Best Budget Bike Computers Of 2024

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Keeping fit doesn’t come easy and a bunch of cyclists out there know this already. While trying to do some riding on your bike, it dawns on you that there is a need to keep track of your daily activities. The distance travelled or time expended to reach your destination is important; even the average speed maintained on a specific ride to reaches a destination before time.

A handful of cyclists would want to know their health condition like their heart rate and the number of calories they have burnt. You can meet all of these needs by using a smart and reliable bike computer.

With GPS-enabled bike computers, you can pick up signals from a network of satellites orbiting the earth at an altitude of about 20,000km. The Global Positioning System satellites utilize atomic clock in transmitting time and position in a unique way. Then the GPS receiver uses the signals coming from the satellite and work out position to be within five meters. We understand that making a best purchasing decision can be difficult especially in the face of myriads of bike computer models in the market. We have therefore designed this guide to help you get through the purchase hurdle and yet get the best value for your money.

iGPSPORT iGS50EAll Functions Work As DesignedPRICING
Bryton Rider 10Well ProtectedPRICING
CatEye StradaDetachable Fabric HR SensorPRICING
Sigma BC 16.16 STSPower Saving FeaturePRICING
Trail Tech VaporSuperior Digital GaugePRICING

Features of a Standard Bike Computer


This is measured using a magnet/sensor combo which is attached to the chainstay and pedal crank. However, heart rate and power need dedicate sensors. It is essential so you can pedal as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Heart rate monitors 

They look like wristwatches—others like chest-strap types. These types usually provide more accuracy, and they’re less likely to let go of signals when it becomes tough.

Power meters 

The equipment is highly expensive. Some cost so much that is no within reach of the common man. It helps to measure how much power you’re exerting and comes in different types—cranks, pedals, or hubs.

The benefits of having these bike computers are innumerable. So getting them might do you and your health a lot of good.

So, if you’re seeking for the best budget bike computer to go for, you have come to the right place.

1. iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer Big Screen with ANT+ Function iGS50E Wireless Cycle Computer Waterproof

It is quite uncommon to see a cyclist riding a bike without a bike computer on the handlebars. With a cycle computer, you will enrich your ride to keep a record of places you have been, the time you ride and how fast you move in speed. iGPSPORT iGS50E Bluetooth Wireless GPS Cycling Computer comes handy in a precise positioning system, including ANT+ functions; you will be impacted with a better experience.

One of the features are GPS Rapid Positioning that gives you five-second fast positioning and provides instant time, location and speed.

Another feature is Real-time data where speed, average speed, max speed, trip time, time, altitude, calorie, gradient, temperature, lap display are provided. Sensors must be compatible with ANT+ sensors where speed, heart rate and cadence are measurable.

For motion detection feature, it allows to go into static sleep or wake up by the millisecond detection motion. This amazing bike computer comes with a battery time of close to 40 hours, and it is perfect for outdoor uses. It provides over 200 hours of data storage and displays in metric or imperial units. It comes in a 2.2 inches anti-glare LED screen. The screen is visible when in sunlight; it is essential to read the value.

It provides support for analyzing activities as it is uploaded into iGPSPORT App through Bluetooth.

The IP Code that comes with this bike computer comprises of the letters IP coupled with two digits as well as an optional letter. According to international standard IEC 60529, it helps to provide classification for the degree of protection  against intruding on solid objects—including the body part like fingers and the hands—accidental contact, dust, and water in an electrical compact.


  • The price is perfect. The computer works optimally and has several customization screens that will be beneficial
  • All functions work as designed


  • The instructions and online material are not rich or directive enough
  • The equipment only uses the metric system

2. Bryton Rider 10 GPS Cycling Computer

The Bryton Rider 10 GPS Cycling Computer is a complete game changer for all beginners and intermediate cyclists. The manufacturers of this bike computer are getting deeply into the sport arena and want to start analyzing and letting others know about their achievements.

Push aside the fancy, big and expensive GPS cycling computers, if you’re serious about tracking your ride every step of the way and viewing the important numbers, therefore, never allow the new Bryton Rider 10 to slip through your finger.

You can get for yourself a GPS cycling computer that is capable of tracking 28 functions, as well as incline, excluding power. It is perfect using it with Bluetooth sensors, and the Bluetooth used for smartphone pairing for uploading your route and data. Right from the app, the info is available; let it auto-sync with Strava. As from early May, it will be available in white or black colors. If you need to add guidance or want to see power data, you will get it with this app.

The Cadence sensor stands on the crank. It is a simple strap onto the crank arm in seconds; it enables it to be transferred from one bike to another. If you’re using it indoors on a trainer, it can be attached on the rear.


  • It is user-friendly and simple to use
  • The packaging is small, but it is well protected


  • It comes with poor instruction and required long trials
  • It does not have total trip cadence and a maximum gradient

3. CatEye Strada Digital Wireless Bicycle Computer w/Speed/Heart Rate – CC-RD420DW

Simplicity combined with reliability can be provided with heart rate monitor—all of that is available with CatEye Strada. With the Strada Digital Wireless, you get simple functionality when riding with digital technology and also heart measurement. The established 2.4- GHz speed as well as pulse sensors allows the Strada to transmit without any failures and offer an automatic bike recognition. That way, every bit of kilometers are accounted for on and off the road.

The new pulse sensor is extremely pleasant; all of this is made possible by the new textile chest strap. Asides that, the standard properties of the computer provide for a digital and wireless battery status display for this equipment. If you want to upgrade Cat Eye Strada CC-RD 420 DW, you can do that with an ISC-10 cadence sensor.

The CatEye Strada Wireless employs a rear wheel sensor for tracking and to display current maximum speeds—even average speeds too. It features a built-in clock to help keep track of time with an auto stop technology to take care of accuracy. The equipment has seven basic functions. It has a great battery life which is estimated to be one year; it is also waterproof.

The detachable fabric HR sensor is created for extra comfort better than the traditional chest straps out there. In combination with standard cycling functions, the Strada Digital Wireless come with low battery alarm for the sensor and the computer head. It can be upgraded to become triple wireless all thanks to the newly designed digital speed/cadence sensor. Some of the functions that comes with this bike computer current/average/maximum speed, current heart rate (optional), current cadence, total distance, trip distance 1 & 2, elapsed time and clock.

The Strada comes with 2.4GHz digital wireless and it is upgradable to become triple wireless, including the optional heart rate sensor. Its 2.4GHz digital speed sensor is perfectly fit to work from front & rear wheel. It features automatic 2nd bike recognition (that’s the sensor and tire size), pace arrow, auto start/stop, sensor battery alarm, programmable display, menu screen, programmable odometer, and flexi universal bracket.


  • Its functionality is great and exquisite
  • Detachable fabric HR sensor
  • Upgradable 2.4GHz digital wireless
  • It is affordable


  • The time setup is terrible
  • It comes with tiny buttons

4. Sigma BC 16.16 STS Wireless Bike Computer

Sigma BC 16.16 STS Wireless Bike Computer offers essential information for serious riders and commuters. With the new ETA function, you can calculate how much time is required to get to your desired destination. Again, every mile ridden is converted to fuel savings.

It is possible to communicate with your BC16.16 STS computer using the fee SIGMA LINK app alongside the NFC technology available on your Android smartphone.

The BC 16.12 STS is provided with an STS speed transmitter. You can separately purchase the STS cadence transmitter or like a kit through the BC 16.16 STS CAD.

The range of the wireless transmission is 90 cm and is perfect for front and most rear wheel installations.

The great features of the BC 16.16 are shown through some graphical details on the large dot matrix display. Again, the BC 16.16 STS come with the ETA display and fuel economy as provided in the STS CAD variant through cadence functions.

The timer on the BC 16.16 is top-notch. It allows you to view the time left off your destination as said earlier. ETA display of the BC 16.16 will go to work to calculate the required time or distance left. So that will allow you to know if you’re on time or not.

With the fuel-saving features, you’ll know exactly how much liters of fuel you used up on the same route using your car. You can equally configure the average consumption of your vehicle using the settings.

With the BC 16.16 STS, you can get the entire statistic for twelve months. The “Workout Diary” allow you to compare your activities every month.

Its power saving feature is also one of the things likable about this bike computer. The device will go into sleep after five minutes of inactivity, and after five more minutes, it goes into power save mode. It helps to reduce power consumption and also helps in ensuring longer battery life. When movement is detected using the integrated accelerometer, bike consumption is active again and ready to be used.


  • Installing it is easy
  • Power saving feature
  • The functionality is great, and the product is well priced
  • It is of good quality


  • It is highly unreliable

5. Trail Tech 752-4015 Black Vapor Stealth Computer

You can now have the Trail Tech Vapor in stealth Black. It is big enough replacing an entire instrument cluster on your dashboard. Speed, distance and tach are well covered by the Vapor. The Vapor works like a motorcycle speedometer, ATV speedometer, or side by side utility vehicle—in fact, like any machine that has a wheel. It is easy reading the large digital tachometer bar graph.

The digital gauge is also responsible for keeping the time, resettable distance, engine temperature and odometer. The Tachometer shifts and the temperature light takes care of giving out a signal about likely mechanical problems with plenty of time to react. Having an in-built stopwatch combine with hour meter, they both can be used for race training. On those tough enduro courses, the adjustable distance setting will be fine if there is a need for indicator lights for dual-sports and supermoto road ready bikes; there is availability of the stylish indication accessory.


  • Very versatile and well functional
  • Superior digital gauge
  • In-built stopwatch
  • It is effortless to install it


  • The temperature sensor cannot be used on sparkplug with 400ex
  • There is limited space between the head and sparkplug


There are athletes with more than one bike—a mountain bike and a dirt bike. Therefore, they may need to transfer the computer from one bike to another. For those who ride in a group, they may want to go for a wireless model for measuring single speed. Some bike computers are specific for mountain bikes because they are created for measuring low speed.

A bike computer is relatively affordable especially considering the many features most of them come with and the amazing benefits that comes with having one. You can track your cycle rides and even go for more. You may start seeing the result immediately when you purchase the bike computer. As simple as that! There are so many thrills to it, and you’ll realize that you’re often going for your bike now and then. Frankly, we have carefully selected these reviewed bike computers for you and they are perhaps the best you will find out there. However, in going for our best pick, the Sigma BC 16.16 STS Wireless Bike Computer tops our list largely because of its power saving feature, high statistical ability and several other cool functionalities that comes with it.

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