The 6 Best Running Shirts For Marathon Of 2024

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Chances are that you have a closet full of those free $1 tees, so much that they can almost fill a load of a truck; but perhaps, you will only like to run in only a couple of them. So, it comes down to the common cliché: quality over quantity.

Having the ideal and the right running shirt for your marathon workouts is equally as important as your running boots. After all, it doesn’t get easy to enjoy the experience when your shirt is heavy on you both when dry and wet, soaked from your dripping sweat, or unnecessarily chafing. Stepping out to get the right running shirt perhaps highlights the fact that you very well recognize the difference the perfect one can make on your running experience. The great news is that the fabric technology in current times has been very well improved and they will probably make you chose a running shirt over a spacesuit.

We want to help you in your move to step up your marathon experience by purchasing the right running shirt. We have therefore created this guide of the best running shirts you will find in the market.

Under Armour ColdGearDouble Layer Fabric ConstructionPRICING
Under Armour ThreadborneAnti-odor MechanismPRICING
ASICS SystemThumbloop For Great ComfortPRICING
Salomon Fast Wing Mid MHalf Zip FeaturePRICING
Nike DF MilerUltraviolet Power Factor Of 40+PRICING
Nike PacerDri-Fit TechnologyPRICING

First, we present you with tips as to what to look for in a running shirt:

  • Material. The fabric material used in making a running shirt is of high impact. Cotton is good but they may not be perfect on tracks especially when the weather gets wet or when you get all sweaty -they tend to become heavy and dry very slowly. Might also shrink very much and often in your drier too. To cap things here, the best running shirts always track-ready will come with better fabric materials including elastane, nylon, or polyester. If you are looking to get a shirt that wicks away sweat/moisture very rapidly, select a mix of these materials but with a higher amount of nylon. If you are keen on extreme elasticity, go for spandex. Furthermore, when synthetic fabrics come with relaxed weaves that are not tightly closed, they are usually very breathable and may also offer some antimicrobial actions. Merino wools are great for the winter times as they wick moisture away quite easily and keep you well insulated. But again, your love for cotton wouldn’t submit, you can then go for a half-half blend of cotton and another waterproof material like such as polyester.
  • Style. If you take a keen look at most running tees, you will easily find that they are cut in such athletic fit different from your normal/regular workout tee. Thus, if you are looking for the right fit with a bit more space, needn’t you be afraid to try out a shirt with a size up. A quick tip is that a female athletic shirt will come differently with a narrow fit around the waist region which will be tapered. It will also have a shorter length.
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve? Talking about long sleeve tops, there are two essential factors to take not for -the thumbholes and the fitted cuffs. The new feature gaining popularity currently is the watch window in long sleeves. It allows you to check your watch without having to roll up your sleeves. When it comes to deciding necklines, it is a lot about personal preference. The debate over whether crew or V-neck is better settled by the kind of wear you intend to wear on or under the shirt. More so, you need to think about how much of your skin you are okay with exposing to the elements.

A quick tip: go for one that will make you look best with a race medal. Thank us later!

1. Under Armour ColdGear Compression Mock

When it comes to the Men’s athletic wear, the Under Armour knows just what’s best for every kinds of runner – whether you are just a regular or the diehard type. They are widely known for making reliable running shirts that serves well. This Men’s ColdGear is a long-sleeve running shirt built for performance, having been made out of polyester and elastane in the 87-13 % so as to offer you a blend of elasticity and durability.

It is designed with double layer fabric which comes with a brushed interior for better feel and is superbly warm. With the polyester external, it can dry just as fast as it gets wet. You will be particularly impressed with its four-directional stretch construction which allows it to stretch/move in any direction without breaking.

Furthermore, it offers an anti-odor mechanism which inhibits the development of microbes that might cause any odor whatsoever. It comes with a flat seam design and is completely chafe free. Altogether, it is a great buy and you can be sure to get a lot of value from it.


  • Wicks and dries out rapidly
  • Made of elastane and polyester
  • Double layer fabric construction
  • Chafe free
  • Flat seam design
  • Four-directional stretch construction


  • Not available in V-shape neckline

2. Under Armour Threadborne Streaker ¼ Zip 

The Men’s Threadborne Streaker is another incredible running shirt by Under Armour but with improved features. You will almost want to get your body into it at first sight. It is designed 100 percent other fibers and features zipper closure.

This incredible running shirt has been designed to keep sweat under and prevent chaffing especially around your neck region. More importantly, it ensures microorganisms that promote odor are well taken care of. Thanks to its anti-odor technology.

Dry the UnderArmour Threadbone isn’t going to be a hassle as it features a UA Microthread system. This technology designed into the shirt’s fabric is responsible for making the shirt dry very rapidly. It also helps prevent the fabric from clinging to you and allows it to stretch expansively without taking in sweat

It can be machine washed without risking any lost in the quality of the shirt over time. The maker ensured that the shirt’s logos are very reflective so that it can be easily seen from afar in a place where there are low light conditions.


  • Reflective logos
  • Fast dry
  • Chafe free
  • Anti-odor mechanism
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in many colors


  • Doesn’t seem to snug fit

3. ASICS System Long Sleeve Layer 2 Shirt

Whether you are in for a long track marathon or you’re just up for a morning training session, the ASICS  System shirt is certain to deliver to you. It incorporates new technologies that come with most high-end running shirts, all at a pocket friendly price. With this running shirt, you are ready to hit the tracks anytime of the day.

This running shirt is designed with 100 percent polyester, making it to be of good quality and waterproofing ability. It comes with a zoned thermal plate located at the chest region. This feature ensures you are delivered with added warmth especially when the weather is quite frosty or cold. The hem has been carefully designed for better ergonomics and improved coverage. This ensures the hems of the clothes especially around the neck region is well augmented for increased protection.

The ASICS Men’s System features a Thumbloop which comes as a perfect addition for improving comfort and ease. The front and chest secure pockets are great features for storage purposes.

It as well shows the ASICS logo in a reflective manner to aid visibility under conditions of low light.


  • Made of polyester
  • Chest pocket for storage
  • Thumbloop for great comfort
  • Reflective logo design of ASICS
  • Thermal plate on chest region


  • Limited color options

4. Salomon Fast Wing Mid M

Quality is never a thing of question when it comes to Salomon, it’s perhaps about how many do you want to buy? The Salomon Fast Wing is such an all in one kind of long-sleeved shirt that delivers all you need in a wear to build some memorable marathons. It wouldn’t edge on your speed and neither will it compromise your comfort as you break your records on the tracks.

When it comes to moisture control, you can depend on this Salomon running shirt. It layers closely on the body such that it can efficiently wick away any built up sweat from your skin. More so, it comes with a breathable fabric material which stretches as the body moves in order to align with your body. It features a half zip on the front to enable customized airflow into your body.

The Salomon Fast Wing features thumb holes which helps to keep the sleeves in place. The thickness of the shirt has been well considered for every kind of user. Whether you intend to wear it as a midlayer wear under a vest/jacket, or just alone, the shirt has got you covered. As it is 2 inches high and 11 inches wide, it is just the right one to go for every medium sized athlete.


  • Fits with your body as you move
  • Keeps you warm
  • Versatile -can be used alone or as a midlayer
  • Moderate thickness
  • Half zip feature for on-demand airflow


  • Comes in only one size (medium) and color (black)

5. Nike DF Miler Long Sleeve NFS Running Shirt

Nike is a phenomenon in the world of wears and almost everyone knows that. They are somewhat synonymous with quality, protection and style. With their Mens DF Miler running shirt, you have got all your doubts cleared. It is very great for all year round and also ideal for winter times because it will keep you warm. It is perfect for body builders too.

Designed from polyester, the Nike Mens DF comes as a huge upgrade to many out there. This also ensures it is sufficiently water resistant and doesn’t get wet easily. Breathability will also not be an issue, thanks to the polyester. Being a long sleeve yet it is perfect for any kind of weather. The neck style is crew and if you are big on having a crewneck running shirt, you have got Nike Mens DF as a great buy.

The fit of this running shirt is excellent, its Dri-Fit technology ensures you are kept dry and be as comfortable as possible without chaffing. It comes with an ultraviolet protection factor of over 40 which is an excellent feature that protects your body from the harmful rays from the sun. Considering the amount of the area of the body it covers and protects, it will be a good running shirt to get your hands on. More importantly, the shirt doesn’t come with any tag that may hider comfort, but instead, the label was screen printed.


  • Fully made of polyester
  • Crew style of neck
  • Dri-Fit technology for superior fit and dryness
  • Ultraviolet power factor of 40+
  • Nike Label


  • No extra athletic benefit

6. Nike Pacer Half-Zip Top

This is another high-performance running shirt from Nike which comes as a blend of style and optimum functionality. It comes in a different style from the Mens DF Miler but it sure delivers on its promises. It is made from polyester and this lends to its durable feel and superior breathability. So, you don’t get stuffed up on the inside and neither do you have to worry yourself out over quality.

It comes with a zipper closure extending just a few inches at the front. It allows for on-demand entrance of air into your body. It also comes with the Dri-Fit feature which promotes quick dry and allow you to stay comfortable while having the shirt on. It as well features thumbholes which is a great feature for having the sleeves in position and also providing appreciable level of warmth.

What more? The Nike Men’s Pacer running shirt is designed with a circular-knit kind of fabric which creates two layers of mesh in a bid to improve breathability as you cruise through the tracks. Its hem is a bit curvy and extends the coverage of the shirt to the down part of the bag for maximum protection on your body.


  • Dri-Fit technology
  • Superior breathability and quality
  • Thumbholes for placing sleeves in position
  • Quality fabric
  • Half-zip at the front
  • Slightly curved hem


  • Only small size available


Whether you are a regular or a hard-core athlete, with the above reviewed running shirt, your choice has been helped for the best. As we have narrowed down the best running shirts out there, nothing beats the confidence and dependency that these shirts offer you on the tracks. So, you are ready to take your marathon experience to a whole new level? Hurry now and make a pick and you will thank yourself for it.

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