The 4 Best Cycling Sunglasses Under $100

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The sun sometimes can be very harsh and scorching and this factor can come as a deterring obstacle that would give you a hard time seeing properly while cycling. As such a cycling sun glasses is a highly recommended tool you need most while cycling under the sun.

Do you need a cycling sunglass that is designed to give off the 21st fashion sense vibes? Or perhaps you need a cycle sun glasses that would stay firm while cycling, irrespective of the speed? If yes, it is imperative to consider reading this guide till the end. This guide has been designed to pull together the top and best cycling sunglasses available on the market. On a general note, while trying to purchase a cycling sunglass, it is important to check general features a cycling sunglass should possess, which includes.

Tifosi Tyrant 2.0Very Durable and LightPRICING
Bolle BoltAnti-fog Feature is a BonusPRICING
Nike Skylon Ace PWell-ventilated Nose BridgePRICING
Nike Evo0857-002 Skylon Ace XVInterchangeable Lenses are Available for Light AdaptationPRICING


Avoid direct sunlight while maintaining a good sense of fashion. The design of each cycling sunglass varies; be sure to select one whose design depicts style and sophistication. There is a wide range of cycling sunglasses that are sophisticated and can be selected from; take a good look at them all and make your selection. This piece is targeted towards helping you to make the right selection. 


It is quite awkward to cycle around with a heavy sunglass; it is meant to be very lightweight. One of the most important factors to consider is the light weightiness. Be sure it doesn’t exert much stress on the face before purchasing. Look through a couple of recommendations in this guide for help as regards the selection of which is best fit for your taste and budget.


It would be quite embarrassing for a cycling sunglass to fall off while cycling. Therefore, one of the first and basic things to consider while purchasing a cycling sunglass is the firmness. You need to ask yourself, will it fit? If yes, you are a go. Also, to aid the firmness, it is also important in the same light to consider the ear piece adjustment feature; be sure the hydrophilic rubber attached is strong enough and at the same time comfortable.


One a general note, is very important to consider the strength of the lens, does it possess the required feature of resisting chemicals and UV light damage? If yes, you are good to go. There are lots of cycling sun glasses on the market today, selecting the best from the varieties available in the market is the aim of this guide.        


Another factor to consider when choosing a cycling sunglass is the durability of such product. There are lots of fake products that looks sophisticated but are not up to standard. It is very important to check how durable the cycling sunglass would be. Be sure it can withstand falls and usage; the best cycling sunglass have been embedded in this guide, read through and be enlightened as regards what and how to select the best cycling sunglass that befits you.

In a nutshell, it is most important to note the style, durability, firmness, adjustable feature, anti-logging feature and comfortability before choosing any of cycling sunglass. In the world of sun glasses, the below reviewed sunglasses in this guide have been tested and confirmed to have withstood the test of time. When choosing, be sure to consider them first so as to get the best for yourself while you cut costs and get value for your money.

1. Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Sunglasses

The Tyrant 2.0 sunglass is a mixture of fashion and quality. Over the years, the product has proven to be durable, portable and user-friendly. Beyond reasonable doubt, the Tyrant 2.0 sun glasses made its way into the market and it is making a difference in the world of sunglasses. The design is outstanding amidst all other product because of its amazing features and the varieties of merits attached to it. Are you a sport enthusiast? Or perhaps are you a lover of cycling? You definitely do need the Tyrant 2.0 sunglasses.

The design of the product gives room for an extreme lightness in its weight and as such, it exerts no stress on the face while in use. The nose piece adjustment feature is one of the most outstanding features that makes it stand out amidst all other sunglasses. This feature allows you to adjust the part of the sun glasses close to your nose – fast and easy. The nose piece is made from hydrophilic rubber that can be adjusted to any desired length. In addition, the adjustable ear piece feature is also one of the most sophisticated feature peculiar to the Tyrant 2.0 sun glasses. This feature enables user to adjust the firmness of the sunglasses which in turns prevent ‘falling overs’ while riding. The ear piece is also made from hydrophilic rubber and can be adjusted to user’s taste. It should be noted that the frame of the Tyrant 2.0 sunglasses is made from Grilamid TR– 90 nylon material that is capable of withstanding usage, chemicals and direct UV rays. This makes it a good fit for use irrespective of the atmosphere or weather condition of the mountain or hill.

The Tyrant 2.0 sunglass is designed to endure any form of heat whether intense or not during cycling or any sporting activity at any time of the day. The design of the product gives room for vented lenses that ensures constant airflow which in turn prevent fogging of the lenses while in use.


  • Very durable and light
  • It is user-friendly and requires no expertise before usage
  • It is stylish and sophisticated
  • Keeps your vision clear and enhanced
  • It is fit for any face shape


  • Sweat is inevitable
  • Grip becomes intense as sweat becomes intense which sometimes lead to less comfortability (this can be resolved by mere wiping of sweats)

2. Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

Are you a lover of stylish, sophisticated and durable sun glasses? Bolle Bolt sunglasses is definitely one you should try out. Testimonies from different users in the last few months has confirmed the authenticity of the Bolle Bolt sun glasses. The Bolle Bolt sunglasses is one of the strongest, durable, reliable and user-friendly product which is due to the design and amazing features that come with it. Peradventure you are considering an outstanding sunglass; consider the Bolle Bolt sun glasses.

The nature and material used in making the Bolle Bolt sun glass makes it very light, durable, quality and firm while using. The product has proven its portability in so many ways; the product is not just used in cycling alone but in other sporting activities as well.

It should be noted that the Bolle sun glasses are respected for ensuring protection for all users or cyclists, and also improve performance. The sunglasses features an oleo/hydrophobic function that prevents foreign bodies from getting into the lens. In Addition, with the Bolle Bolt sun glasses, you can boldly say no to fogs which is due to the anti-fog feature attached to it. Also, it features an anti-reflective ability. It is usually a matter of inevitability to have encounter with relatively high UV rays which may be quite harsh on the eyes, nevertheless, the Bolle Bolt sun glass is built to bounce back the rays coming directly on to your eyes. The Bolle Bolt sun glasses has an adjustable nose piece that can be adjusted to user’s taste or choice.


  • Comes with oleo/hydrophobic treatment
  • It is user friendly and very firm
  • It features an adjustable nose piece
  • It mainly protects the eyes from direct/harsh UV light
  • Anti-fog feature is a bonus
  • Strong and reliable frame is being used


  • No ear piece adjustment feature

3. Nike Skylon Ace P Sunglasses

Get the opportunity to adapt to any UV ray condition with the Nike skyline ace p sunglasses. the Nike Skylon Ace P sunglass has both style and sophistication embedded in it. The Nike Skylon is one of the most demanded products of all sun glasses due to its originality. Reviews from users have shown that the product is one of the most durable of all. It has the capability to withstand UV rays and usage. The Nike Skylon Ace P sunglass takes the form of a 21st century fashion style while it is designed to work effectively as a protective wear. Do you need to purchase a sophisticated sun glass? If yes, it is also necessary to consider the Nike skylon ace p sunglasses.

The sunglasses feature an interchangeable lens that are designed specifically for stability, coverage and comfort. It also includes the light weightiness feature which enables users to move around with it without stress or any form of discomfort. The frame is well constructed with high quality material that can withstand the passage of time. In addition, it has a secure wrap temple and a well-ventilated nose bridge that prevents fogs from accumulating on the sun glasses.

The Nike Sklon Ace P sun glasses is most suitable for athletes involved in sporting activities which includes; cycling, running, golf, tennis and others. It should be noted that the Nike Skylon Ace P sunglasses is capable of granting you the protection you need from UVA and UVB rays.


  • Provides for precise clarity from all angles
  • Nose piece adjustment feature
  • It is durable and made of quality materials
  • Well-ventilated nose bridge
  • Its fits users and any head shape


  • No ear-piece adjustment feature
  • It is not the most stable available on the market


4. Nike Evo0857-002 Skylon Ace XV Sunglasses

The most peculiar feature of this product is its comfortability and ample coverage. It is also liked by many because of its amazing upgrades in feature which includes; vented nose piece, a wider and deeper lens and a lighter weight compared to the previous version. The product is most suitable for sporting activities which includes cycling, golf, training, baseball, running, tennis, and others. The sport wrap frame feature enables the sunglasses to stay put while its in use. The sunglasses grip is supported by secure-wrap temple arms with rubber grip zones. In addition, the interchangeable lenses feature allows users to adapt quickly and easily to any light condition, whether intense light condition or little. The Nike max optics technology allows for precise visuals that encompasses all angles of views. The light weight nylon frame feature allows for comfortability utmost durability. Do you need a sunglass that would give you the style and use satisfaction you desire? Choose the Nike Evo0857-002 Skylon Ace XV sunglasses.

In addition, the product comes with a well-ventilated nose piece that helps in reducing fogging and ensures comfort. The included cam-action supports firm grip as well. The product is well designed to shield your eyes against direct UV light, withstand passage of time and usage. This cycling sun glasses is one of the best currently on market, if you are considering a cycling sunglass, consider this outstanding sun glasses.


  • It is one of the most portable and durable
  • It has a nose adjustability feature
  • Interchangeable lenses are available for light adaptation
  • It is light weight and user friendly
  • Ventilated nose bridge ensures comfort and reduces fog on lenses
  • It stays firm while in use


  • No adjustable earpiece


There are lots of cycling sun glasses available on the market; from which the above reviewed were taken from. It should be noted that these products were not chosen at random or by mistake but were chosen based on their quality, reliability and efficiency. This guide has successfully pointed out a few of the most outstanding sun glasses available and the things to look for when choosing one. Make your experience while cycling or getting involved in any sporting activity worthwhile with the best and most outstanding sun glasses. Reduce the risk of having to struggle with vision while under the sun while cycling, or play base ball or golf or perhaps any outdoor sporting activities that has UV ray implication of any kind.

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