, a 90/10 duck down fill, 700-coin fill power, and a microguard maxloft Q.M.C. it comes with a hood feature, warmth synthetic insulation and a down fill. The Zenon Storm team work day in day out to effectively and efficiently embed into their product the best of available quality materials on the market.

The lightness of the product is credible and the robustness of the synthetic fibre is highly functional, super warm hybrid jacket, high performance and RDS certified product which delivers users with the best warmth experience. It uses an innovative synthetic fibre insulation to ensure users comfortability. The microguard highly effective and less sensitive to moisture. It provides users with the best warmth experience irrespective of the cold or chilly weather condition. In addition, the stormlock outer fabric is wind and water proof. It is made of 100% polyamide, and high-quality materials.


  • It is very light weight
  • It is made of quality materials
  • Made of a 100% polyester
  • It is wind, and water proof
  • It is user friendly
  • Can be used by anyone, male and female alike


  • Not suitable for under aged due to size
  • Fit appears to be on the larger side although comfortable


There are quite a number of 700 fill down jacket to select from, the above reviewed products are a collation of the best fill down jacket available on the market. Users over time tend to complain of nonsatisfaction due to failure to consider salient factors before purchase.

700 fill down jackets are meant to be warm, wind, water and cold resistant and should come with a credible durability feature. Beyond reasonable doubt, the collated products irrespective of their cons have been tested, trusted and have stood the test of time in recent times. Thus, as a potential buyer, it is quite important to consider the above products that are available on the market based on the fact that they are the best.

In addition, the reviewed products are relatively cheap and can be afforded at a relatively small price and at the same time giving you the satisfaction that is far more than the paid price. In a nutshell, before selecting, consider the comfortability, fitness, durability, credibility, warmth, texture and resistance to cold, warm or wet weather condition.

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