The 5 Best Tents for Big Families of 2024

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If your family has been yearning for a camping outdoor, you will want to have a camping tent nearby for a fun and rewarding experience. When you go camping, you have the opportunity to be with nature and immerse yourself in all that it brings. Regular campers know what it means to invest in superior quality camping tents.

You will need to put a lot into consideration when buying a family tent—size and budget are critical here. Another thing to consider is where you are going for camping and how lightweight you will want the tent to be. If you’re camping at a place, the size may not necessarily be an issue and you might even want to include some home comfort if possible.

We understand the need to make the best buying decision even in the midst of these so many brands of family camping tents out there. Beyond wasting money, you definitely do not want to have a bit of regret of going to the wild with the wrong tent and this is why we have done the hard work of researching out the best brands you will find out there.  

Coleman MontanaEasy To Set UpPRICING
Coleman EvanstonIt Comes with a Screen RoomPRICING
Coleman WeathermasterIt has Plenty of RoomPRICING
CORE Extended Dome TentThe Tent is LightweightPRICING
NTK Arizona GTIt Features 2 Doors and 3 WindowsPRICING



Camping tents come with sturdy poles, double-sewn seams that are reinforced with nylon tapes, securely fastened grommets, non-rusting zippers. Ensure the zippers are free—it can open and close easily. It should never bind up on the tent fabric.


Most tents are manufactured out of nylon—because of its lightweight feature and durability. Coated nylon is ideal for waterproofing while nylon mesh is used for inner walls. Polyester is a bit heavier than nylon; no expansion when it is wet. It is also more tear-resistant.

Rain Fly

A rainfly comes from waterproof material and covers the entire tent. It offers protection against the elements which may cause harm to the waterproof coating on your tent. The ideal rainfly will extend to the ground.

1. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent for Camping with Easy Setup

Considered an ideal choice for a prolonged stay with the kids because of the sturdy modified dome construction, as well as its superior layout. Elite Montana 8-person Tent has space and offers comfort with long and narrow layout—instead of square. It is more advanced than most other tents of the same design as it comes with a different color and extra features.

Windows are located at each end while the door and the maximum height are at the middle of the tent. Quality air flow is permitted by Mesh roof which makes it possible for light interior during the day

Getting the best out this tent requires that you know what to do with it and the people coming for the camping. Having a family is one thing and a different kettle of fish to have a group of hefty adults. The amount of space for storage will be affected by the sleeping arrangement.

With Coleman, the available space is only for eight people—or better still, queen airbeds. Never forget that this is the maximum capacity of the tent with only little floor space.  A good idea would be to leave enough space and have mattresses in place at each end—and the central entrance area will be left clear.

The mat has a floor area of 16 ft. x 7 ft. (4.87 m x 2 m) capable of taking 8 sleeping bags, including mats. It is perfectly suit for scout group. Six people will feel more comfortable.

Enjoy easy access with the small zipper opening, which also double as ventilation inlet at the ground level. At the lower left corner of the tent, you’ll find a port for an electrical cable.


  • It is comfortable
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Fly works perfectly well
  • It has a Lightweight
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • It is Waterproof and Windproof


  • It is a bit narrow
  • It must be handled with great care

2. Coleman Evanston 8-Person Tent for Camping with Screen Room

In the world of outdoor recreational gear, Coleman is a more like a household name. Coleman tent carries the same name of quality like other Coleman’s products; if you have an outdoor family camping tour, then look no further than Coleman Dome Tent.

It does not have a full fly cover even in the main dome area, which is kind of a tradeoff—that is the reason the window is there. The problem is the fact that the window is on the ceiling of the screen, meaning the angle mesh is not protected.

However, it is part of the design– the screen room is design to be part of the sitting area with a clear sky. It is a nice design though it comes off as unusual. One the greatest fear of campers is water invasion, but it is not possible with this tent.

It is also a tent that comes with a screen room; there is a lot of livability in several ways. The total floor is 140 ft² (13 m²) but the porch floor is usually wet when it rains. There are drain holes attached to the porch allowing water to drain out quickly enough.

Campers are protected against insect by the screen on the porch. And in principle it is not a dry area.


  • It comes at a great price
  • It is very looks cool
  • The product is highly versatile
  • Its functional is topnotch
  • Light and easy bag to carry around


  • Floor material is a bit thin, creating problem when camping on rough terrain
  • Larger windows are required to cool down the tent interior in warmer seasons

3. Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Tent for Camping

With Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Dome Tent, you will get a sleeping environment that is comfortable for a single family—it is designed to allow 10 persons. It is considered as one of the largest tents in the market, and it is easy to set it up. The walls are made from taffeta polyester while the floor from 1,000D polyethylene to increase its durability.

Camping just got interesting in the Weathermaster 10 tent. It features a footprint of 17 x 9 foot, including ab 18-inch center height. The WeatherTec System helps in offering better protection; other features include Variflo adjustable ventilation plus a steel and fiber glass. If you’re looking for an extended camping in the wilderness; you just found what you’re looking for.

This tent has two rooms—with a rear door and also a hinged front door. This feature makes it conveniently accessible and comfortable too. Its utility is enhanced with interior gear pocket, privacy vent window and reserve angle window; setting it up is as easy as a piece of cake. You’ll be comfortable throughout your camping experience with the Weathermaster 10.

It also features a single electrical access port if there is need for a generator to light up the tent; it comes with all the things needed for a true family camping and you can’t resist it.

The center height is about 80″ which is perfect for so many people to stand in. With an interior gadget pocket, your electronics are safe without the need to keep them on the floor.

You can’t get anything better. The features are in the right places to pique your interest for a family camping that you’ll never forget in a hurry and for a long time to come. Let the camping begin for a fun-filled experience!


  • It is perfectly suited for family camping
  • It comes with great features and it is easy to setup
  • It has plenty of room


  • The rainfly leaks when it rains heavily—water dripping in through the roof

4. CORE 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent 16 x 9 is a family camping tent, and it is lightweight. It has an area of 144 ft² (13.4 m²), and the packed size is amazing. It is considered an affordable tent by many.

It is an extended dome going by its name. The main part is put to place using two x-shaped main poles including two extensions by the sides which were secured by two extra poles. Because of this reason, it is not regarded as freestanding. The single-layer happens to be the bigger part. However, the mesh sections and ceiling is double layer and the mesh is covered by the fly.

The central gives you quite a bit of headroom with a peak height; the side sections are much lower than this figure. It is not in any way the cabin we all know. If you’re tall or needs plenty of headspace, you will need to put this into consideration.

The tent has a declared capacity for 9 persons, which is very small for such a number. It comes with no external storage areas like porches or vestibules.  You’ll not manage with over 5 persons in such a space when it comes to a real camping.

It has no divider because it is a single room structure. The fabric is durable 68D polyester. It has no information about its waterproof feature. However, the H20 Block Technology that comes with a water repellent fabric alongside bead technology—which is seamless sealed—works perfectly well. The fly and the lower part of the tent are made of the same materials so it is waterproof. The wall has a closable E-port.


  • It comes at a great price
  • It is well packed
  • The tent is lightweight
  • Plenty mesh for ventilation


  • It is not ideal for extreme weather conditions
  • It cannot comfortably accommodate the declared capacity

5. NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person Camping Tent

When you talk of a family camping tent, Arizona GT 9 to 10 readily comes to mind. It has the capacity to accommodate 10 persons. It has a center height of about 6.7 feet—which offers plenty of headroom for the occupants and they can stand while inside the tent.

It is manufactured from durable polyester. The Arizona GT 9 to 10 features an outer material of polyester Taffeta 68D with an interior made of Polyester Mesh. The room divider is detachable and separates the room into two for privacy, with two doors and 3 windows—which keeps the tent well-ventilated.

When it comes to durability, the Arizona GT 9 to 10 Tent performs creditably well; it is made of durable materials that can contend against the elements outdoors. The polyester is relatively fire-retardant but thin.

The poles are Nano-flex fiberglass. However, it has extra strength necessary for stability and flexibility. Also, other metal parts of the tent are gold-plated, so also are ferrules. And they’re resistant to rust for this reason.

You can assemble the Arizona GT Tent quite easily and even disassembled it—unlike other bigger models. The poles can be connected with ease and slipped through the polyester sheet so no tool is required. There are durable ears that allow attachment of strings with pegs tied to it for added stability.

Group campers find it a good buy for its stable construction, functional design and fire-retardant material. It is ideal to be carried around even if you have to move along long trails. And you only imagine how convenient it can be for your family camping evening.


  • The design is highly functional
  • It is manufactured from waterproof and fire-retardant polyester
  • It is well-ventilated
  • It features 2 doors and 3 windows
  • It offers plenty of interior space for 10 persons and ample headroom


  • It can only be separated into two
  • It has fewer doors and windows relative to other similarly priced models
  • Shipping may not be allowed in many countries


Family camping strengthens the bond existing in the family, so family camp tent is perfect to initiate this. But the truth is, our ever-busy lives in this day and age have taken all our time away to achieve this lofty goal. Family camping with tent gives the family a whole new experience of what the wild looks like while immersing in nature. Have an experience of a lifetime with one of these amazing family camping tent.

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