How Big is a 40 Liter Backpack?

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Backpacks are useful for many outdoor scenarios. But how do you figure out the right backpack for your needs? That can be pretty daunting. There is a way around it though—and you’ll be amazed it so simple.

Take a breather and relax your nerves as we walk you through on this piece and give you an understanding of how big a 40L Backpack.

Backpacks come in different types and sizes. But those with 40L will do for all your needs. You’ll understand why in this review.

There two types of measurement you can go with when it comes to the size of a backpack—total carrying capacity or height/length/width measurements and the volume. By calculating its dimension, you get an idea of the volume of the bag—but it cannot be relied upon as being accurate.

NameBackpacking Packs
TFO Hiking Backpack 40LExternal FramePRICING
Drakon Outdoors 40L Waterproof Go-BagInternal FramePRICING
Snugpak Endurance 40L BackpackHiking DaypackPRICING
BLACKHAWK Titan Hydration Pack 40LHydration PackPRICING

The three things to focus on with regards to size are:

  • The number of items you are planning on packing
  • The torso measurement—the backpack should be equal or less than the torso
  • The planned length of your hiking excursion
  • The quantity of items you want to pack

So How Big Is a 40L Backpack?

To have an idea of the size of a 40l backpack, you need to understand how measurement is arrived at.

The volume of all compartments will be measured, which will be combined for the total volume. The main compartment will be measure alongside other pockets that you can open and close.

These measurements are in cubic inches, which are then converted to liters. The measurement in most cases is rounded off to the nearest decimal points—so it cannot be 100% accurate. For record purposes, 40L is equivalent to 2,440.95 cubic inches.

The 40L Backpack: The Ideal size?

The size for hiking backpacks is between 30L and 55L. 30L is usually small when it comes to packing items that require more than a few hours.

On the flip side, 55L will allow you to pack all you need, but it can be too bulky for you to carry. You need to take into consideration the fact that if you’re traveling with your backpack in that range, you will require checking in bags over 45L.

With that at the back of your mind, 40L would naturally become the best volume to fit in. It comes in to strike a perfect balance. It does not come off as being too bulky, so you do not need checking it in, yet it is still large enough to hold in all your stuff.

For all your short hiking trips that will exhaust your afternoon, this is what you need. All your traveling adventures—six months to a year—this cannot be  exempted.

External Frame Backpack:

1. TFO External Frame Hiking Backpack 40L

When you compare them to standard backpacks with no frame, this backpack removes pressure in all areas and transfers most of the weight from shoulder to the hips and legs using the metal frame. Your back is separated from the backpack with the metal frame with mesh.  

With the girdle and chest strap, you can lock the backpack. That will make your hiking trip a lot easier without the pack shaking.

Take away the dilemma of the broken backpack opening while in a long-distance road with the YKK zippers. This backpack comes with a high-quality nylon fabric, and it is tear-resistant and water-resistant.

At the bottom of the backpack is waterproof rain cover for baggage protection when it rains. It is suitable for the 3-day outdoor trip—for instance, camping, hiking, and travel.

This backpack features a spacious main compartment, two side pockets, and front pockets. If you need to hang tents, then the four adjustable compression straps will do—even if you want to hang your sleeping bags and mats. You can hang two extra attachment points in the front of the backpack. The shoulder hooks can be perfect for hanging kettles. If you stuff and remove items, the waist zipped pocket will fit in quite well.

Reliving pressure when hiking is not that difficult with the mesh EVA pad as Shock Absorber. If you want to avoid digging into your muscles and skin, you’ll have to widen the shoulder straps on the backpack.

The three adjustable buckles that are on the S-shape shoulder strap will allow fitting of the length to have a more natural bearing.

The backpack can be divided into the main compartment and front pocket. The hidden pockets in the main compartment allow for easier sorting and organization of luggage. The zipper is hidden, and that makes the backpack look very simple. On the back of the backpack is Hydration access. You can fix the water bladder on the shoulder strap clip.


  • This pack is very light
  • It is a comfortable backpack
  • The sides feature excellent water holders


  • It does not have enough pockets
  • You can’t fill the bottom of the bag

Internal Frame Backpack:

2. Drakon Outdoors 40L Waterproof Go-Bag

If you’re the type looking for durability, a robust backpack with extra space, then the Drakon Outdoors 40L Waterproof Go-Bag is what you need. This backpack is from a provider associated with quality globally—so this is not any different from their other product.

The material from which the backpack is made is sturdy—and it is also light too. It then makes it an excellent choice for hunting, camping, hiking and a lot more. It comes with a lot of space, and that allows you to keep essential items. You can’t downplay while it is among the best when you talk about backpacks for an emergency kit.

Alongside the ample interior compartment, the exterior features six different compartments. What it means is that there is no need opening up the bag and dig through your belongings. It is simple as putting the things you need by the side.

Call it a user-friendly survival backpack, and you’d be right. It helps to keep stress and strain on your back and shoulder at bay—even with the extra compartments. You’ll get a warranty in case of any issue crops up, so they can fix it without any worry and keep you satisfied.


  • Built with durability
  • It has a huge storage capacity
  •  It helps to prevent fatigue because of its lightweight


  • It has short hydration sleeves

Hiking Daypack:

3. Snugpak Endurance 40L Backpack 

The Endurance is part of the 40L backpacks. It is manufactured using 600D Heavy Duty Nylon; it is durable and reliable with a waist strap for security while the adjustable shoulder strap is to give extra comfort, and it comes with more than 150 MOLLE attachment points.

Endurance 40L was designed using traditional military rucksacks.You’ll not need a waterproof liner with this backpack even though the pocket is the base of the bag. But it does need it. The 600d Heavy Duty Nylon material makes it waterproof in case you would be wading through the waters up to your neck or you’ll have to sit in the rain, then you might need a cover that can be bought separately.

The bag does not have a hiking pole or even an ice ax loops—but you can make them with ease on the Mollie webbing. For walking pole, you can used para cor and looped then loop around the top and bottom on the Molle. It will keep pole secure, and you can release them as quickly as possible.

The Molle strapping makes the bag adaptable for any situation. You can attach a tarp, tent, walking poles, and solar panels—or anything you need. The webbing gives you a lot of freedom for you to customize.

The two pockets that lie below the lid are perfect for papers, compass, and maps inside for safekeeping. One of the pockets features a transparent cover; that will allow you to see inside. It is better for the phone and electronics. It is so in case you need to open the lid to see what is inside while keeping the electrics from protection.

Aside from the lid, its lip will stretch to accommodate the size of the pack. That will prevent water from entering inside. If you’re not good at packing, this is made for you.

A universal point is available for you to use any bladder pack. The hole is bit small, but that is the case when it comes to so many bags. You can feed the tube via the main access point of the pack and also over your shoulder.

On the side of the pack, you’ll get two deep pockets, which are suitable for your bottles, tents or tripods. Again, there are two straps by the side for tightening and holding the kit in place—that ensures it is secure.

But you need to be careful so you do not over fasten it because it can tear. Even at that, you can fix it with ease.


  • This backpack is well-built
  • The cinch straps allow for more expansion
  • Bungees appear to be useful


  • It comes with no rain cover
  • By removing some molly webbings, your weight can be taken out

Hydration Pack:

4. BLACKHAWK Titan Hydration Pack

If you have done your homework about backpacks, you’d  have encountered the BLACKHAWK Titan Hydration Pack. It has a lot of positive reviews, and that is for different reasons—for features and quality. What else do you need in a 40 liter hiking backpack?

The Titan features a lot of pocket for storing various items. You’d get four sliders inside the main compartment—and it is quite large to fit a laptop, and large books.

The Titan is known to hold a few bladders (100 oz) with the compartment featuring extra pockets. You’d get three main compartments and a stash pocket for different gadgets—with plenty of mesh pockets.

If it is in full load, it is heavy—and that’s what you don’t want to see in a backpack. The straps will help you reduce the stress coming to your shoulders. The construction of the straps is perfect, and they come handy for relieving pressure on your shoulders, hips, and on your back. You’ll feel the weight but it will not cause any effect like body aches. You can access the pockets with convenience. The common problem with a large backpack is accessing its content. However, the Titan makes that so easy, and you can count on it.

The Titan is a full-featured backpack, but you can take out the chest strap, waist belt, and the pouches. Then you’ll end up with a more compact bag.

You will get enough space with the severally pockets and large compartments. In case you need more space or you need to organize your things in a better way, it so simple using this bag. The Titan features two pouches, so you can say it is compatible.

The Titan is produced using 100 denier nylon—this is the material for high-quality backpack and particularly for rugged use. But Titan takes it further, and the stitching is fortified. You need the Titan for hiking; you have nothing to worry about as it can be resist some bumps and hits.

The hydration system of the Blackhawk has been fortified using Microban antimicrobial treatment; The Titan is designed for heavy-duty hiking—and not only because it is large enough to take in your things.


  • It comes with a spacious compartment
  • The plenty of pocket helps in the organization
  • Get your drink purified with the antimicrobial treatment
  • Stitches will help prolong its lifespan
  • The Titan’s shoulder strap balances the weight of the backpack
  • You can get great value for money
  • You can attach extra pouches with ease


  •  If the backpack is full, you’ll struggle to carry the Titan
  •  It has no rain cover
  •  You may get drenched


Having the right backpack can make your adventure such an exciting one. And with the 40L backpack, you have a companion to move with you all the way. 

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