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Baselayers are important piece of clothing and plays a huge role in keeping moisture away from your body as well as regulating the body temperature. It comes as a big player in making your times in the cold mountains a memorable one.  It is every bit as crucial as your warmth jacket and you should therefore not take it with any form levity. As a matter of fact, it is almost as crucial as your ski bag –your ski bag may protect your gears perfectly well and keep them away from moisture, but your baselayer is your own body cover, your own next-to-skin.

If you are the type that also enjoy doing hiking, biking, camping outdoor, or even hunting, a baselayer will of course be a good piece to get for yourself. And yeah, you want to make sure you spend your bucks on specific clothing and fabric that are warm, soft and comfortable, and will also be up to the task of keeping you away from moisture.

Woolx Merino Wool Base LayerIt doesn’t SagPRICING
Minus33 Merino Wool Katmai ExpeditionInterlock Knit Design and Flatlock SeamsPRICING
Icebreaker Merino 260 Tech LeggingsVery BreathablePRICING
Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer 1/4 ZipFeatures Interlock Knit for Breathability and ComfortPRICING
Minus33 Merino Wool Trailblazer Midweight Wool Full Zip HoodySufficiently LightweightPRICING

In going for the right baselayer for your skiing adventure, it is advised that you stir clear of the types made from cotton. Cotton gets wet easily and the number one rule is to get something that doesn’t stay wet. Wools and polyesters are the best and common picks. As with polyesters, they are very cheaper and more durable than most wools but their downside is that they are not so comfortable or odor resistant.

We understand that picking the best while considering your budget, your usage purposes, may be a bit of hassle; therefore, we have simplified the list and come up with the best you will find out there. These have been painstakingly selected to bring much benefit and value for your money. In some cases, these base layers can be regarded as thermal underwear for men but all the same, this list below is exhaustive from different brands and we believe a pick from it will work just fine for you.

1. Woolx Men’s Merino Wool Base Layer Bottoms

Those who have been into using base layers for a while now will possibly be familiar with the Merino brand. Merino is a leading player in the wear industry and they have come up again with a big sensational baselayer for ski enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. The Woolx Men’s Merino Wool Base layer is one piece of clothing you definitely want to be with when you are up for ski. It is designed with a superbly warm base and specifically adapted for very cold temperatures. It is boasted to be able to keep you warm with its fully insulating ability even when wet.

The Woolx Men’s Merino Wool Base Layer is made out of wool fabric material and is furnished with antimicrobial capacity as well as moisture removal mechanism. In some cases, there, might be no avoiding the possibility of you sweating; this product will wick out moisture right away from your body therefore keeping you warm all day long without odor. Also, the fabric material of this base layer is incredibly soft and wouldn’t hitch your body even as you go on enjoying your skiing. What more? It is fully breathable. This doubles up as a great fit for other outdoor enthusiasts in activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing and lots more.

There are no exaggerations about the Woolx Men’s Merino Base Layer design –its top notch. Every bit of the product has been exquisitely designed for smartness, comfort, and warmth. It comes with a non-roll waist band which feels comfortable on you, wide bottom cuffs feature which helps to cut out riding up. Also, labels are kept out of the interior of the baselayer.  The last thing you want to experience during your activities is to bother about the fit of the base layer on you. This Woolx comes with thermal buttons which have been fashioned with a contoured seat so as to prevent irregular shifting of the pants while in action.

It is available in black and charcoal heather color, sizes ranging from small, medium to XXlarge.


  • Smart and superb design
  • Itch free and odorless
  • Can be washed with machine
  • Bottoms are very soft
  • 100% made of wool
  • It doesn’t sag


  • Quite pricey


2. Minus33 Merino Wool Men’s Katmai Expedition Bottom

The Minus33 is a proven base layer which is also from the Merino. This product is exquisitely designed to bring you the best amount of warmth even in the coldest days. With its fully wool based material, 400 g/m2 Interlock knit design and flatlock seams, you can expect to be kept considerably warm when the temperature plunges into coldest points. So, whether you are up high on the mountain or on sloppy terrains of an icy hill, you can throw on this superb insulating base layer and expect to stay toasty dry and warm all day long.

The Minus33 is 100% made of wool and boasts to be incredibly soft and very comfortable. We somehow don’t find this surprising as it is a product from Merino and their brand has of course stood the test of time. One of the advantages that come with the Minus33 as with many others is that it is machine washable and can also be dried with a machine. Wonder why most people would kill for this Merino wool? We found out its always around the fact that its versatility is unmatched and the warmth it provides is usually very huge.

With the Minus33, you don’t experience any form of scratching or itching that usually comes with adding traditional tags in the interior parts. The Minus33 is tagless and thus boosts your comfort levels whenever you ski down the snows.

It comes in different sizes of XS to 3XL. If you are the tall height type, you will definitely find your fit as it is also available in M-Tall to extra-large Tall. So, there is no worries over size and height as the manufacturers of this product takes care of that in the Minus33.


  • Superior insulating capacity
  • Interlock Knit design and flatlock seams
  • Wide range of sizes
  • 100% made of wool material


  • Seem quite heavy
  • Bottom part may stretch over time

3. Icebreaker Merino 260 Tech Leggings

The Icebreaker is yet another sensational piece of cold outdoor wear which is well designed with the user in mind. Considering the design and the versatility of this product, it competes well with other high end types and you would definitely get a great value for your money when you go for the Icebreaker. It is an outstanding leggings perfect for very frosty days on the mountain trails and hill tops. It is certain to give you an appreciable level of warmth on the cold mountains and is far lighter than many other base layers out there.

The Icebreaker like other Merino products is also built of 100% wool cloth material to achieve a superb level of softness, warmth and maximum breathability. It is odor resistant and exquisitely durable. One of the point of differences of the Icebreaker Merino 260 Tech is the gusseted construction feature of the bottom which affords you a wide range of motion. This thus allows you to stretch your legs as wide as you want without experiencing any form of tear at the bottom area. Furthermore, the elastic waistband is somewhat brushed and the tendencies of chaffing are totally removed with the flatlock stitching feature of the Icebreaker.

Another interesting feature of the icebreaker is that the pouch is finely contoured with functioning fly. With this in place, you need not worry about whether the piece will fit you just right or not. This special feature allows the Icebreaker to blend just right with the under arc of your bottom. More so, the fly is fully functional and you can safely use at appropriate times without breaking a sweat.

It is available in black or monsoon colors and ranges in size from small to XX-Large.


  • Very breathable
  • Functioning fly and contoured pouch
  • Offers superior level of mobility and comfortability
  • Gusseted construction feature
  • Smart design


  • Quite expensive and size not always as labelled

4. Smartwool Men’s Merino 250 Base Layer 1/4 Zip

Talking about base layer tops, the Smartwool distinguishes itself from the pack. Of a truth, you almost can never go wrong by using a baselayer manufactured from Merino wool. The Smartwool is one of a kind piece which is designed to keep you super warm, full dry, and extremely comfortable. It does this irrespective of how you wear, whether on top of another shirt or as a single layer.

What do you say of a baselayer top made from Merino wool, nylon and elastane? Amazing! Right! The Smartwool takes your outdoor skiing adventure to a whole new level. So, whether you stretch thin or wide, bend left or right, or even aim your skis in any direction as you slide down the slopes, you can always expect the Smartwool to stay as ever cool as cucumber. Its fabric materials are also aimed to extend the life of the Smartwool and keep it useful for as long as possible.

It features a zipper closure at the neck region so as to ensure your head passes just right whenever you try to wear. This of course saves you the hassle of forcefully pulling down the wear in a bid to make your heard fit through. To ensure your neck stays warm and that no cold makes it into your body through the neck, the collar of the shirt is raised high by 2-inches. In addition, the Smartwool is built with an interlock knit to ensure maximum breathability, comfort, and keep the body temperature exquisitely regulated.

The traditional zipper feature of the Smartwool is a great add on as it helps to not experience any form of discomfort all day long. Talking about comfortability of the product, the seam of the wear is designed with a flatlock construction so as to eliminate abrasion and drastically reduce chafing. With this in place, you can even wear the Smartwool under a jacket without feeling awkward at all.

Although the wear is somewhat heavy, its 100% Merino wool fabric of the Smartwool can be machine washed but under warm water and on a soft gentle cycle. It can also be machine dried but must be done on a low speed or spin level. It is also recommended by the manufacturers to not perform any bleaching on the bottoms.


  • Very comfortable and incredibly versatile
  • Features interlock knit for breathability and comfort
  • Made of wool, nylon, elastane to ensure longevity and durability
  • Traditional zipper and 2-inches high neck collar for on demand ventilation.
  • Naturally resists odor


  • Might develop holes quicker than expected

5. Minus33 Merino Wool Trailblazer Midweight Wool Full Zip Hoody

Yeah, trailblazers craft their own path on untrodden terrains; well, this Minus33 Merino Wool Trailblazer speaks for its name. It is just the right companion to keep you dry and in perfect shape as you take your skis up the mountain. It is one of the warmest base layers you will find out there. It is made of 100% Merino wool and is as such incredibly soft and cozy. It is important to note that Minus33 is a long time player in this wear industry and have been trusted as a brand for decades now.

The product is not heavy nor too light but somewhere in the middle; has quality inner and outer layer. The best part of it is that it can be washed and dried by a machine. Because it is very functional and introduces some added features for increased versatility, it is therefore an important of your skiing gears.

Talking about fitting and size, the product has been built into different sizes for varying categories of users. Another good thing about the Minus33 is that it comes with pockets unlike many other baselayer tops.


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Sufficiently lightweight
  • Comes with pockets


  • Price a little on the high side


There is no gainsaying about the impact of having the right wear for the cold weather condition of the mountains. As important as having the right bags and skis are, it is equally important to have the right ski wear for your adventure; you don’t want to get caught by cold or ruin any bit of your skiing experience. With the above reviewed baselayers, you can be sure you have the right pick to help you trap warmth, keep you toasty dry and all the same, offer the best value for your money. Grab one and get out there!

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