The Difference Between a Ski Jacket and a Winter Jacket

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You need a jacket to go through winter? That should not be a problem. But when you need a specific type of jacket, it is a different kettle of fish as a lot of factors will have to come to play. Finding the right jacket and the design will be paramount – even the color will be critical. There are plenty of information on different types of jackets, so whatever you want in a jacket can be researched, and you can make the right decision.

From lightweight jackets to down jackets, the types and styles are numerous – and it is necessary to know where the difference comes in among the options. This will undoubtedly help you in making the right purchase.

Descente TurbulanceBreath VentilationPRICING
Spyder Leader GORE-TEXGORE-TEX TechnologyPRICING
Arc'teryx Fission SVThe Corloft Synthetic Insulation is in Place for Arc’teryxPRICING
Marmot Guides Down HoodyThis Jacket is Perfect for Winter, Keeping Warm and DryPRICING

Ski Jacket

The ski jacket is self-explanatory. It is a jacket that is made for skiing and not for any other activity or event. This jacket insulates and protects you against the cold.

Let’s delve further for a detailed understanding.

Ski jackets are specifically for skiing, but sometimes people deploy them for snowboarding. That is not a problem if you’re a casual snowboarder or skier. We recommend that you wear the right attire for either of the sport.

The question now is – are there differences between a skiing and snowboarding jacket? Yes! You will soon understand them.

We need to first consider the sport which either of the jackets is meant for; then we can have a proper understanding of functionality and design of these jackets

Skiing is a sport that concentrates on agility and speed. For that reason, it requires that you wear clothing that allows you to move easily and quickly too.

You’ll need some level of insulation since it is a snow sport – it should also be breathable and resist the weather.

Winter Jackets

Let’s takes a closer look at winter jackets for better understanding.

Winter jacket comes in different designs. By the way, the term “winter jacket” is very general. The fundamental characteristic of winter jackets across the board is insulation, which should be at the back of your mind when buying any type.

When you consider the types in the market, look at it by category instead of design – the understanding of how a style works are better than the name.

For most generalized jacket label, categories that readily comes to mind are those for casual wear and those on performance, also referred to as technical jackets.

Ski jacket features a snug-fitting style and designed to be aerodynamic, offering you great freedom in motion—that is essential when skiing. These jackets are hip-length, which has attached the hood and can be stowed away underneath the collar.

On the flip side, winter jackets come in different length. You will find short and long designs – from parkas to bomber for your choice.

They appear bulkier than ski jacket – it may have a hood or not and usually removable. Some types of jackets feature fur trims on the hood which shields the face and give a look a different style.

1. Descente Men’s Turbulance Ski Jacket

The Descente Men’s Turbulance jacket has a lot of features that you’ll love. This jacket is a semi-technical hard-shell, and it comes at a great price. It is a perfect shell for the skier that is on a slim budget but requires some decent tech in between.

The Turbulance jacket takes on all elements without feeling too heavy. You’ll get great comfort and excellent movement through the Descente’s proprietary 3D design. Enjoy great warmth with the Heat Navi insulation as it reflects heat toward the body. You’ll be able to stand against any weather with the help of the removable and adjustable hood. So get ready for anything with the Turbulance Jacket.

It is perfectly made for the skier that wants to command excellent performance from start to finish. The Motion 3D technology will assume the movement that your body wants to make.

If you’re a serious skier, this may be the right fit for you. It also comes handy for those that may experience some certain amount of wet weather when they go on an adventure, but not so much rain.

This jacket brings breathability to a certain level, and you can use this as a backcountry jacket—or better still, for hiking to some challenging terrain. It may not match up with Gore-Pro, but it is a decent jacket (as regards breathability) when compared with some entry-level jackets

Are you searching for a ski jacket? You might just have found one. Descente Men’s Turbulance jacket has all you need; when you part with your cash, be sure you’re getting value. It will not be found wanting in some of the harshest environments that you can think of.


  • It features a waist for the perfect fit
  • Waterproof Zips
  • It comes with removable hood
  • Breath Ventilation


  • You’ll not get gram amounts when it comes to insulation

2. Spyder Men’s Leader GORE-TEX Snow Sport Jacket

In the ski apparel circles, Gore-Tex rears its heads. Spyder is leading the march at the ski apparel technology. They incorporated a technology innovation into one of their jackets—which is also among their fans favorites. This is loved by many.

The Spyder Leader jacket can be considered an amazing jacket to get one’s hands on. The longer it stays, the better it gets. When you look at the Spyder line for several years, the Leader Jacket has continued to take the frontlines for ski jacket design in the industry.

The Leader has continued to remain the Spyder best-selling jacket and lead the pack. It is the first to leverage the GORE-TEX fabric to increase the element-fighting capabilities and take it to a whole new level.

How does adding GORE-TEX to Spyder Leader jacket be of advantage to you? The truth is there is a significant bump in waterproofing and breathability abilities. The waterproofing and breathability of the 2018 Leader Jacket have a rating of 20k/20k. But the 2019 version features 28/25k raring.

This upgrade is quite noticeable. The 20k/20k come perfect, but the 28k waterproofing is part of the best in the market. The breathability of the 25k gives rise to maximum evaporation of sweat and water.

The weatherproofing of this sort comes handy to take off what Mother Nature brings to the table. Whether you want to go high up in the mountain or you’re a resort skier, you have got a great companion in Spyder Leader jacket.

Using the power of GORE-TEX, staying dry is no problem. You can be confident all through your adventure of keeping cold or moisture away – regardless of what the weather report says. To make it all complete, consider the Leader’s windproof and total weather protection for any kind of circumstance.


  • Fantastic jackets
  • GORE-TEX technology
  • It comes with a perfect fit


  • The jacket has problematic zippers

3. Arc’teryx Fission SV Jacket Men’s

The Arc’teryx has the Fission SV as one of the most jackets considered to be breathable. Only a few jackets out there can keep you warm and protected from winds – yet still keeps you great-looking. If you’re searching for a winter jacket to keep you warm and can stand alone regardless of the harsh weather conditions. You can go for it for an experience of what it looks like.

If you don’t know, this jacket is regarded as one that is expedition warm – and the reasons are right. Whatever you throw at it, the Fission absorbs it – cold wind, rain, etc. The name gives a perfect explanation to it – Fission is for insulated windproof and waterproof outer layers. The SV of the Arc’teryx’s protects against severe weather, providing exceptional warmth.

The Fission SV comes with some benefits and selling points.

Arc’teryx’s Expedition fit is the fit of the jacket. The Expedition fit is designed for protection against winter as well as other extreme weather conditions. It features more massive cut than you would typically expect, allowing you to layer under it with ease without any restriction in movement. The layers keep you warm than ever—which is the different thickness of the fabric.

It is the most extensive cut of this brand, and you can wear a base layer with ease alongside multiple mid layers under this jacket. Again the Expedition cut is overly more extended and features a drop back hem that is perfect for seat coverage.

The Fission SV offers of e3D patterning – Ergonomic  3-Dimensional patterning. This design brings in another level when it comes to articulation for the person wearing it. It is made for winter sports and various activities that need unencumbered movement. The jacket is also water-resistant and has a little seam allowance.

The jacket’s drawcords are one-hand adjustable, and it will not loosen up as you go from one place to another. The drawcords can be found on the hood and the waist. The jacket’s cuffs with the hoody come with Velcro adjustments which will withstand repeat wear and will never catch on other gear or the environment. The chin guard and the hood are soft and comfort.


  • The Corloft Synthetic insulation is in place for Arc’teryx
  • It has superior compressibility
  • Its design is such that it can take on wet weather and high wind


  • The jacket has sharp Velcro cuffs which may degrade it when you dip your hands in the pocket
  • It is difficult grabbing the plastic zippers pull with gloves, and it is prone to breakage

4. Marmot Guides Down Hoody Men’s Winter Jacket, Fill Power 700

During cold weather so much that skier flees the resorts, the Marmot Men’s Guides Hooded Down jacket comes to the picture – you put it on and enjoy the winter solitude. The jacket keeps you toasty on those chilly chairlifts, all thanks to the 700-fill down insulation.

The insulation will retain its loft with the help of the Down Defender treatment so you can be warm even if it gets wet. Polyester ripstop adds to warmth with durability, and will not allow feathers poke out. The exterior and interior come with a water-resistant coating so you can be protected when the worst of weather comes.

This jacket is made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane. The benefits that the jacket brings to the table are in their numbers. As a serious skier, you’ll fall in love with this jacket that provides warmth and coziness. Everybody wants their jacket to deliver on all fronts.

As discussed earlier, the Down Defender does an excellent job with insulation, preventing moisture every step of the way. It may interest you that the jacket is very versatile – it works perfectly as a casual jacket yet as sportswear. You can only embrace it with both hands.

Its resistant to water makes it suitable for different weather condition. On a wet and cold day, it keeps you warm and dry; even when the condition is windy, the jacket does a great job at insulating you from the element.

It features three inner pockets and outer ones too. You can adjust the sleeve cuffs using the Velcro, while you adjust the hood via the drawstrings. It comes in seven color option – Cobalt Blue, Black, Slate grey, Jet Black, Team Red, Blue Sapphire and True Blue.


  • This jacket is perfect for winter, keeping warm and dry
  • It is one of the best jackets in the market


  • It is not entirely fit for subzero temp


With all said and written, there are a lot of benefits that come with the above reviewed products. They come in their shapes and sizes, and are part of the bests in the market. One thing about these jackets is that, once you get a hold of your right taste and fit, you will always go back buying. This list is certain to help you narrow down your choices and bring you a lot closer to experiencing full blown level of awesomeness in your winter experience.

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