Marmot vs. Arc’teryx – Which One Should You Choose?

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In the history of rain and winter jackets, there has never been a much better time to enjoy the splendor of technology chipped into building these amazing pieces of wear today. If you enjoy getting all the fun out there during the rainy cold months, you probably also know that it can be challenging to find the right wear to keep you warm and insulated in the cold weather. You are much more aware of the importance of having a good quality breathable and waterproof jacket which is also lightweight.

The Marmot and Arc’teryx brands are perhaps the leading manufacturers of these jackets. We have recognized the quality in their offerings and they are going to carry you through the wet days.

Marmot has been in operation since 1974 and it considers product, people and planet as their guiding mantra. Marmot invests in building product which not only meet the needs of users but also well adaptable to the environment. Arc’teryx on the other hand is a Canadian company and built on the belief that there is always a better way. The Arc’teryx is obsessed with building products based on needs with superior design and manufacturing.

Marmot FordhamComes With Many Pockets, Zippered Pockets TooPRICING
Marmot AzosIncredibly LightweightPRICING
Marmot Tullus HoodyHood Which Comes With Elastic BindingsPRICING
Arc'teryx Thorium AR HoodyDown Composite Mapping TechnologyPRICING
Arc'teryx Fission SVGore-Tex Material for Improved Protection and WarmthPRICING

Comparing these two brands along price, material, hood, and fitting, they certainly come in their differences:

  • This is certainly the deciding factor for many. Arc’teryx jackets are generally pricier than the Marmot. It is somewhat understandable to go for a jacket that saves money but the high prices of Arc’teryx comes with reasons- their quality, fit and performance are really great.
  • The building material of Arc’tery jackets is nylon while Marmot are built of polyester material. So, perhaps, we’d give it to Marmot in this regard because polyester sure takes a bigger portion of the cake when it comes to quality and performance. Polyester comes with better hydrophobic property than nylon and will do exquisitely better wherever nylon performs. Although nylon is more lightweight and softer, polyester dries quite quicker and holds well against abrasion.

Both Arc’teryx and Marmot comes with the Gore-Tex fabrics which is a good thing, however, Arc’teryx implements an improved 100 denier material which allows for better warmth.

  • Arc’teryx boasts of superior fitting and to a very large extent, they are well known for this. While Marmot are excellent too, their fit isn’t as good as that of the Arc’teryx as that balance between utility and excellent fit is still far apart. With Arc’teryx jackets, you can enjoy even greater mobility without compromising the jacket’s ability to layer.
  • You need a zipper that runs smoothly and doesn’t get stuck. Marmot features storm flaps on top of the zippers to ensure they don’t get wet. Arc’teryx incorporates WaterTight zippers which comes with RS sliders, they are incredibly waterproof and seamless to use.

With myriads of options out there in the market, finding the best choice of jackets can be really overwhelming and equally confusing. You can therefore count on this guide to simplify the process for you. So, you want to get your hands on the best rain and winter jacket out there? You have come to the right place. Here are the bestselling jackets from the two companies.


1. Marmot Fordham Jacket

Whether you are in for an all-time adventure onto the cold mountains or you are rocking the time out in the backcountry, you can depend on this jacket to protect you. The weather can be so harsh on those mountains, but with the Marmot Men’s Fordham, you have got the cold handled.

The Marmot Men’s Fordham comes with an exquisite 700 fill-power-down with Down Defender which offers you a superior level of warmth and resistance to moisture. This insulation coupled with the its outer cover which is waterproof provides a good blend of a high-protection double layer. This offers you an air-tight protection from the elements and whatever harshness the weather may present.

With the cold days come several rain drizzles and snows, so investing in this jacket is a great option as it comes with hood. Interestingly, the zip is detachable with its zip and you wouldn’t have problem fitting in the hood with the jacket.

The Men’s Fordham also comes with flap chest pockets, an improved feature which affords you plenty space to stuff in your small sized tools. Truth is only a small number of jackets out their feature pockets as fitting as these ones. The jacket also has hand pockets which can be tightly zipped to keep your valuable items.

The Marmot also come with a high-end hydrophilic seam, a perfect addition which allows for water repelling thus ensuring that internal moisture is kept minimal. This ultimately affords you a superior level of comfort no matter how cold it gets.


  • Offers great comfort and warmth
  • Down defender for moisture resistance
  • Comes with many pockets, zippered pockets too
  • Very superb insulation
  • Zip detachable hood
  • Comes with micro fleece internal cuffs


  • Quite tight around the collar

2. Marmot Azos Down Jackaet

This is another Marmot jacket which is of high performance and is very much up to the task. The Men’s Packable Azos Down Jacket is the one to go for if you are keen on getting a well stuffed jacket which is not only waterproof but will be able to keep you comfy while in the cold. Thanks to its 700-fill power with Down defender.

The Azos Down Jacket is built with lightweight down proof fabric. Its 700-fill power down with down defender is a good addition though may not compete very well with other jackets with 750-800 fill power down.

Another interesting feature is its warm hand pockets. They have been designed with this jacket in such a way that your hands stay warm for as long as you keep them in there. More fantastic is that the pockets are zippered and can be safely tightened up to keep your valuables.

Also, this Marmot features a wind flap at the back of the front zipper. You might wonder why that was added. It is to ensure no cold wind that goes through the zips gets inside your body. It equally ensures the heat/warmth on the inside stays trapped for as long as you are in the cold. That’s cool, right!


  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Elastic bound hem and cuffs
  • Can be machine washed but with cold water
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • Cannot be ironed or dry-cleaned
  • Doesn’t come with hood

3. Marmot Tullus Hoody Jacket

In the line of Marmot’s jackets, the Tullus Hoody Winter is one of the best and it loved by many. A quick peak into its functionality really did confirm this impression as it combines the power of a high-performance rain jacket with quality, comfort and warmth. With this Marmot Men’s Tullus Hoody, you can’t go wrong in the colds.

Whether you are testing out your board on the snows, or you are up for a ride in the backcountry, this jacket is trail and street ready. It is excellent for its lightweight, ability to hold well during wet conditions and its breathability.

It comes with a 100% top cire nylon which features a simplistic weave. This nylon material allows for a superior level of moisture repelling and ensures your jacket doesn’t smell after use. Although it comes with 600 fill power and may not be as functional as the 800 or 750 types, it yet performs exquisitely well.

The Marmot Tullus isn’t only great for outdoors alone but it will fit very well if you are looking to wear for casual purposes. It features a hood that has a very elastic binding which allows for a fantastic facial coverage.

Talking about the fit, it is more of the athletic types and a bit like the conventional ones out there. So, you can expect an exquisite level of form-fitting with the jacket and it layers well too. The hems and cuffs are made elastic in order to provide a dependable fit and keep out the chilled air.


  • Zippered hand pockets with great warmth
  • 100% quality nylon material
  • Good for the outdoor and casual outings
  • Hood which comes with elastic bindings


  • 600 fill power isn’t so good especially for extreme cold weathers


4. Arc’teryx Thorium AR Hoody Jacket

No doubt that Arc’teryx is the darling of many outdoor lovers and the reasons are not farfetched. This incredible jacket has been built for cold weathers and will hold superbly well even if the cold gets extreme and unbearable.  It is tough and comes with storage pockets as well as hood, yet it fits quite well into a stuff pack.

One fantastic thing about this Arc’teryx Thorium is that it combines both nylon and polyester in its design in a bid to improve warmth and protection from the cold weather. More so, it’s Down Composite Mapping feature helps to prevent the building up of moisture in some areas by implementing a Coreloft synthetic insulation. At joints where heat may leak out, the Down Composite Mapping takes care of them.

The hood of the Thorium is waterproof and built with a low-profile synthetic material for superior insulation. It comes with two protective hand pockets which are zippered and well concealed. Also designed with two internal pockets that are zippered.

It features a DWR construction which helps to repel moisture, an elastic cuff configuration, and a corded full front zipper. Grab the corded zipper easily and pull up or down without experiencing much noise.


  • Very resistant to wind
  • Well insulated and incredibly breathable
  • The hem drawcord is quality and adjustable
  • Offers regular fit and layers very well
  • Very compressible and will fit into a stuff pack
  • Down Composite Mapping technology


  • Quite bulky construction


5. Arc’teryx Fission SV Jacket

The Arc’teryx Fission SV is another high-performance jacket from Fission which delivers tons of benefits along with protection. It is waterproof, warm and perfect for wearing to the snow for skiing all through the seasons.

Arc’teryx Fission SV is designed with the Gore-Tex technology which lends to its waterproofing ability and warm protection. No matter how heavy the downpour or how wet it gets, this Gore-Tex helps the jacket to keep you dry.

It comes with outer layers which have been insulated and made waterproof to protect against the extreme cold and snow. It is also windproof and versatile for diverse activities you may want to engage in. It will hold well against severe weather conditions.

The hood of the Arc’teryx Fission is designed to be compatible with helmets. Impliedly, you can easily have the hood on while you protect your head with helmet in case of a ride or skiing on the snows. The seams of the jacket have been taped so as to ensure warmth retention and durability as well. It is designed with a collar flap and a chin guard which helps to drive away snows and cold wind in the neck region. The outer zippers have been designed to be air and watertight too.

You can expect a great fit from this jacket, thanks to its exquisite drawcords. The drawcords are strong and allows the fit of the jacket to be easily customizable to blend with the body very well. The jacket is indeed worth every penny you spend on it.


  • Gore-Tex material for improved protection and warmth
  • Taped seams
  • Full length zipper rundown
  • Perfect for extreme cold weather conditions
  • Strong and durable drawcords for customized fit
  • Helmet compatible hood


  • Price on the high side


With so many rain jackets in the market, it is somewhat easy to get it wrong. However, the best choice ultimately performs exquisitely well in the rainstorm, comes with a fantastic seam sealing, allows for easy entry, and is not short of being waterproof and breathable. With any of the above reviewed jackets, either Arc’teryx or Marmot, you have never been more ready to hit the trails. Hurry now and make your pick from this list, you will sure be grateful you did.

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