What Are The Best Running Shoes for Beginners?

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There’s no such thing as the ideal running shoe. When running is being talked about, a wide range of things come into play—your weight, your biomechanics, the surface you’re running on and the shape of your feet. This thus implies that no one shoe is ideal for every type of runner.

Brooks Levitate 2Versatile (Long or Short Runs)PRICING
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35Breathable and Delicate Dpper Mesh MaterialsPRICING
HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 2Long-lasting ComfortPRICING
Adidas UltraboostExtra Boost FoamPRICING
Nike Air Max 2017It is ComfortablePRICING

Comfort Support

This is something every ideal running shoe shares in common—comfort and cushioning. The correct cushioning also forestalls the destructive impact on your joints and knees.

Having a spring in your Step

For quite a long time, shoe brands have focused on enhancing the arch support; that is, the lightweight extension between the heel and the forefoot.

Hot on the heels

For support and to avert injury, the heel neckline, which forms the upper part of the shoe, is at significant angle for supporting the heel and also Achilles tendon.

1. Brooks Men’s Levitate 2

Made appearance almost two years ago, the Brooks Levitate was a different take on the conventional Polyurethane midsole type. When wore widely by brands during the ’80s, PU mid sole dropped off the perking order once lighter yet tough foams like the EVA came to limelight.

Polyurethane midsoles come with strength. They offer a lot of responsive padding and are sturdy as long as the PU foam isn’t harmed by hydrolysis or photolysis – exposure to dampness and light. You can now tell why the midsoles of vintage running shoes dropped like stale bread.

PU foams come heavy too; even extended types are not absolved. That is the motivation behind why shoes which use Boost and Everun weight north of 11-ounces.

The Levitate 2 utilizes a similar 8 mm drop midsole as the V1, which implies that there’s no adjustment in how the shoe rides. The upper is new. The midfoot and the heel get a lot of updates which influence the Levitate’s style and the fit.

So the DNA AMP padding tech did not depend on a single thickness material like the rest. Or maybe, it is a composite fabricated of two completely different elements. They both complement each other. The PU foam offers cushion while the external skin includes responsiveness by acting as a supportive structure.

A couple of updates made to the Levitate 2’s upper. There’s another heel development which replaces the luxurious, foam-filled neckline of the V1. Additionally, the midfoot never again has the high-thickness printing and comes with a cleaner stylish.

Fit-wise, the heel has changed a lot. The Levitate 2 makes use of a cushioned synthetic suede lining with a different cushioned ‘pod’ close to the top. The inside heel counter holds back before the Achilles plunge, so the top part moves uninhibitedly.


  • It is responsive
  • Versatile (long or short runs)
  • Well-built


  • It comes heavy
  • Poor lacing system
  • Fit is a problem

2. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoe

Versatility is the main reason why Nike Pegasus has been around for more than three decades. While the shoe did not come as an entry-level item, it was dependably an astounding generalist. And that’s why it’s so attractive.

One could depend on the Pegasus for everyday training runs and the intermittent long-distance race. On different days, you could channel your inward Carl Lewis and the Pegasus would at still live up to your desires.

Irrespective of the Pegasus version, the padding was neither too delicate nor excessively firm. The upper fit was as a rule in the sweet spot between limited and extensive. The ride quality had tolerable degrees of support for an unbiased trainer, and the shoe didn’t come much heavy.

Lastly, the Pegasus was indeed a sturdy shoe, subsequently extending your running shoe dollars more far-off than the rest.

Nike knows the shoe’s quality too well, and the brand has been smart not to disturb the shoe’s core persona. Without a doubt, there have been exceptional cases like the 1997 Pegasus with Max Air or the 1999 Pegasus’ racer, yet then this happened in the nineties so we’ll need to cut Nike some slack.

Nike has caused a few changes to the 35‘s external midsole structure. Past Pegasus models had an outer padded sole with a pressure edge running down the rearfoot.

Then again, the 35’s sidewalls are well balanced. Indeed, there’s a slight scoop on the outer padded sole yet that is more towards the midfoot. Along these lines, the new Pegasus has a ‘neutral’ ride character than a year ago. The sidewalls likewise have shaped edges which projects outwards and make the shoe supportive.


  • Considerable improvement in fit and lockdown when compared to Pegasus 34
  • Made from breathable and delicate upper mesh materials to upgrade stride
  • Characterized by the improved full-length Zoom Air padding which replaces the two-zone padding of the past models


  • Compression of the midsole after extensive use

3. HOKA ONE ONE Mens Arahi 2 Running Shoe

With the first version of the Arahi coming to the market in 2017, Hokas have never again been restricted to neutral runners, and, in like manner, the people who need stability shoes have not been confined to more seasoned, traditional brands. The Arahi 2’s primary improvement from the first model is a new and better breathable upper, while the rest of the shoe, including the innovative J-Frame midsole and reflective heel stays unaltered

The J-Frame midsole offers help for overpronators, which Hoka alludes to as “Dynamic Stability,” by utilizing firmer EVA foam to make a letter “J” that cups the heel and stretches out along within each shoe. This approach to stability is intended to guide a runner’s walk, as opposed to coercively dislodge it with a medial post seen in several other stability shoes. Another reward to the J-Frame midsole, as confirmed by wear-testers, is that the additional stability doesn’t come at the expense of Hoka’s eminent comfort and cushion.

Testers also delighted in this fashionable shoe’s on-trail traction on wet ground and stability, yet one tester said the midfoot felt too cozy. With everything taken into account, the Hoka One Arahi 2 is a perfect alternative for runners who love pad and need some strong direction to avert overabundance pronation.

The Arahi 2’s new upper not just looks easier and cleaner than the first Arahi, however, it also offers a unique performance advantage—expanded breathability, which means your foot will be more refreshing as you add on the miles. That improved breathability is partly because of fewer rubber overlays than the first Arahi, which means there is mesh that can breathe without limitation.


  • It features soft cushioning
  • Great stability-to-weight ratio
  • Long-lasting comfort


  • A bit clunky for lower volume feet

4. Adidas Men’s Ultraboost

Adidas UltraBOOST shoes have ruled the streets and the lanes and the catwalks for a couple of years. Presently, the main update to the brand took the world by storm–UltraBOOST 2019— makes it comfortable and springier. It does. I’m going to quit using caps for BOOST.

Most would agree that the first UltraBoost changed the world of running shoes. It is mix of fun Boost foam and a beautiful upper incited a flood of different brands taking up the recipe to make road-keen shoes that had the specialized hacks for long-distance running too. Perhaps it was the other way around: exceptional running shoes that also enticed devoted followers of the design. Whichever way, there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for Adidas Ultra Boost in its 2019 remix structure.

UltraBOOST Adidas bears it down to its constituent parts and disposed of anything it could, with the next version being produced using only 17 pieces. Of those 17, four are vital to the performance of the shoe, beginning with the Boost midsole.

There is 20% more Boost available in the midsole of the updated UltraBoost, which makes it responsive and presumably more durable. Adidas has included a new foam without expanding the heaviness of the shoe, which weighs in at 310g (men’s size 8.5).

Over the midsole, you have the Primeknit 360 upper, which is presently a full sock that wraps the foot and has focused areas where more help is given to keep the foot in place. The plastic midfoot enclosure has been taken off from the shoe as well and supplanted with a mesh that doesn’t irritate in the manner the enclosure does.

Built into the midsole of the shoe is Adidas’s Torsion System, which helps ensure a smooth transition from heel to toe when running, and at the back, you’ll find the updated heel counter. This is no longer a full piece of plastic, but instead a plastic-wrapped wireframe, which gives your heel room to expand upon landing into the gaps where plastic, previously restricted its movement. The idea is to add comfort while still providing stability around the heel.

Adidas’ Torsion System is incorporated with the midsole of the shoe and guarantees a smooth transition from heel to toe when running, and at the back, you’ll discover the upgraded heel counter. This is no more a full bit of plastic—but rather a plastic-wrapped wire outline, which gives your heel space to expand as it lands into the gaps where plastic recently confined its movement. The thought is to include comfort, while the heel still has stability.


  • Very comfortable
  • Extra Boost foam provides more bounce
  • The upper holds the foot together


  • Very heavy for short races and fast training
  • Very attractive on your feet

5. Nike Men’s Air Max 2017 Running Sneaker

Nike is ardent in mixing performance and lifestyle with each arrival of the Air Max series. The 2017 Nike Air Max is the same as it blossoms with its capacity to match the comfort, sufficient arch support, and crazy looks. Even though the cost won’t allow everybody to possess a pair; this should be one of those shoes that people will look to get their hands on.

Nike rolled out a few improvements in the flagship model of the Air Max series. In the 2017 Nike Air Max, the most noticeable change is by discarding the Flywire cable. The loop-to-the-laces innovation has been taken over by a conventional structure.

By taking away the Flywire lines, Nike rolled out specific improvements in midfoot to give perfect fit and backing. This shoe offers new shaped foam in the said territories. In place of the strings, the foams provide sufficient hold, support, and an increasingly comfortable feel.

Nike shaped Cushlon foam is available in the midsole to give better adaptability. As the Air Max unit is very thick, the versatility of the midsole foam provides somewhat more spring and balance.

Referred to as a life shoe as opposed to a “genuine” running shoe; the fit of the Nike Air Max 2017 is remarkably comfortable. It is an everyday shoe due to the generous fit that still gives adequate support and secured feel. The formed foam in the midfoot and heel provides a wraparound feel that is decent to the skin. It runs consistent with size.

The outsole of this product is essentially that of the previous version. It utilizes the plastic-like construction with endless little nubs put every way throughout the underfoot. The cores of the Waffle configuration give the necessary footing from an outsole of this sort. There are also several flex grooves that exist in the forefoot for flexibility.

The greatest attraction in the midsole and fundamentally the whole shoe is the full-length Air Max padding. It is made of Cushlon foam alongside Nike’s artistic gas innovation for shock-retaining combination. Over the Air Max padding is the standard Cushlon foam for more strength and responsiveness.

The new Flymesh upper is expected to give more structure as the 2017 Nike Air Max gets rid of the dependable Flywire cables. It is entirely breathable and has the correct mix of flexibility and immovability. Other than the formed foam in the midfoot and heel for foot-embracing support, there is also a halfway internal sleeve wrapping the foot like a glove. Nike leverages reflective components in the upper for low-visibility running.

The Nike Air Max 2017 cements the line’s tradition of blending lifestyle and performance with its cool, modern looks and also performing well on track.


  • It is comfortable.
  • It comes in various color blends


  • It is smaller than used to be
  • It is a bit narrower than the 2016 version
  • The new tongue causes a bit of tightness regardless if the laces are adjusted


You can never fully squeeze out all the benefits that come with getting the best running shoe especially when all out with the one that fits your eet perfectly. As a beginner with a lot of challenges to break through and hurdles to overcome, giving up may come quicker than expected if the wrong running shoe is used. As you set out to successively break your daily records, you will need to have a best fit running shoe which offers maximum comfort and keeps your feet gripped to the track without sliding away. Out of myriads of brands in the market, we have done the hard job by breaking the searching hassle for you. You can get comfortable with any of the above reviewed running shoes and be rest assured that you have done yourself good.

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