Best Convertible Hiking Pants Of 2024

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There are a couple of things you want to see in any pair of hiking pants, regardless whether you’re trekking across a low desert valley or snowcapped mountains. The best hiking pants should be highly durable with excellent moisture management and flexibility.

As regards durability, you’d require a tough fabric which must be abrasion-resistant. Walking through thick foliage should be as easy as it gets, even muddy embankments and snag trees shouldn’t be a problem—of course, without causing any harm to your pants.

White Sierra TrailVery LightweightPRICING
Bienzoe Outdoor Quick DryWaterproof PRICING
Craghoppers Kiwi TrousersVery LightweightPRICING
ExOfficio Bugs AwayFull Protection Against Mosquitoes and Other InsectsPRICING
Columbia Saturday TrailLow WeightPRICING
Marmot Lobo’sVery LightweightPRICING


Fabrics such as nylon, polyester, spandex, and elastane are quite reliable. For moisture management, you should be dry in your pants and comfortable throughout the day. Go for fabric that wick perspiration and sweat—polyester, nylon or spandex will work perfectly well. Water-resistant pants may fall under your consideration—it would be a good idea if you’ll be hiking in the rain or crossing riverbeds

To give you more options, the material should come with a bit of stretchy fabric—for example, elastane or spandex. You may also look for two or four-way design stretch as they allow for expansion of the material with ease.

Style and Fit

Another thing is the style and fit. Would you prefer a low waist or high waist? Wide-leg or boot cut? The UPF, sun protection feature, may catch your attention—it measures how much UV radiation that goes into a fabric.

To nail down the right choice here is round up of the best convertible hiking pants that have some of the features we just discussed.

For Men

1. White Sierra Trail 32-Inch Inseam Convertible Pant

For any adventure, the White Sierra Men’s Trail Pants are a perfect fit. With zip-off pants legs, you can easily change from pants to shorts—or the other way round—while on the trail. The leg sections slip easily over footwear due to vertical side zippers on cuffs. You’ll get UPF 30 Sun protection owing to the lightweight nylon fabric; the water-resistant finish allows for quick drying. All your gear is kept in place by the two front slash and cargo pockets.

The Trail Convertible Pant by impulse converts from pant to shorts—ten-inch inseam shorts—in the event there is a change in conditions. It features a Teflon fabric protector, and the front is flat alongside an elasticated side waist.

The pant comes with a button opening as well as a fly front closure with an attached waist belt; the legs zip-off quickly to easily convert to shorts. Some other features to look out for are saddle gusset, expandable leg opening with zipper, plus a cargo pocket with a touch fastener closure to it. The short inseam is 10” while the pant inseam is approximately 32.”


  • It fit quite well, and it is very lightweight
  • It quickly dries
  • It feels quite comfortable wearing it


  • Relatively too small in size

2. Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo Hiking Pants

During the winter or summer time, the Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo Hiking Pants is a winner any day. It is designed for hiking and comes with a convertible zipper at the knee. You can zipper off the bottom part, and they automatically become shorts, perfect for summer.

The material is made from polyester and features a cotton ripstop fabric. Also, a cargo pocket is on either side–perfect for keeping small items when you hike. They’re lightweight and breathable, giving room for excellent mobility. The manufacturer claims pants are waterproof. However, many reviews say otherwise. They may repel water, but they’re known not to be a great performer during heavy rainfall or snowfall.

This pant is machine washable; they’re produce with an YKK zipper—this is highly durable. It is not advisable to iron it in high temperature; they come handy during rainy seasons. Hiking enthusiasts have their hands full with Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry, taking away all the benefits it brings to their hiking ground.


  • They are waterproof and are very useful when it rains while hiking
  • These pants are very versatile, and you’re kept comfortable—be it in cold or warm weather


  • Regarded as waterproof, but it does not offer full protection when it rains heavily–it only helps when the rains are not heavy

3. Craghoppers Men’s Kiwi Convertible Trousers

Packing clothes you will need for more than one function will be a good thing to do, especially when space is of paramount importance. Craghoppers Men’s Kiwi Convertible Trousers does a great deal of work providing sun-protected and insect bite-proof performance, and at the same time, comfort in either short or long format. You can double the trouser with little effort.

On the colder month, the trouser leg is kept zipped on, and you worry less about being beaten by the rain. This is so because the water repellent feature will keep moisture away as quickly as possible so you can be dried once again. Immediately warmth returns, zip off the bottom half to convert the pant to high walking shorts.

When going on an adventure, this pair of trousers is a great companion any day.  If you are trekking while wearing this versatile convertible, you will be walking light.

Some features that make this pant a good buy include being lightweight with cotton blend zip-off. It spills off moisture from the surface because of the SmarDry finish water repellent and also has a stain resistant quality. It is sun-safe—it comes with a solar-shield fabric that is UPF40+. It features 5 pockets with zip fastening, including a cargo pocket. The zip-off design allows conversion from trousers to short with ease. It is packable, making it travel-friendly.


  • It is considered to be bestselling Craghoppers range
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Quick-drying feature makes it stand out
  • Water repellent to keep moisture clear the surface
  • SolarShield fabric (UPF50)
  • It has nine pockets to your gear


  • It is not designed to be very waterproof

For Women

4. Exofficio Women’s Bugs Away Ziwa Regular Convertible Pant

The ExOfficio Women’s Bugs Away Ziwa Regular convertible pant gives you the perfect opportunity to go hiking, camping or even do anything outdoors without hitches. It is made from 100% nylon. With its partial elastic waist, the pant moves with you, and when your legs are crying for freedom or a breath of fresh air, it is as simple as zipping off the legs to turn them into 10″ short. This makes it very versatile as it can adapt to different weather conditions—warmer weather or even during the winter; it is a go-to pant for your hiking needs.

This is the perfect gear for outdoor sports and a reliable choice for any woman who loves hiking. The Exofficio Women’s Bugs Away Ziwa Regular Convertible Pant is a great choice to take on the wild.

It comes with a minimalist belt—loop and elastic—with a slim and trim waistline. It may be somewhat tricky to get it right when a hiking pant goes elastic.

On the side of the pants, the pesky backpack hips meet the elastic creases, which can be quite uncomfortable. Get comfy undies if you have them on with a backpack.

They come with a no rear pocket—but a side cargo pocket. This is ideal for most ladies even as the front pockets are slim.

These pants are convertible with bug-proof material made of nylon. Having extra protection is not a bad idea as the tick that causes Lyme Disease has increased in numbers, and it is spreading very fast. The zips of these pants are located above the knees and have boot zippers.


  • Offers full protection against mosquitoes and so many other insects
  • Can withstand the desert heat
  • Zippers come in a hidden form to add style
  • Made from good quality fabric
  • It dries as quickly as possible


  • These pants are rather flattering
  • Loftier Ankles
  • It is not ideal for women below 5.7.”

5. Columbia Saturday Trail Ii Convertible Pant

The Women’s Columbia Saturday Trail Stretch brings affordability and high performance to one place of intersection. The material is highly comfortable, and comes in a flattering fit, including the articulated knees—for better mobility. The pants will resist light downpour as they are breathable. They are secured to a cropped length and they are far cheaper than most types of pants.

This pant is designed in such a way that the front hand pockets are on the small side. If you are the type that will hikes with hands stuck in the pocket, this might not be the right choice for you. Their wear resistant may not be as good as other models as the soft material pills quickly more than the ripstop Nylon material.

Columbia Saturday Trail Ii Convertible Pant is a breathable, comfortable and affordable pair of hiking pants. The weather resistance of the pair is top notch and comes quite handy for single or multi-hikes during the warmer weather. The price tag makes it a good buy for all the perks it brings to the table. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, this may be just the best you will buy in a long time.


  • It bears a low weight
  • It is known to breathe nicely


  • The front pockets are quite small
  • The material pills too easily

6. Marmot Women’s Lobo’s Convertible Pant

Marmot Lobo’s Convertible keeps picking up awards for the right reasons—year after year. This pair of hiking pants ranks high among a select few that has won the heart of many for the backcountry. Name all the goodies it brings to the table—breathable, comfortable, and water resistant—as they come in full package. They fit perfectly well for that true feminine look, including the vivid details that come with it—adding a little style to a lackluster clothing line. More so, is the fact that the material is stretchy and moves quite well.

They resist water as much as they quickly dry up—and they do both quite well. You’ll agree that this is critical when you embark on long backpacking trips. Trust this pair to convert easily to Bermuda-shorts. For your entire day hike that has a reliable weather forecast and long trips in a different condition, this is for you.

For that extra comfort, the mid-rise waist comes with a fleece-line band—even comfort when you have a backpack with a hip belt.

The zipper may irritate your thigh at some point—but it is usually the case with most similar pair of pants. You may not find it comfortable if you have a big thigh that is larger than the waist size. Converting it to short, you’ll get a Bermuda length that is on the long side. A lot of people would have preferred them to be a little inch shorter like one or two.

Not everyone may fancy the “convertible” style, but a lot will find it useful when they embark on extended trips into the backcountry to contend with different temperatures. The functionality of the Lobo is high even as they maintained their versatility in the right way too. They’re adaptable to a variety of applications—from travel to water sports.


  • It can be applied for multiple purposes
  • It is lightweight
  • It is a nice fitted pair of pants
  • It is very mobile and flexible


  • The length of the short seems a little long
  • The zippers do not come as comfortable as one would expect


At the moment, hiking pants come in varieties to suit every budget. The different types are reviewed here and to help you decide in no time. You may be at a Dublin Temple Bar or bird-watching, travel pants are available for you. For as much as we know, hiking pants bring a lot of benefits even beyond hiking and backpacking. The climates in which you’ll be spending your time plays a significant role in your decision-making even as comfort is a top priority. Enjoy your adventure while it last. There are so many options in the market, and you might be undecided as to which to go for but with the help of our list, we are certain you will make a good pick suitable for your hiking.

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