Sizing For Snowboard Bindings – Everything You Need to Know

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Snowboard binding are might be just as important as your snowboard itself as it serves as the crucial link between you and the snowboard. How they prove invaluable to your snowboarding experience is to collect and transfer the energy released to them from your muscles right into the snowboard so as to control it on where to go. So, the effectiveness of that energy flow is well dependent on whether or not you get the perfect size of snowboard bindings.

Want to have an interesting moment on the hills and mountains? You have got to get the balance point for your riding pattern and your snowboard bindings. Impliedly, you need to know the best fit snowboard binding for you. In going for a choice of snowboard bindings, they have to be the best fit for your board and also the perfect match for your boots.

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Types of Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings can broadly be categorized into three including Freeride, All-Mountain, and Freestyle. The recommended flex and use rating indicated for a snowboard binding will go cooperatively with each other, thus the need for you to be abreast of your riding pattern and your power level before making a choice of snowboard bindings to go for. For instance, if you are just starting out or you are the all-mountain rider, you should consider a binding that comes with an average flex because they will offer an incredible level of versatility. Expert riders will go for the soft and rigid types as they offer the rider a choice of either a rigidly stiff binding for swift control in rough terrains or soft binding to enjoy riding on a freestyle level.

Boot To Binding Compatibility

In order to ascertain the compatibility of your boots to the bindings, there is need for you to check out the sizing chart directly from the manufacturers of the bindings. Snowboard bindings are in different dimensions and getting the perfect fit for your boot size is important in order for the bindings to work properly. If the bindings fall short of the size of your boots, they wouldn’t connect and safeguard your feet properly and if the bindings seem larger than your shoe size, you can expect a low performance board response and control.

Fitting Your Bindings

Just before you set out, it is important for you to know your way around fitting your boots into the bindings without breaking a sweat. Bindings are manufactured to work with varying sizes of boot brands, thus, you will need to know how to adjust the bindings such that it fits just fine. With some bindings, you may need one or a couple of tools to perform any adjustment while some others have no-tool adjustment feature.

The most pivotal areas that will need adjustment when fine-tuning the size of your bindings are the toe straps and the ankle straps. Try to adjust the ankle and toe straps such that they sit over your boot at the center. This is done so as to attain balance and remove any jagged pressure on any part of your feet. Adjusting the straps to the center of your boot will also help maintain equilibrium energy distribution within the board and your feet so as to promote prompt coordination and reduce fatigue.

There are a number of snowboard bindings out there and making the right choice can be a lot of work. Different brands with diverse claims on their products but as we all know; the reverse is usually the case in most times. To save you from this kind of pitfall, we have designed this list to present to you the best you can depend on to serve you all through your time on the snow.

1. Flow Alpha MTN Snowboard Bindings

This comes as a bestselling snowboard binding from Flow and it is such an incredible snowboarding tool recognized for its ease of use. The Flow Alpha MTN Snowboarding Bindings offers an incredible ease of adjustment coupled with high performance functionality. With this pair of bindings, you can never go wrong on the snows.

It is designed with the company’s patented rear entry system which makes the tightening and adjustment of the straps a walk in the park. The padded footbeds and hibacks along with its upgraded LSR ratchets allows for unmatched comfortability and seamless adjustment of the snowboard bindings without breaking a sweat.

The baseplate of the Flow Alpha has been designed to transfer energy from your legs straight into the board, all in a successive manner without leaking out response time. It achieves this by reducing contact area with the board and this helps your board to experience unrestraint flex.

Medium fits boots size 7 to 9, Large fits boot size 9 to 11 and XLarge fits boot sizes of 11 to 14.


  • Superior fit adjustment
  • EVO padded hibacks and footbeds for comfort
  • All mountain flex and design
  • Back entry design


  • Not available in small sizes

2. SALOMON Rhythm Snowboard Bindings

The Salomon Rhythm Snowboard Bindings is a good representation of how innovative the Salomon is as a big player in outdoor snow gears. This incredible binding is one of the best which offers a blend of durability and flexibility. It is ideal for both men and women beginners as they are easy to wear on and off your feet.

It is designed with a very durable zone base plate made up of 30 percent composite materials. It also comes with a locked in toe strap so as to ensure the bindings stay fit on your legs. The EVA padded and canted footbed offers enough comfortability, composite buckle for superior fastening. The bindings are tool free adjustable and you can customize to your taste without using any tool.

Other features of the Salomon Rhythm include ADJ toe ramp, Universal disc compatibility, 3D supreme Anke strap and HB filter, all in one piece to provide you the best snowboarding experience on snow.  The flex is soft or medium and are built for all-mountain usage.


  • Very durable and flexible
  • High performance footbed
  • EVA padded
  • Composite buckle for firm fastening


  • Only available in large size
  • No color options

3. Nitro Rythm Snowboard Bindings – Women’s

The Nitro Rhythm Snowboard Bindings takes your time on the snowboard to a whole new level with a combination of its progress centered technology and poise. It is the right fit for women who are looking to step up their games in the snow and reinforce their domination on the mountains. This comes as one of the best bindings from Nitro which has been specifically geared towards offering incredible touch of lightweight ability and comfort.

It features an A-Frame base designed for authentic footing on the snowboard, a fit ankle strap to keep your fit locked in the bindings for superior transfer of energy to your board. The ankle strap is super durable and comes with up to 25 percent foam mass, strong piping surrounding the edges and also an internal 3D spine to achieve an excellent fit.

The EVA paddings on the bindings are of great quality and really sure help to keep your feet comfortable without losing energy to friction. The EVA padding also works well in dampening vibration that might obstruct your control and also serves as a shock absorber in case you make hard drops or landings. Its aluminum speed wheel buckles allow you to perform precise carvings and tweaking with all dose of confidence within you. So you can feel secured whenever you feel or the need arise to stretch beyond your limits.

Talking about the straps, they are well built to offer great comfort and unmatched support for your feet. It does not matter whether you want the toe strap to run on the front or above your boot, you will sure find the toe strap fitting on any boot you choose.


  • Well-padded for comfort and safety
  • Incredibly durable ankle straps
  • Lightweight
  • Provides great footing


  • Meant only for women

4. Union Binding Company Force Snowboard Bindings

Chances are that you might have come across the Union Force or you have probably seen them on some of your favorite snowboarders. The reports about this incredible pair of bindings about its performance and service are true. The Union Force has become one of the best brands when it comes to snowboard bindings and they are the hard worker of this industry. True time, and again, they have proven that they are here to stay.  Considering the money to value ratio and the overall performance of this bindings, the Union Men’s Force are definitely designed for the consistently hard rider that is all out in all winters pushing to break limits, yet without spending too much.

The Union Force is also great for riders in search of bindings for running the back country or groomed trails which also offers a very good response. The Union Men’s Force comes with the extruded aluminum 3-dimensional heelcups which eliminates as much as possible excess material in the heelcup for weight reduction while keeping up on a dependable strength. This also helps to reinforce the bindings with an increased strength to your feet. Along with this heelcup is an adjustment feature which helps to cut down any drag on the heel or toe by seamlessly loosening or tightening the screws and then sliding into place.

The Union Force comes with a stage IV duraflex ST base which offers a bump-free and responsive experience while on the ride. It stays responsive and maintains a high performance even at varying temperatures.

Stage IV Duraflex ST Baseplate – Blended to provide a smooth and responsive ride, Duraflex ST Nylon retains this intended performance in a broad range of temperatures. Furthermore, its Multi Density Thermoformed EVA bushings is a great feature of the Union Men’s Force which helps to stifle vibrations from below the feet to ensure a smooth and incredibly responsive ride on the board. With each binding size features a durometer to achieve custom execution.


  • Durable and super lightweight
  • Adjustable heelcups
  • Superior Multi density paddings for great comfort
  • Duraflex ST baseplate
  • Very responsive


  • Available only for men
  • For only medium size

5. Flux PR Snowboard Bindings

The Flux PR is a budget friendly snowboard bindings which offers a blend of versatility and performance. It is cherished by most skiers becomes of the range of adjustability it offers especially on the toe cushion. It is designed with a couple of features which gives credence to its versatility and assurance of giving you the best without compromising performance.

It comes with a micro adjuster which helps to seamlessly adjust the forward lean, a F-Tech Asym on the highback which is an incredibly soft external flex and stiffer internal flex which allows for improved response. It also features an incredibly Tough Nylon which is mix of fiber and designed with a medium flex. You can easily adjust the Toe Cushion of the Flux PR even on the fly, the good thing about that is that you do not need any additional tool.

Furthermore, the Flux PR is built with a UU Fit feature which helps to level out any built up pressure in order to provide a superior hold and a relaxed feel for your feet. In addition, it comes with a F-Tech 3-Dimensional Fit Strap that helps keep your boot locked in comfortably into the bindings. Its Alpha Racket buckle is incredibly lightweight and it allows for adjustment even when your fingers seem to be froze, thanks to the enlarged angles of its lever.


  • F-Tech Asym highback
  • UU Fit feature
  • 2.5 degree Micro Adjuster
  • Very comfortable and durable


  • Low effective shock absorption


With the any of the above reviewed bindings, you can be confident you have got a great pick to grace your snowboarding experience. For such an interesting outdoor activity, your legs are your greatest asset and they have to be in the right company. We understand this and that is why these bindings were precisely and purposely selected and not by random picks. Hurry now and get one before setting out for the snows.

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