Best Budget Hiking Pants Of 2024

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Imagine hiking in jeans – the discomfort will make a mess of the whole adventure. When it rains with you in them, the legwear becomes heavy and so uncomfortable than you even started. It will absorb water, and you will feel awful. They could chafe in some sensitive areas and result in horrible rubbing. So, using a lightweight, flexible, easy-dry pair of hiking pants becomes a rule of thumb when it comes to hiking.

If what you seek is the best budget hiking pants, then you have visited the right place. You will find the right pair of hiking pair of pants for your tight budget.

People are laxer when it comes to buying hiking pants; they had instead stick with “anything goes,” which may be an adverse judgment in the long run. Since your legs are doing the most work when hiking, it important that you are deliberate about your buying decisions.

To get the pitfalls out of the way and make the right decision for hiking pants that fit in terms of budget and specific needs, this complete guide on what to look in pants will be of great help.

Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor TacticalIt is WindproofPRICING
Columbia Silver Ridge ConvertibleYou Can Easily Convert Them to ShortsPRICING
Columbia Saturday Trail II Stretch LinedUPF-50 Because of Omni-Shade TechnologyPRICING
Outdoor Research FerrosiComfortable and Incredibly LightweightPRICING
prAna BriannIt is Perfect for Excellent Range of MotionPRICING


One of the things you want to see in hiking pant is comfort when you have them on. The material which the pants are made from is critical to the overall comfort, mobility, and durability.


For optimal flexibility, some factors come to play. For example, the inclusion of spandex and elastane will result in unrestricted movement; this will be vital when you’re making high and long steps—even for more excellent range of motion.


Hiking comes with some measure of roughness and tumbles. Pants are not excluded. To ensure that your pair of hiking pair doesn’t pack off few months down the line, you will want your pair of pants to be of ripstop materials and reinforced patches in the inner ankles area and also the knee and seat areas too.

Water Resistance

Everybody desire that their hiking pair be water-resistant; there will be no need carrying an extra pair of hiking pants in your backpack. Getting wet is not something you want while hiking.

 For MEN

1. Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants

One of things you will love about the Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants is its set of well-designed pockets and the comfortable cut. The manufacturer decided to enhance what they have in the market, releasing a modified version that is made of softshell material, which is the Helikon OTP—referred to tactical trekking pants.

They still maintained the same cut—like their urban counterpart, OTP is comfortable and loose. The waist features a set of 7 belt loops; two of them have extra loops which help to secure the gear. More so, there is an elastic band sewn on the back. Like OTP, Outdoor Tactical Pants comes with metal YKK zipper as well as a Velcro panel.

Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants has a set of 8 pockets which makes it ideal for keeping small items while hiking; there are two on the front and come with reinforced edges to help prevent damage from clips in folding flashlights, knives and other gear.

Two cargo pockets feature reversed YKK zippers. Each has an elastic band sewn which provides two compartments to carry some equipment. This particular concept is not new; it has been introduced in Helikon-Tex’s SFU NEXT pants. Sadly, the OTP pockets have little space.

The first thing to consider is that the use of these compartments brings no comfort because the carried gear seems to interfere with leg’s movement. Other things to look out for are the fact that when they are empty, the elastic band restricts you from taking out something from your pocket.

With two smaller front pockets along with Velcro flaps, you can carry your flashlight. The back pocket has an extra partition which makes it easy for you to carry small items, for example, a Swiss army knife.

The essential element of the Outdoor Tactical Pants comes from the fabric, with a flexible, 4-way elastic, softshell that combines nylon (polyamide) and spandex (93%/7%).  It offers the user moisture wicking, excellent breathability and protection from the wind.

OTP will provide a low level of protection against shower, owing to its layer of Du Pont Teflon® based DWR. The water droplets find it challenging to absorb almost immediately and as a result, flow down the fabric. For intense rain, the material get soaked quickly enough, but thanks to OTP, it dries quickly too.


  • The OTP is Durable
  • It dries quickly
  • Great overall design
  • It has plenty of pockets
  • It is Windproof


  • The fabric may not be ideal during summer months—it is too thick
  • The seams on the inside may show minor wear after some time

2. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

The Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible is one of the best pants for hiking out there for those on a budget.

If you’re on a tight budget when you go hiking, then this might concern you. The Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible ranks among the best pants for hiking. With regards to the color and size you go for, these pants could be considered as a cheap commodity or affordable piece of wear. You’d no want to care less about your looks because you’re on a budget. Go for the right size and settle for the cheapest color.

These pants come with fabrics such as nylon Silver Ridge ripstop for the body, recycled polyester about 57%/polyester mesh for mesh panels 43%. These products are suitable fabrics to be used in hiking pants.

These pants do not feature stretchy material or water-repellent finish as experience in other items. However, they are a low-cost alternative and very impressive too. Converting into a pair of short is one of the most notable features of Silver Ridge—which happens in a split second.

Aside from this feature, others that may pique your interest are decently sized pockets, excellent breathability, integrated belt, and finally, a gusseted crotch

For the Silver Ridge, it comes with general roominess which makes up for the stretch. You can’t go wrong with these pair of pants as they go for around half the price of fancy pants out there. You will agree with me that it is a reliable option with only a few drawbacks as regards overall performance.

So many hiking enthusiasts love the convertible feature. However, a few don’t. It boils down to personal preference. Well, you can still use it as regular hiking pants if you decide not to unzip the lower portion.


  • They are cheap as they give excellent value for money
  • They feature an integrated belt
  • You can easily convert them to shorts
  • It has a gusseted crotch area
  • Made from quick-drying material


  • The 100% nylon material is not stretchy
  • They are not water-repellent


3. Columbia Saturday Trail II Stretch Lined Sun Pant

Columbia has been hiker’s favorite brand over the years when it comes to value to price ratio. You will get more for your money when you stick with Columbia than any other brand.

This is an excellent option for your buck; they are ideal pants for comfort and durability. With the help of the two-stretch and gusset, you get a high-stepping or scrambling; even the Omni-Shield finish prevents unwanted stain and water.

You may, however, be disappointed if you carry a lot in your pockets. The slanted front pockets tend to allow things to fall out. And you only have a small size zipper pocket. Let’s push aside the pockets; these are ideal choices for outdoor activities—whether it is a leisurely day hike or backcountry adventure.

They are almost of nylon with a touch of elastane for stretch, so they are comfortable and durable too, which is while so many hiking women would go for them.

They are known to hold up against rocks, brush, and thorns. If you need to scramble over a downed tree, it rests assured that they won’t impede your movement.

The pants feature articulated knees. That will help in avoiding restriction to movement because they are slimmer fit than other brands.

The pants will not convert as exactly as zips off pants do; you may roll them up if you wish. You can change them to Capri style pant by rolling the cuff.

If you are a woman seeking fashionable hiking pants that allows a lot of movement, this is what you need.


  • They are UPF-50 because of Omni-Shade technology
  • Come as Water and stain-resistant—due to Omni-Shield treatment
  • Two-way stretch


  • You cannot fasten the Rolled up pants

4. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

These pants have made a name for themselves because they fit quite well and they are lightweight, even breathable on a sunny day. They usually hold up against abrasiveness of the wall when you climb; another type may not do so after just one day of use on the wall.

Some people may have a problem with the leg pockets. If the pocket laid in the other direction like the male counterpart, it would have made a lot of sense. You may find it awkward getting stuff out of your pocket

Heading out to the backcountry, you need off-piste solitude, peacefulness that comes from the big mountain and also the opportunity to chase partners to the steepest part of the slopes. Knowing that you have to get out all by yourself, you will want to be careful about the style you choose to go with.

 A softshell pant that is lightweight, wind resistant, rugged, and also very breathable with enough stretch and better coverage, so you move with ease when climbing and scrambling.

It is made from soft and comfortable durable stretch-woven fabric; the Ferrosi Pants allows good movement while protecting you from the weather and wind. They are breathable pants and supple against the skin, but you get the best respite from chilling winds, enabling you to hold your own against the wind on the trail. You get a perfect result when you pair them with hiking boots or climbing shoes.


  • They are comfortable and incredibly lightweight
  • Come as breathable
  • Made form High-quality material and stitching
  • It is easy for packing


  • They poorly fit

5. prAna Briann Pant

The prAna Briann Pant is manufactured using the original stretch Zion performance fabric as well as woven with a long-lasting water repellent (DWR) finish. They are mid-rise fitted pants that come with quick drying technology, traditional 5-pocket styling, UPF 50+ sun protection, including a skinny leg in multiple inseams.

They fit comfortably in such a right way and can be considered super stretchy. They are known for keeping a cold temperature; you can wear them out to dinner because of their classy nature of the fabric

If you’re women that love life on the go, these pants will come handy. The Briann Pant will stand against the tumultuous spring weather, alongside being water and abrasion resistant. For the adventures, you have to indulge in either near or far, don’t forget the Briann Pant.

For those who love loose, relaxed fit, the mid-rise hiking pants feature moisture-wicking will come to play for them. Other things to be happy about is the four-way stretch material manufactured from UPF-50-plus nylon alongside spandex if you need an extra stretch.

The pesky leg zipper may be a setback as it impedes your mobility and it is quite uncomfortable—even though they are versatile. No matter the terrain, you can trust the Brianna Pants to come to the party for you. It is perfect pants for climbers; they climb and hike at the same time—they are stylish for your casual outings.

The articulated knees and relaxed fit gives you the opportunity for a wide range of movement, with the internal drawstring holding everything in place, so you don’t have to use a belt.

Get a DWR treatment with these pants. However, you will not be kept dry while in the rain; they are heavy and you may be hot on a sunny day—secure them and feel a bit comfortable by rolling them up. It is ideal for rock climbing since your knees are well covered and well protected from the dings

It is the perfect option for all conditions, but you will particular love them for climbing, hiking, and bouldering. They have all the features in the right places.


  • It is perfect for excellent range of motion
  • It is comfy
  • It is designed with a feminine cut


  • It is not breathable
  • It is not water resistant


If you’re going across low desert valley or trekking up snowcapped mountains, there are qualities you want to see in a pair of hiking pants. You deserve a memorable hiking expedition and we understand how important such may be for you and your friends or family. The most crucial thing is that you get that hiking pant that fits rightly well with your body, the mountain weather and atmosphere as well your budget. Going through our list will give you such impression that these hiking pants have been designed with different qualities that make them better suited for different seasons. The options on this list will surely meet your needs and you can be confident to have that hiking adventure you truly deserve.

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