What Are The 10 Essentials For Camping

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Going out with the family, friends or a loved one outdoor can be an interesting adventure. It can also be a nightmare especially if you fall on the wrong side of camping gears. It usually bores down to one major determinant: the stuff you packed (or what you didn’t pack) to the outdoor. Leaping out with the right essentials can hugely make a difference in the kind of story you come back home with. Whether you are a first-time camper or a regular, you will find this list helpful in picking the right stuff for your next or first camping adventure.

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1. Tent

Even if your body skin is weatherproof (which of course isn’t), you should go out with a camping tent in case of emergency situations. You don’t want a strange snowstorm or rain to suck out the sweetness in your camping experience. A camping tent will shield you from the elements and insect bites yet provide you with good cross ventilation while you take a nap inside it.

MIER 3 Person Camping Tent Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking Tent

MIER delivered really well with the design of the MIER 3 person camping tent which comes as an upgrade from the 2-person type. It is lightweight and double walled. It is perhaps one of the best three persons camping tent out there.

The MIER 3 persons camping tent is designed with taped seams to protect the tent from leaking and ensure it is completely waterproof. Durability has been built into this tent has it features a nylon tip-stop and a carry bag.

You want to quickly catch up with other members in the activities, so the tent is designed to not waste your time. It comes with one pole system as well as clips, and solid webbing for rapid and seamless setup. The guide for setting it up has also been written on the bag. It is made of a sturdy silicone fly which enhances the overall durability and the shielding performance of the tent.

The tent features a tightly closed mesh to protect you against insects and small bugs. Comes with aluminum poles and a wide door for easy movement in and out of the tent.


  • Nylon interior
  • Weatherproof
  • Comes with pockets and hooks for hanging lamp or lantern
  • Very versatile


  • So lightweight it can easily be disturbed by wind

2. Sleeping Bag

Lying on a moss or bed of leaves can be an adventurous thing to do while camping but that wouldn’t keep you warm when the weather gets cold. Try out the Outdoor vitals, you will thank yourself for buying it.

Outdoor Vitals Summit Down Sleeping Bag

Warmth is essential when it comes to sleeping in the outdoor. The experience of lying on the Outdoor Vitals Summit seems like a home away from home as it has been well designed for this. It brings a good temperature rating and will keep you warm within the 5F degree of temperature.

It’s not too weighty, so moving it will not give you so much a hassle. It has 800 fill power and features a significantly high warmth to ratio of whatever kind of insulation. The down was well wrapped in a very lightweight 20 denner ripstop outer shell for enhanced durability.

The Outdoor Vital sleeping bag moved some part of the down into the feet region to ensure your feet is kept warm. It comes with a compression bag to help in packing the sleeping bag for proper storage and backpacking. The outer fabric is water resistant.


  • Incredibly warm, light, and compressible
  • Waterproof outer coating
  • Very lightweight denner ripstop


  • Not very large

3. Water Filter

Water filters are also key players in making your camping experience a fantastic one. They help you improve the taste of the water and make it safe to drink. You will also find it valuable in emergency situations when you run out of water and have to take water from the stream, river, or waterfall.

Membrane Solutions Filtered Water Bottle

With its triple stage filtration system, the Membrane Solutions is well suited to take care of your filtration needs. It is designed with 0.1 microns mesh size, five (5) microns pore size activated carbon, for superior filtration process. It’s three levels filtration system helps to get rid of organics, rubber mass, harmful metals and other harmful contents from water.

It has the capacity to filter up to five thousand (5000) liters at a go, does not need batteries to function and doesn’t come with any moving part. It is easy to use by simply squeezing out water from the water storage bag through the fibers and through the microfiltration point. With the food grade tube made of silicone, you can safely squeeze out water from the filter.


  • Triple stage filtration system
  • 5000 liters filtering capacity
  • No moving parts
  • Available in two types, gravity and squeeze type


  • None

4. Headlamp

Illumination is key, much more key is the need for your light source to be portable and easily maneuvered. You enjoy this with the headlamp as it affords you the flexibility you need.

Third Eye Headlamps

For camping outings, the simple and adaptable Third Eye Headlamp will be a great choice. It has a unique design which makes it look small and comfortable to put on. It comes with six light presets so as to provide you different illumination strength for different conditions. It is designed with non-slip strap which is adjustable for customized fit around your head.

The Third Eye Headlamp also features a locking angle setting, offering you the precise amount of light you require at any point in time. The Third Eye uses the high-performance Cree LED lights which are great for prolonged battery life. Built with fully recyclable plastics, 3AAA batteries which lasts for 120 hours and 30 hours on low and high respectively, very waterproof and always night ready!


  • Adjustable straps
  • Six light presets
  • Locking angle settings
  • Made of recyclable plastic materials


  • Doesn’t come with USB recharge option

5. Lighter

Going out with a lighter provides you with a dependable supply for starting a fire. You may want to make a bonfire, make some cooking of any form, or just a fire to keep you warm, you need a lighter start the fire.

Zippo NFL Lighters

Zippo lighters are well recognized for their all-metal construction and “ever-burning” capability. They are designed to be resistant to folding up. The Zippo lighter is windproof, thus, no matter how cold the weather gets, you can be rest assured it will still be up to light up your way.

The case comes in rounded edges with flat base. It also features a unique lasered 5-barrel hinge which makes flipping it open a breeze. The lighter is refillable, and if the lighter gets any issues, the company is ready to fix it for you.


  • Durable casing
  • Superior hinge for easy opening
  • Incredibly windproof


  • Casing gets scratched easily

6. Multitool

Whether it is to cut lose a rope, trim off excess material or to drive a whole through a plastic, the multitool is the right choice for the job. The multitool can in fact be a life saver in such situations you probably stuck your legs in a tree’s creeping roots or stem. So, don’t pass off the idea of going with one.

Leatherman FREE P4 Multitool

The Leatherman company is known to build multitools from ground up and for toughness plus durability. Their FREE P4 multitool is well loved by many camping enthusiasts for its strength and versatility. It integrates the FREE P-Series which claims to be offer the best multifunctional plier experience as part of its new design.

It features twenty-one (21) tools including wire cutters, spring-controlled scissors and two (2) knives designed for multifaceted usages, and much more.

Ergonomics and ease of foldability have been built into the design of this multitool. It features a magnetic system for closing up the tools and it aligns well with the palm for best ergonomic experience. More so, by pushing your thumb on any tool, it pops out, ready for use- all done with one hand. This makes it better than using your nails which may result to pains or broken fingernails.


  • 21 tools
  • Magnetic lock function
  • Multifunctional plier experience
  • Very ergonomic
  • Spring-action pair of scissors


  • The magnetic lock function can easily attract other surrounding metal objects
  • Ruler size is quite small

7. First Aid Kit

Life in the outdoor can be quite unpredictable, and as such, you have got to prepare for every eventuality. Going with a first aid kit might just show how ready you are to make the most out of your camping adventure.

Surplus Provisions Military IFAC Level 1 First Aid Kit

When it comes to medical supplies, this kit stands out. The Surplus Provisions Military Kit is designed to be medically ready and up to task at any point of the day. Because it is originally designed for extreme messy situations like when a soldier gets shot, the ease of mobility and transferability of this first aid kit is top notch.

The pouch of the kit incorporates a trifold design which comes with several interior pockets. This way, the sixty-eight (68) items of the kit are well placed and arranged into the pouch. In the pouch comes soap, iodine pads, antibiotics, bandages, paper tape, surgical gloves and lots more. Because the pouch is designed with elastic webbing, the medical items are well secured and wouldn’t damage while you are outdoor.


  • Very easy to transport and transfer
  • Trifold design
  • Comes with a lot of pockets
  • Fully stuff with many medical items
  • Elastic webbing for secure storage


  • No reflective material on its pouch- so might be difficult to sight in the dark

8. Rain Jacket

Wearing a protective cloth like rain jacket is a good way of keeping yourself away from exposure and ultimately staying warm in the wild. A comfy rain jacket will do you well in case the weather gets wet and will keep your body temperature regulated even under harsh conditions. Get yourself this jacket by Columbia and no rain will be able to stop you from enjoying your camping outdoor.

Columbia Watertight II Jacket

That a jacket is lightweight and waterproof is one thing, but for it to be able to snug fit, that’s awe-some! The Columbia Men’s Wateright jacket is one of the best breathable jackets you can go to the wild with. It makes sure that you are protected and kept dry however wet the conditions get.

It is made of a 100% waterproof nylon outer shell which allows the jacket to be able to withstand any downpour. The inner lining is crafted of a 100% polyester ensuring comfort and superior warmth. The cuffs and hem are elastic while the side pockets are well zippered for secure safeguarding of your valuables.

The Columbia Men’s jacket is improved for cleanliness with its Omni-shield feature. This feature ensures that your jacket doesn’t get dirty easily by resisting liquid absorption of liquids. It doesn’t absorb moisture and it dries very rapidly. It comes with a hood. Irrespective of your size and color taste, you can be certain to find your fit.


  • Snug fits very well
  • Omni shield feature
  • Waterproof nylon shell
  • Zippered pockets on the sides
  • Very breathable


  • Limited pockets

9. GPS Navigation Tool

Things can get really knotty outdoor but the truth remains that there is almost no excuse for getting lost in the wild anymore. There are myriads of GPS navigation system out there but the Garmin GPSMAP outshine them all.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st

With the Garmin GPSMAP, your directions are set and you need not bother about getting lost again. It is readable while under sunlight with 2.6 inches color display. It offers a wide screen which makes it easy to read and make sense of the output.

The Garmin is very waterproof having being built with IPX7 water rating. It offers an extended battery time of 16 hours and comes with an 8-gigabyte internal memory. In the same vein, you can choose to use either the 2AA batteries or use its NiMH battery setup which is rechargeable. More interestingly is the fact that it offers compatibility with USB as well as NMEA 0183.

It can upload the collected data to a smartphone through a wireless connectivity as concurrently as they happen.


  • Smart notification
  • Live data upload
  • Dual battery usage options
  • USB compatible
  • Sufficiently wide interface


  • Pricey

10. Sunglasses

To cap it all, go along with your sunglasses. Not just for fancy but for your protection. The technology behind sunglasses has been improved over time and you will find the quality ones providing you protection from harmful rays. It will also prevent you from getting dazed by the bright sun.

Suncloud Polarized Optics Unisex Sentry

At the core of this Suncloud Polarized Optics is simplicity. It has been designed to be versatile and usable by both men and women. It offers that kind of a sporty style such that you get fired up to hit the track even when the sun is directly overhead.

Its frame is made of Grilamid nylon which has been molded by injection method thus ensuring its durability, less distortion and light weight. So that the lens and frames can seamlessly wrap around/on the user’s face, the Suncloud features an eight-base curvature to enhance the fit.

With its 8-base frames, you are well protected from side glare and the wind-controlled elements that may hinder your vision and convenience. The lenses are polarized to remove glare for enhanced clarity, optical well-being, superior definition, and color transmission.


  • Offers full UV protection
  • Offers less distortion on the frame
  • Polarized lenses


  • No size options available


There may be so much you want to go to the wild with such that you easily lose track of things. But on the list of things you must not go without are these 10 essentials. You can consider this as your free readiness checklist for your first or next camping. Launch out with them and enjoy all the sweetness the wild has to offer you!

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