Best Ski Goggles Under $100

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Experience a combination of sophistication, style and protection all in one piece with the best ski goggle under $100 available in the market. Beyond reasonable doubts, ski goggles primarily protect your eyes while in motion. The wide view panoramic lens prevents fogs and high amount of breeze from coming in contact with the eyes. Ski goggles come with primary features such as replaceable/adjustable lens, magnetic lens feature, wide view, locking systems, and durable performance.

Selecting a ski goggle is very important and it can’t be overemphasized as it is via ski goggle users see their skiing destination; any error with the goggle may result into accidents or hurt. As such, it is quite important to note a couple of things before eventually selecting a ski goggle. This guide informs you of the best ski goggle available on the market.

Wildhorn Outfitters RocaHas an Aurora Lens TechnologyPRICING
COPOZZ G1Spherical Super Wide View Feature InclusivePRICING
Smith Optics I/0SIncludes an Anti-fog SystemPRICING
Dragon Alliance NFX2It has a 100% UV ProtectionPRICING
SPY Optic RaiderHas an Anti-scratch ProtectionPRICING

Adjustable feature: Primarily, ski goggles are prone to being used by different sizes of users, as such, the best goggle comes with adjustable feature. This adjustable feature enables various users to tighten or loosen the goggle to fit the taste of the user as well as preventing fall offs during skiing. Before purchasing, it is very important to take into consideration the adjustability of a skiing goggle before eventually buying.

Comfortability: As a potential user, ask yourself these questions, does the skiing goggle fit well? Does it fit the current trend and style? And most importantly is it comfortable? Be sure your skiing goggle doesn’t hitch, or hurt while in use. The reviewed list of the best ski goggles under 100 are very comfortable, easy to use and fits well

Durability: The durability of a skiing goggle is very important. i.e. it wouldn’t sound nice if a purchased product last for a couple of days before final spoilage. It is quite imperative to consider the quality of the materials used in order to ensure durability and longevity without compromising the dexterity of the product.

Clear lens: A primary function of a goggle is to aid vision. It should be noted that before considering purchase, be sure to check the dexterity of the lens before eventual purchase. One of the aims of this guide is to outline the best ski goggle under $100 with the best lens.  

1. Wildhorn Outfitters – Roca Snowboard and Ski Goggles

The Roca ski goggle is a product packed with premium features that is targeted towards giving users maximum protection. The goggle beyond reasonable doubt is one of the best that is sold at the price that it is.

The Aurora lens technology attached to the product gives an undistorted and maximum vision while skiing, also it a 100% UV protection. It has a changeable lens and clip locking feature which allows users to quickly and easy to adjust goggle for optimal vision performance under any lightening condition. The aurora lens is available in variety of colour finishes that is targeted towards giving users the best experience in almost any lightening condition. i.e it can be quickly customized and swapped to fit into any lightning condition.

It has a quick changeable magnetic lens system designed with a 6 rare earth N45 magnets and an integrated clip locking system. This magnetic feature ensures a super quick lens changing mechanism between in built lenses to ensure comfort and maximum fit. In a nut shell, the products key features include a wide view panoramic lens, a locking magnetic lens and a fully adjustable product.


  • Ability to change lens under 60 seconds
  • Has an Aurora lens technology
  • It is almost indestructible
  • Very comfortable and user friendly
  • Durable performance feature


  • Requires proper care to prevent lens contamination

2. COPOZZ – G1 OTG Snowboard and Ski Goggles

The Copozz G1 ski snowboard snow goggle is an outstanding product that has successfully left awe in the eyes of its users in time past and present times. The product features quite a lot of outstanding features targeted towards giving users the best experience while skiing.

The product has a lot of replacement lenses for various weather condition depending on what suits the user’s taste. It features an Italy imported anti-fog that prevents fog from accumulating right before your very face. The product has a UV protection lens which prevents intense and direct sunlight on the face. The product as an anti-slip and adjustable extra-long head strap that is compatible with the helmet. The spherical lens is based in human engineering that is capable of providing more than 180-degree clear view i.e an all the way skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

In addition, the product features a more solid and durable lens. Also, the OTG (over the glass) design lets users wear glasses under the goggles. It fits user’s glasses up to 5.5 inches wide and 1.65 inches tall. It has a great helmet compatible-silicone-backed non slip extra long widening with a high-density elastic strap that ensures that straps are properly put in place. It should be noted that the product doesn’t come with cheap small strap without silicone backing.


  • Interchangeable lens feature
  • Suitable for all weather
  • It is user friendly
  • Fashionable and fits well
  • Perfect fit for helmets
  • Spherical super wide view feature inclusive


  • Prone to destruction when it frequently comes in contact with oily stuff
  • Thorough and careful maintenance is required

3. Smith Optics – I/0S Goggles

The Smith Optics is one of the goggles making wave in the market place. It is one of the most credible, durable and quality material products that is highly recognized as one of the most ranking goggles. The product is comfortable and is made out of quality material.

I/OS Goggles has attracted awes from users and bystander alike due to the services it renders. The product doesn’t just have a name; everything about it compliments its quality state. The product is made with high quality material that is capable of making it last longer than any of its contemporaries. It has a rimes interchangeability feature designed specifically for smaller faces. It has fluid lines and revolutionary out rigger locking mechanism of the I/OS , the product is equipped with smith’s revolutionary new 5X anti-fog inner lens that effective prevent fog from accumulating on the surface.

The product in addition to its basic features, it has a quick release lens changing system which as well includes bright light, and a low light chromapop performance lenses. It includes it make up a spherical carbonic-x lens and also a 5X anti-fog inner lens. The TLT lens technology gives users a crystal-clear vision. It has a women medium fit feature which also makes the product suitable for women as well.

It should be noted that the product as a responsive frame design and a quick fit strap adjustment system with clip buckle, a 3-layer driwix face foam helmet which is ultra-wide and a silicone backed strap. Experience an outstanding skiing with the patented Porex filter which prevents optical distortion during changes in elevation. Also, the product includes a microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve as well as an interchangeable series. Are you desperate to have the best ski experience with a clear vision? Then, Smith Optics I/OS goggle is the best option.


  • It is made of quality material
  • Includes a patented Porex filter
  • It is user friendly
  • Can be used by anyone including women and children of age
  • Interchangeable feature
  • Includes an anti-fog system


  • Not suitable for motocross
  • It doesn’t come with a case

4. Dragon Alliance NFX2 Ski Goggles

Experience luxury, comfort and durability all in one piece with the dragon alliance NFX2 goggles. The product over the years have stood the test of time and rigorous usage. To a very large extent, review on this product so far has been positive.

The product is included as one of the top best ski goggles available on the market. It should be noted that the design of the product was made to specifically carry out its function without having to distort the comfortability of its users. Many users over time complain about some other ski goggle but never the Dragon Alliance due to its outstanding features embedded in it that makes it stand out amidst its contemporaries.

Dragon Alliance NFX2 is helmet-compatible and has a frameless and outstanding design. The product is a medium fit which includes the following feature: an armoured venting for added airflow which enables an effective cross ventilation, and a super anti-fog coating which enables users to see through thick fog under any circumstance. In addition, it has a triple layer face foam with hypoallergenic micro-fleece lining. Also, it has an adjustable back strap with silicone lining.

The product is 100% protected from UV radiation with a swift lock lens change system. In a nutshell, it basically includes the following feature; 6 bases injected, optically correct and has a cylindrical lens. The product measures a bridge of about 19mm, and a weight of about 5 oz.


  • It has a 100% UV protection
  • Dual cylindrical lens
  • Super anti-fog feature
  • Helmet is compatible with silicone strap backing
  • Has an armoured venting


  • It is made exclusively for men

5. SPY Optic – Raider Snow Goggles

The SPY Optic Raider is a ski goggle product with one of the best outlooks that matches it capability. Ensure you get yourself a sky optic raider goggle for maximum experience while skiing.

Over time, the product has withstood rigorous usage without fear of wears or tears, thanks to the quality material used in its making. Previous users have confirmed the effectiveness of this product which makes it more credible, reliable and altogether, amazing.

Raider Snow goggle has flexible frames which allows for ease of manoeuvrability and it features a flexible polyurethane make up. It features a patented scoop ventilation system which prevents fog from accumulating on the lens. It has an anti-fog cylindrical dual lens system with anti-scratch protection for maximum satisfaction and durability. The product has a triple layer isotron face foam with moisture wicking dri-force fleece. It has a silicone ribbed strap attached to it and it is a 100% protected from UV light radiation.

The product comes with extra mirrored lens and storage bag. The measurement includes an eye size of about: 91mm, bridge of about; 17mm and weight of about 4 oz. Experience an outstanding performance with the SPY Optic Raider Snow goggle.


  • As a triple layer isotron
  • Silicone ribbed strap
  • It is durable and made of quality material
  • Anti-fog system inclusive
  • Has an anti-scratch protection
  • Custom built from flexible polyurethane


  • Quite expensive compared to others


This guide has successfully reviewed the best ski goggles available in the market. So as to bring you a step  closer to buying a ski goggles which brings a great value for your money, we have painstakingly selected these out of thousands available out there.

It is understandable that as a buyer you have a variety of options to choose from, nonetheless, there’s difference between just choosing and choosing rightly. We have just simply broken the hassle for you. We are therefore certain that any pick from any of these is certain to bring the best and take your skiing to a whole new level.

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