The 5 Best GPS Cycle Computers With Maps of 2024

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Most cyclists will carry a cycle computer on their handlebar—they are necessary for so many reasons. But not all cycle computers are the same; some appear to come with more features than the other and are ideal for so many situations.

Cycle computers come in different price ranges, and you will get GPS mapping, smart performance features, and connectivity with fitness tracking; some of these features let you in on how you are performing and what you should do to make your training better.

Wahoo ELEMNTZoom Functionality Works Well When It Comes to Data and Map PagesPRICING
LEZYNE Mega CCompatibility with Bluetooth and ANT+ SensorsPRICING
Magellan Cyclo 315The Mapping Works ExtraordinaryPRICING
Garmin Edge 1000Customization of Screens is SimplePRICING
Garmin Edge 520Battery as Long as 15 HoursPRICING

Performance Rate

With this tool, you will be able to check your speed and distance covered. It comes in handy in training as you will be able to monitor your heart rate. Some of these products have Virtual (riding) Partner which you can compete with, and you will be able to access how far ahead or behind when compared to the digital partner.

Customizable Display Screen

The display screen can be customized to suit your needs. It can be a program such that it reveals certain information. It comes with an internal memory where tracked data is stored. You can view previous data by downloading them.  

Built-in GPS

They come with built-in GPS. It enables the use of various GPS functionality like mapping, marking, direction, path, etc. It is almost impossible to get lost as the device marks back the route to you. It also saves locations, so you can make use of it when traveling again; they are waterproof and lightweight.

Are you taking advantage of your cycling? You can decide to cycle for longer hours and distance and yet not get lost. You can track your level of progress—whether you are breaking new grounds or not making anything substantial.

If you are a cyclist and looking for the best GPS cycle computer with maps, then the following products reviewed will be of great help. Read on and you can be sure to make a good choice for your next cycling expedition and many more to come.

1. Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

The Wahoo Element comes as a top-quality GPS cycling computer with easy configuration through a paired smartphone, a zoom feature for all pages, as well as Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth uploads. The portly side comes short in both form and price, but satisfying with functionality—either being used alone or in conjunction with a smart trainer or power meter.

The Wahoo Element has a connection to peripherals using ANT+, to smartphones via Bluetooth–even connection to your home network on Wi-Fi is not exempted. Wahoo is risking everything as regards the phone integration, operating on the fact that riders would rather opt to employ the phone for setup rather than for sub-menus on the unit itself. 


  • As regards configuration, uploads and on-bike use are easy
  • Zoom functionality works well when it comes to data and map pages  
  • New features introduce by company and also fix bugs


  • Price is high relative to others in the market
  • Buttons are difficult to operate with gloves on

2. LEZYNE Mega C GPS Bike Computer

LEZYNE Mega C GPS Bike Computer is a cycling Computer that utilizes upgraded GPS and GLONASS to provide well-ordered route with advanced tracking and connectivity alternatives.

The Mega C features a display color that makes it unique. It has a 56mm diagonal display including some features like long battery life—about 32 hours—a memory that is enough to store up to 800 hours of rides. You will get navigation with turn-by-turn directions, smartphone alerts, compatibility with ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors, coaching prompts, ANR+ FE-C trainer control, etc.

The Mega C allows you to make connection to sensors across Ant+ as well as Bluetooth protocols. Visit the Sensor menu item; select the sensor type and protocol. You can then scan. When you are good to go, tap on the sensor ID.

With the Lezyne’s GPS Root website, you will get a great service of maps exports and imports for Mega C usage. Over the OpenStreetmap display, drag a box. The map comes in ranges of small to hundreds of square kilometers. It makes it easy for you to capture most of places your ride takes you to. The final part is that you will have to export a file that you have dragged and drop it your device.

Lezyne’s navigation system is outstanding. It’s simple, flexible, and gives you everything you need. When you navigate, a turn direction screen is there to help, including a Course screen similar to Path screen with the course drawn out completely that shown on it as a dot. The screens are much with a questionably utility.


  • Intuitive setup and menus come along with mount as well as maps pre-downloaded
  • Superior navigation system
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors


  • The white and black screen can make map reading difficult
  • Shorter battery life when you compare with other models

3. Magellan CY0315SGXNA Cyclo 315 GPS Cycling Computer

Magellan’s Cyclo 315 models are ground-breaking cycling GPS Computers that record as long as 240 hours of riding history and convey remarkable route and sensor support. Regardless of whether you ride for physical fitness or go off trail, Cyclo 315 models will improve your riding background. Cyclo models are robust and waterproof.

Magellan’s Cyclo 315 models enable you to decide whether you are moving at the wrong time or in case you are in a weak rigging position by perusing and recording moving data from perfect Shimano Di2 electric street bike running systems with Di2 wireless unit (SM-EWW01) and D-Fly.

Additionally, it shows battery status and cautions or warnings. In option to Di2, Cyclo 315 models support more than 130 ANT+ pulse screens, speed, and rhythm sensors. Cyclo 315 models are pre-stacked with a comprehensive USA street network to have the best of turn by turn navigation. It also comes with an Open Street Maps (OSM) indicating cycle paths, cycle tracks and even bike trails. You can record yours. 

Upgrade your ride by making up to 6 custom cycling profiles. Once made, Cyclo 315 models will indicate courses explicitly intended for your riding gear and style. For mountain biking profiles, the courses recommended will even show what percentage that goes on dirt as opposed to the paved road.  

Get up to three routes when you input distance or even. The rider selects anyone they wish. With each route, you will get elevation gain and also the difficulty. If you are seeking for a graded loop, the Cyclo’s Surprise Me is will do the trick.

Cyclo is good with 130 ANT+ speed, rhythm and pulse sensors – you can even make various cycling profiles and additional sensors related to everyone! Or on the other hand, get the hc choice, which accompanies an ANT+ speed, rhythm, and heart rate sensor.

Record and read moving data from good Di2 electronic moving systems that have the Di2 Wireless Unit (SM-EWW01). Information is shown in either gear position, gear number or outwardly by a diagram or chart. Battery status and alarms or warnings are additionally unmistakable.

Both the Cyclo 505 and 315 boast a steady mount system that swivels for accommodation yet won’t tumble off paying little respect to the terrain you are handling. It comes along with both an Out-front mount and a widespread cable tie mount.


  • It’s incredibly cheap, as extremely affordable for all that it does
  • It’s responsive and straightforward to read
  • The mapping works extraordinary
  • Matches effectively with sensors


  • Magellan doesn’t plan to give support to the unit pushing ahead
  • US Maps only, if you need different maps, you will have to install them manually

4. Garmin Edge 1000 Color Touchscreen GPS

The Garmin Edge 1000 comes along with an out-front mount and several handlebar mounts. This is helpful as it implies you can set up mounts on more than one bike and exchange the head unit from one bike to another, depending on which one you are riding. The unit is the biggest Garmin has made and weighs 115g. As an examination, the Edge 810 weighs 97g, and the Edge 500 weighs 57g. The substantial size may put a few people off, and this is normal – not every person needs a something huge on the front of their bike; anyway, the big screen is welcomed for obviously seeing routes and loads of information screens.

Garmin’s mounting systems works great. However, it wears with time. Following two years of constant use, the plastic on the back of the unit may wear out marginally. The consequence of this is the gadget vibrates somewhat when riding and is less secure. This is a little issue; however, Garmin can change this in the future.

To take full advantage of a Garmin Edge 1000, you genuinely need to consolidate it with bunches of sensors, for example, heart rate ties, control meters, and rhythm sensors. This is a region with much opportunity to get better. It isn’t as simple to use as Google Maps, with mediocre directing and ergonomics.

The Garmin Edge 1000 isn’t the most durable Garmin in the market. During testing, you figured out how to break the unit.


  • Improved screen
  • Great at following pre-structured routes
  • Heaps of information fields
  • Customization of screens is simple
  • Simple to use as a rule


  • It is relatively expensive
  • Its mounting system wears with time
  • Battery life is short

5. Garmin Edge 520 GPS Cycling Computer

The Edge 520 is for an exhibition driven cyclist who needs to screen speed, distance, rhythm, and power. It has basic GPS navigation features. It incorporates a base map so you can explore on the fly. If you are a fan of Strava, you will be satisfied to realize that the Edge 520 can be preloaded with all your neighborhood Strava segments, so you get live feedback when you draw near to a section.

You can compete second by second with another rider –or even with the previous best. The real time result will pop up on your face. All of this is possible with the Preloaded Strava Live Segments.

Monitor your accelerating rhythm as well as speed as you ride with these simple to install wireless sensors. Without any magnets or other presented parts, these sensors are anything but difficult to install, keep up and move between bikes.

The rhythm sensor secures to any wrench arm size and measures pedal strokes every moment so you can capitalize on your preparation. The speed sensor joins to the center point of either haggle aligns with your Edge to give you precise speed and distance consistently, including inside on the turbo coach.  Combine them both and improve your own best to ascertain how you coming up against the pros.

Garmin Edge 520 focuses on competitive riders including features like FTP testing and tracking, Strava Live Segments, VO2 Max calculation and also recovery time.

With the compact unit, you get coverage of all standard variation of metrics like speed, distance, elevation—including using heart-rate strap as well as power meter—and power and heart rate. It has seven buttons unlike other competitors

Get automatic wireless uploads using your Bluetooth connection to smartphone to Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, Strava, etc—even on screen notifications  of incoming calls and texts.


  • Auto Lap
  • Interval Training mode
  • Race yourself against a recently ridden route
  • Virtual Partner – endeavor to stay aware of a pre-set rider, eg 20mph
  • Battery as long as 15 hours
  • The touch screen shows for simple SWIPE


  • Sensors are difficult to install


A bike computer is a great gear for the real bike rider—it boosts performance and takes your cycling activities to the next level. The distance you have covered over time with your bike will be recorded by the odometer reader. With regards to the model of the bike computer, other functions may have temperature, time of the day, elevation above sea level, etc. Getting the best out of your cycling activities is possible with the GPS Bike Computer and for what it’s worth, it can only get better.

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