Best Mountain Bike Gloves For Hot Weather

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When the weather is hot, putting a glove on can be almost as uncomfortable as wearing a jacket under the hot sun. For most people, going gloveless is more preferred but for safety reasons, you can’t just write it off. As all cycling enthusiasts know, the right protection is needed any time when they are hitting the mountain trails or the roads. Helmets are often considered the central protective gear of course, but to equally protect yourself fully against bruises or the harsh conditions, cycling mitts are thus an essential.

POC Resistance Enduro Adjustable GlovesHighly Breathable Fabric MaterialPRICING
Pearl Izumi PRO Gel Vent Full Finger GlovesTouchscreen CompatiblePRICING
Wheel Up MTB and Road Cycling GlovesSuperior AdjustabilityPRICING
TASCO MTB Double Digits Indivisible GlovesSuperior Grips On The PalmsPRICING

The best bike gloves are well padded, grippy and often fingerless. They are very important at helping a rider achieve a tight grip on the bike’s handle bars and also offer a protective coat should the rider fall off the bike. The market is flooded with different types of gloves from different manufacturers, and the closest approximation we can hinge this on is how beneficial bike gloves are. In some unprecedented scenarios, it may be just between the possibility of having a good or bad day on the trail as it can mitigate the risk of ruining the experience.

Having talked to many bikers, we have recognized that the process of finding the right pair is often tedious and time consuming. In fact, most bikers have had to settle for inferior or low performance gloves due to exhaustion from searching too much. We want to help make your search end here and we have rounded up few best bike gloves out there specifically for hot weathers. These gloves will offer you as much breathability and will not add any uneasiness to the one that the hot weather already brings.

1. POC Resistance Enduro Adjustable Glove

For a riding timeout on the mountains, the POC Resistance Enduro is a great match. It is a full finger glove and is incredibly lightweight, breathable and designed for control. It takes protection and comfort to a new level, and wouldn’t show any sign of break over lengthy use. It has been designed to meet the specific needs of an everyday mountain rider and we have selected it because of its performance and protective ability.

The POC is designed with robust fabric which is great on breathability and delivers well at quality and protection. It allows for sufficient ventilation for air supply into the palm and is designed to wick out moisture easily should you get sweaty on your palms.

As a biker, one of the things you want to take the ultimate control of are the handle bars of the bike just as a driver will to the car steering. Thus, POC has been designed to offer you superior grips on the handle bars by featuring silicon print on the palms and brake fingers. This outer construction not only improves the feel and grip but is also compatible with touch screen. This way, you can run navigations or perform other actions easily on your smartphone without having to remove the gloves from your hands.

The POC also comes with an extra feature, a Terry clothe on the thumb for wiping your nose. It is altogether a great buy as it ensures it delivers in performance and providing all-day protection while on the trail.


  • Highly breathable fabric material
  • Silicon print for better grip and feel
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Moisture wicking ability
  • Nose wipe


  • Tighter opening at the wrists

2. Pearl Izumi PRO Gel Vent Full Finger Glove

Pearl Izumi is one of the top brands in the glove manufacturing industry and with the Pearl-Izum PRO Gel Vent Full Finger Glove, biking in the hot weather has just got better. The Ride Men Glove is a full finger glove which promises to keep your hands secured anytime you step out on the trails. The construction of this gloves comes really good with great stuff like padding, synthetic leather, among few others.

You will particularly appreciate the build material of this glove because it comes in combination of polyamide, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane, and elastane. This special construction was aimed at ensuring your hands are kept comfortable as much as it can be by combining materials with great breathability, stretch ability, moisture wicking ability, all in one piece. You hardly get such even in high end gloves out there on the market.

Also, this incredible pair of gloves comes with a direct vent design on the palm with ventilated foams so as to help keep your hands dry and cool. It has gel paddings for improved riding ease by mitigating the pressure released to your palms and also absorb vibrations generated by the bike. The reliability of the glove is taken even further with the Clarino synthetic leather which the glove is made of. This addition ensures that the palm feels slushy and soft just as it ensures the durability of the glove.

The Pearl-Izumi PRO Gel Vent Full Finger Glove also works well on touchscreen devices with the thumb and index finger, and comes with a wiping surface attached to the thumbs to keep sweat off your face. There isn’t any form of chaffing with this glove as it minimizes seams exquisitely well under your hands to improve comfort and the overall fit of the glove.


  • Conductive synthetic leather
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Chaff free
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Vent design on the palm
  • Superior synthetic leather


  • Available only in black color

3. Wheel Up MTB and Road Cycling Gloves

The Wheel Up is the first half finger glove on our list and it is arguably one of few gloves that brings comfort, performance, and adjustability to table, in one piece. Another great perk to this glove is that it can be used for both men and women and will fit about any size of hands except small. The aesthetics of the glove is also superb and it’s well worth the hype.

It is multipurpose, so whether you are coupling jogging, fitness or even hiking with your mountain biking hobby, you need not get a separate glove, the Wheel Up is just enough to serve you in all. The skin is made of Stretch Lycra which makes the need for comfortability a thing to not worry about.

The Wheel Up features a shock absorption and anti-slip protection that helps to minimize the effect of bike vibrations due to uneven stony trails, thus reducing fatigue on the hand. The back mesh has been improved as well as the palm vents in order to prevent humid heat that could develop in the palms.

The fact that this glove is adjustable makes it a great pick for people who are willing to enjoy big on the versatility the gloves bring to fore. With its pull tabs and adjustable straps, you can easily adjust the glove how you want it as per the level of looseness or tightness of the gloves. More so, you can by the help of the adjustable straps achieve stabilization and protection for the wrist. They can also make it seamless to wear and pull off the gloves from your hands.

The grip of the gloves is also good, thanks to its padded gel palms which does not get slippery and maintains a good grip over the bike’s handle bars all day long.


  • Superior adjustability
  • Budget friendly
  • Well padded for comfort and safety
  • Shock absorption protection
  • Anti-Slip
  • Easy to put on/off with the straps and pull tabs


  • Available in only large size

4. TASCO MTB Double Digits Indivisible Gloves

With the full finger TASCO MTB gloves on your hands, you have never been more ready to hit the trail. When the weather gets so hot and somewhat unbearable as you ride the mountain trails, you want to make sure you have the TASCO MTB gloves on. It has a distinct color design and is able to perform really well just as the high-end gloves on the market do.

It has bold graphics imprinted on it for aesthetics and is incredibly lightweight. With the TASCO MTB on, the ride has never been made better. It is designed with a lightweight four direction stretch which comes with a Velcro free neoprene fold to achieve improved fitting and performance.

The TASCO MTB also comes with mesh panels located on each glove fingers so as to improve breathability. The palm is made of a single layer of synthetic leather so as to improve the quality of grip on the bike’s handle bars. Also, there are micro-fiber cloth wipes on both thumbs of the glove to quickly wipe off tears from your face. It is also designed with silicone accents on the tips of the fingers and palms so as to offer you as much as possible control while you ride hard on the trails.

The glove comes at a pocket friendly price and is a good choice for low budget buyers as it delivers well and does not compromise on durability and comfort.


  • Superior grips on the palms
  • Leather made and mico-fiber cloth wipes
  • Silicone accents
  • Bold graphics prints
  • Lightweight



  • Fits men sizes than women

Choosing the Best Gloves

In choosing the best mountain bike glove for the weather, you will find this guide helpful as to what to look out for.


Often times, the weather determines a lot about the kind of gloves to go for. In this case when the weather is hot, riding through the mountain on the bike requires that you use a glove that offers as much as possible ventilation when out there but no compromise on the amount of protection that you require.

Half or Full Finger

Half finger gloves as their name imply doesn’t cover the full length of the finger while the full finger gloves do. While full finger gloves are best for the winter and snowy mountain conditions, the half finger types are the perfect ones to go for if you are riding the mountain trail during a hot weather. This is because they are more ventilated and will allow as much as possible air flow to keep your fingers from getting all sweaty. However, if you are keen on protection over ventilation, you should consider the full finger gloves especially if you are planning on riding hard and high.


It is important that you get the fit right or you risk your comfort. Small gloves are often uncomfortable when worn. And on the flip side, oversized gloves allow for too much movement of your hands inside them and may in turn affect your grip with the bike’s handlebars.


You should put the material the glove is made from into consideration. As a matter of fact, most gloves have their palms made from one of synthetic leather or leather so as to ensure durability and grip. The best ones usually have their top constructed of Spandex so as to ensure a great fit and superior water wicking ability.


Mountain trails are often bushy and usually have trees next to them. Thus, you will want to go for a glove with enough padding and a durable armor especially around the knuckle regions of the gloves. This will ensure you don’t get brushed by these tree branches or bushes and also allow your gloves to stay in good shape all through the biking. Also, gloves armor has been improved with new designs which make them touchscreen compatible and will work seamlessly with smartphone especially. That’s a great addition as it can come in handy in cases where you need to navigate or use your phone GPS to get back on the right track on the mountains.


The options are wide but can at the same time be confusing. The worst experience is to buy a bike glove that you later find out isn’t fit enough to serve you through the hot weather, thus ends up being a waste of money. We want to spare you of any regrets and with this guide, you can be sure you are on the right path. With any of the above reviewed gloves, you can never go wrong no matter how hot the weather gets!

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