Largest Tents For Camping of 2024

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So, you have got a large group or even a small one and you want to go camping, you might want to consider an extra-large tent to keep you all out of the elements. There is no exaggeration to the fact that most of these tents will certainly fit your bill and you will definitely find your fit.

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Imagine what an extra-large camping tent brings to the table. You will have more space to make use of – to play around, have some fun and do other stuff. Even the nasty weather cannot take the shine off your good time with extra-large family camping tents. Also, you will enjoy the luxury of separating the tent into rooms. Dividers are synonymous with modern big camping tents for sleeping and privacy – or even storage. They have so much to offer campers.

In making your purchase, there are a number of things to be well aware of. These among many other things have informed us in choosing the best for you at an affordable rate.

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  • Ease of Assembly

It may not be difficult setting up extra-large camping tents. But you will save yourself a lot of stress with some certain types. Camping tents featuring Instant frames are the easiest to setup though they are smaller. Ensure you go for a large tent with shock-corded poles. That way, you cannot mix up the pole and they allow you to set them up quickly.

  • Tent Fabrics

The best fabric for camping tents will always generate a heated debate. Canvas is the go-to name for years and still counting. For nylon, it is relatively new in the industry – and most extra-large tent come made of nylon. Nylon may come handy for its weight and cost while canvas is preferred for durability – but it is twice the weight of nylon models.

  • Tent Poles

The frame system is manufactured using different types of materials – aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Carbon fiber for poles may be used for some tents – but that’s not what an average camper need. Tents with steel frames are quality and may fit the bill for most people. Remember that most cabin style tents will come in steel frames – mostly limited to steel in this case.

Now to the crux of the matter-we have saved you a lot of time waste and broken the hassle for you. Nothing seems more exiting to have a fulfilled experience of getting what you need. Without mincing words, we are confident that you will find your right fit here.

1. Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14-Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Outdoors activities can be such a great fun with the Tahoe Gear Carson Tent. It can accommodate up to 14-people, and it is ideally suited for your extended family excursion. With this incredible camping tent, you can have a few quiet times while in the three separate suite areas or enjoy your day time in the widescreen room.

The tent body is durable and made of polyester. If you want to get out in the cold or warm weather, then look no further. With the power slip by the door, you don’t have to worry about power cord access inside the tent. For unexpected weather, there are setup poles, rainfly, and guy ropes. Your next adventure should not happen without this tent.

The construction is impressive such that it comes with three inner rooms, in addition to a big screen room. The tent is a cabin-style, having vertical walls with large windows that are suited by the sides – this makes the tent functional and pleasant.

Furthermore, the tent is not in any way free-standing. To this end, go for camping venues that allow you to stake it down appropriately. The fly is of the partial coverage type; that way, it covers both the screen room and the ceiling. An interesting part of this is that the ceiling is an integral part of the entire construction.

Understand that you can gain access to the screen room and central via the three rooms – each with distinct access. All of this is functional when you talk of design. The shape of the central room is pentagonal and fit in as a living area. It measures 94 inches (239 cm) in height.


  • It is of great height
  • Made of polyester
  • Power slip by the door
  • It provides comfort and functionality
  • Large windows and doors


  • It is quite weighty

2. Fortunershop 14-Person Family Cabin Tent

You have a big family, and you are searching for large camping tents with rooms? The Fortunershop is here to keep you cozy when out there in the wild just like home away from home. The Fortunershop 14-Person Tent has got you covered. It has excellent features that anybody who loves camping will appreciate. One of such features is the sewn-in center zip. With that feature, it is easy to separate the tent into rooms – 2, 3 or even 4. You will have privacy with such divisions, thereby adding more taste to your camping experience.

You will get enough visibility alongside ventilation due to the 12 windows. Fresh air flow freely. If you are willing to make the room more extensive, it comes easy with the Fortunershop 14-Person Tent. You can simply tie the dividers together, and you are good to go. The tent comes handy for all camping gear – it will accommodate them, and you will still have extra space.

The tent is specifically for 14-persons, and it ranks among the best in the market for good reasons. When it comes to customization, the dividers will go to work to make that happen – like creating rooms to meet your privacy needs.

The tent measures 20′ x 20′ in terms of floor size — it will allow up to five queen air mattresses. The center of the tent is 78” and it gives headroom for a wide range of users. It does so well at taking out moisture and water, thanks to its taped fly seams. More interestingly, the design is such that it will keep leakages at bay.


  • Assembling it is easy
  • Superior ventilation enhancement
  • Spacious enough for 5 queen mattresses
  • The tent is perfect for summer


  • The zipper design is not up to par

3. Ozark Trail 16-Person Cabin Tent

Are you wondering what one of the biggest tents for camping looks like? The Ozark Trail 23.5’ x 18.5’ is another fantastic camping tent which is certain to blow you away and it is spacious enough to conveniently accommodate up to sixteen (16) people. The space in it will amaze you – even 20 people will go in without hassle. The tent has three doors and rooms, and it was designed for camping and outdoor activities like hiking.

What does 23.5 x 18.5 represent? It is simple! That is the amount of feet and the rectangular ground area for setting up the tent. It equals 435 ft² (40 m²). But bear in mind that it is different from the inner floor area.

You will notice that the floor plan comes in a Y-letter shape, with the total area in the region of 20 square meters (215 ft²). You may say the tent depicts the structure of a castle. But going by the number in its name, the area is way below your assumption. The porch area is about 1.5 square meters, which is perfect for sitting in the shade

The design of the tent is the cabin-style type, with fewer fly covering the ceiling alongside vertical walls. If you have a mild weather condition – with less wind and rain – this camping tent is your best bet.

You may spend considerable time trying to setup the tent for camping. You must stake it properly to the campground in the first instance. Separate the roof pole from the leg pole – they are made of fiberglass and metal, respectively. The different material they are made from makes it easy to identify them.


  • Offer excellent ventilation because of the mesh roof, including doors and windows
  • The package size will blow you away — very perfect
  • 20-minutes setup time
  • It has separate entrances


  • Takes time to setup

4. Americ Empire 12/13-Person Cabin Instant Tent

There are several XL huge tents in the market today. But some are ahead of the others. Americ Empire 12/13-Person Cabin Instant Tent is one of those tents that have class and separates itself from the pack. It comes with Multi-Room and fully Waterproof are perks that make it stand out.

This tent features an easy and fast patch system. It allows you to set it up in less time – usually less than 15 minutes. The material of manufacture is virgin for excellent strength and high flexibility. It measures 21ft x 10ft and 7ft tall to provide you with great comfort.

The Americ Empire 12/13-Person Tent accommodates up to 6 Queen Mattress – it may also take close to 14 people. It is only 30 lbs for all that ample space that it commands. That is hard to believe when you consider the steel pools and waterproof design. It comes with the following – 2-Doors, 6-Windows, Rain Fly and lantern hook, as well as a carry bag.

With everybody all inside the tent, privacy becomes an issue for some tents. But do not worry, there is a solution to that. The design of the Americ Empire will allow privacy for any camping trip – the three-room of private space will do justice to that. For the inner tent, it comes with a 2-way zipper curtain to provide you with three separate rooms. Natural light filters in through the window when you allow it.

With this incredible tent, you have no problem with leaks as the anti-fungal polyethylene-coated inner layer comes to the rescue – it is 100% waterproof. You will be protected and kept dry throughout your camping adventure.

It has breathable polyester, and the lamination is of PU 2,000mm waterproof. What that translates to is that 2,000mm of water cannot pass through in one day. For conventional tents, you will get only 1,000mm.


  • It is an excellent tent with interior pockets
  • Breathable polyester build
  • Incredibly waterproof
  • It has a great ceiling height


  • Poles easily get confusing during lying out

5. Northwest Territory 10-Person Front Porch Cabin Tent

Another sensational camping tent is the Northwest Territory 10-Person Front Porch Cabin Tent which is loved by many campers and outdoor lovers out there. While inside this 10-person tent, it feels like an open space. Its cabin is spacious with a great layout, including its screened-in entrance porch. It is easy setting up this tent as the poles are colored and chain-coded. It also has an attached body hub. The tent has coating and rainfly alongside taped seams, and not forgetting the bath taste flooring.

The Northwest Territory Front Porch Cabin Tent comes with two rooms having front and back door – to offer the right of entry – with the help of the divider. It has six huge windows with inside zip as well as mesh roof. The airflow is perfect and makes the tent very comfortable. Ventilation is excellent, and you’ll love it while you’re inside the tent.


  • You will find it easy to setup and it is huge too
  • Holds really well during lousy weather.
  • Comes with taped seams
  • Front and back door
  • Six wide windows


  • It gets riddled with holes easily

6. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn is not just a tent – it is one of a kind. It redefines the camping tent market as it gives you a feeling of home away from home. It is a free-standing cabin with steel uprights and fiberglass. An incredible thing about the Big Horn tent is that it can withstand all conditions and elements.

You don’t need to knee or crawl! It is tall enough to accommodate people with massive height. Change clothes on the go or get ready for bed and this gives you a feeling like you’re already in your bedroom.

Aside from the tall ceiling, the straight sidewalls give you extra room for side tables, cots, or anything you want inside the tent. You will get excellent ventilation and easy access, thanks to the windows and doorways.

The Big Horn Tents come with floor seams, as well as factory-sealed fly to protect you from the weather. The waterproof buckles will help to secure the fly in place with adjustments. It perfectly fit for all hunting trips, camping, and other adventures.


  • It is a well-spaced tent
  • Floor seams
  • Excellent ventilation
  • The tent is manufactured using high-quality materials
  • Flexibility and versatility of the tent come from wall divider


  • Zipper area may experience some leakages


Camping can be fun, but only if you do the needful to make the experience go the way you want it. If you have a large family and think there is no tent to accommodate them, then you thought wrong. The truth is that the largest camping  tents on this list can fulfill your needs and take your camping to another level. Whether family and friends of 10, 12 or 14, you have nothing to worry about, the right kind of big tent awaits you. Make your choice today!

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