Merrell vs Keen Hiking Shoes

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Buying a hiking shoe is not a matter to be handled lightly based due to the fact that, your comfortability and safety (in case of slumps) depend on it. As such it is quite imperative to be strategic while making your selection.

For the best hiking experience, you need to get a hiking shoe that fits perfectly well. It is to be noted that there are quite a range of these hiking shoes; although the staffs will try their best to find out the kind of hiker you are before recommendations are made, nonetheless, it is very important to know a few specifications of a number of hiking shoes that are outstanding compared to every other type.

This guide seeks to make comparison and contrast between the Merrell and Keen hiking shoe product. Although these products are similar in features and functions, nevertheless, there are still discrepancies between them. On a general note, before choosing a hiking shoe, it is very important to consider a few factors including.

Merrell Moab 2 VentMade of Pure Suede Leather and MeshPRICING
Keen KovenIt is Made of a 100% Leather and Textile MaterialPRICING
Merrell Moab 2 WaterproofIt has the Waterproof FeaturePRICING
Keen Saltzman WaterproofThe Waterproof System is CrediblePRICING
Merrell PulsateIt is LightweightPRICING
Keen VoyageurFeatures a Waterproof Feature in its DesignPRICING


It would be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating to hike with unfitted hiking shoes; therefore, it is very important to put into consideration which of the hiking shoes would fit your need and budget. Be sure to know your shoe size in order to avoid selecting an oversize or under sized hiking shoe.

You as a hiker      

As a hiker, where do you have intentions to hike? The hills or mountain? Or are your hiking shoes meant for just early morning jogging? You need to have determined response for these questions before endeavouring to purchase any hiking shoe.


Hiking shoes are meant to be lightweight and easy to walk in. Be sure to know the weight of the hiking shoe you wish to deal with in order to avoid futuristic problem of ankle pain or suffered strain due to the weight of the shoe.

Patterned shoe sole

It is most definitely unsuitable and not advisable to hike in a flat sole hiking shoe. There are possibilities of hiking uneven terrains, thus, hiking in a flat sole hiking shoe exposes users to the risk of slipping, slumping or falling during hiking. Be sure to confirm that the intended hiking shoe as a patterned sole which would ensure firmness into the soil.

This guide hence shows the observed differences between the Merrell and keen hiking shoe types.

1. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

The Merrell Moab 2 vent hiking shoe is available in different sizes. The hiking shoe is comfortable and user friendly. Are you a lover of mountain hiking? This hiking shoe is exactly what you need.

The product is made of suede leather and mesh that is designed to last longer and withstand usage. The sole of the Merrell Moab 2 vent hiking shoe is purely synthetic and last longer than any regular sole. The synthetic sole ensures proper firmness while walking which in return prevents users from slipping or falling. It has a closed-cell foam tongue that keeps moisture and debris out. Another outstanding feature inclusive in the design is the protective rubber toe cap with a breathable mesh lining.

Experience an outstanding feeling of comfort while hiking; it has supportive footbed, and Vibram traction. Moab is extremely stable and comfortable; reviews over the years has been one of the solid evidences that has proven this fact.


  • Very comfortable and durable
  • It is user friendly
  • Made of pure suede leather and mesh
  • Protective rubber toe cap feature
  • It has a molded nylon arch shank
  • It weighs about 1lb or 15oz/888G


  • Shoe size is relative; wrong choice of size may result into lack of comfortability
  • Not water proof

2. Keen Koven Hiking Shoe

The Koven hiking shoe is a product made by the Merrell’s rival; Keen. Keen men Koven hiking shoe may look similar to the merrell designs but it is very different in features and function.

The Koven hiking shoe is made from pure leather with mixture of materials from textiles. The Koven hiking shoe is built to stand the test of time and usage. Over the years, reviews had shown that the Koven hiking shoe is one of the best currently on market. It has a removable EVA foam footbed that can be adjusted for comfortability or washing. One of the most outstanding features of the Koven hiking shoe is the combination of the water-resistant leather and mesh materials which further enhances durability. It has a protective toe cap which prevents the toes from hurting during hikes.

Beyond reasonable doubt, the product is user friendly and very comfortable while in use. In addition, it has a lightly padded tongue and collar. Also, the moisture wicking textile lining feature is inclusive in the design of the Koven hiking shoe. On a general note, the men Koven hiking shoe is could be used to hike beaches, mountains, city streets or any outdoor location of your choice.


  • It has a rubber sole
  • It is made of a 100% leather and textile material
  • It is very comfortable and durable
  • It has a water proof feature
  • It is available in different sizes
  • It has a removable EVA foam footbed


  • It is most suitable for men
  • It’s one of the best but not necessary the best

3. Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

The Men’s Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoe is one of the best on the market due to its outstanding water proof feature and efficiency while hiking. In recent times, there has been an increased demand for this Product due to the efficiency and usefulness various users have witnessed.

It is made of a 100% suede leather and mesh. The design of the product has a feature of a synthetic sole that is capable of withstanding usage and harsh treatment owing to mountain hikes or rough plain hikes. In addition, the men’s Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoe, possess the Vibram TC5 outsole feature amidst its design frame work. The product also includes a Nylon Arch Shank plus an EVA feature which ensures stability. The Moab has a closed cell foam tongue that keeps moisture and debris out at the same time.

Have an outstanding hike experience with the Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoe with outstanding feature; having durable leather, a supportive footbed and Vibram attraction.


  • It is user friendly and easy to use
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is durable and strong
  • It has the water proof feature
  • It is one of the best in the market
  • Synthetic sole inclusive


  • Mostly suitable for men
  • It comes in different sizes; it is very important to measure your size to avoid unfitness

4. Keen Saltzman Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Picking up a hiking shoe from shoe stores isn’t just by instinct but by knowing the right choice. Beyond reasonable doubt the Saltzman waterproof hiking shoe has made its way into the market and has been making a difference in the past months.

The Saltzman is made of a 100% textile and synthetic material which makes it durable, stylish and comfortable. In other words, it’s one of the best you can ever think of. In addition, the sole of the hiking shoe is purely rubber which gives you a 100% gripping experience of the ground being hiked without fear of falling, slumping or slipping. It includes a water proof mesh at the upper design that is meant for dryness and comfort of its users. Another prominent feature is the Lace up vamp that is attached to the design basically for centralized support. It also includes a toe guard for toe protection and an outstanding lugged out sole basically for traction.

The product can be used to hike any topography available on the earth surface and can be cleaned anytime with mild soap and cold water; be sure to allow the shoe to dry up under intense heat in order to avoid the issue of irritating smell.


  • It is made of a 100% textile and highly synthetic
  • It has a rubber sole
  • The water proof system is credible
  • It is available in different sizes
  • Toe protective feature is inclusive in the design
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • It is durable and comfortable
  • Can be used to hike any topography


  • Most suitable for men
  • You need to confirm your size before purchase to avoid discomfort due to under size or over size

5. Merrell Pulsate Hiking Shoe

Experience what it feels like to hike in the best hiking shoe product that has the only focus of guaranteeing your comfort and convenience. The Pulsate hiking shoe is one of the best products that has quite a number of credible features attached to it.

The product is made of a nubuck and a 100% suede leather at the upper design. It has a grip outsole sole embedded in its design which is one of the features peculiar to just the pulsate hiking shoe. Another prominent feature of the pulsate hiking shoe is the bellow tongue that keeps debris out and an abrasion resistant toe bumper feature. In addition, Merrell select the best of materials that prevents irritating smells during use and after use. The pulsate hiking shoe is also known for its removable footbed treated with quality odor control mechanism and also the molded nylon arch shank as well.

Beyond reasonable doubt the pulsate hiking shoe light in weigh and exerts less stress on the ankle and the leg as a whole. Get the best hiking experience with the pulsate hiking shoe that most certainly will get your heart racing for pleasure, comfortability and satisfaction.


  • It is light weight
  • It is user friendly
  • It is durable and made of quality material
  • It gets rid of odor without stress
  • Can be used to hike any topography
  • It is comfortable
  • It is made of quality materials
  • It is one of the best products


  • It is one of the best not necessarily the best of all
  • It is most suitable for Men

6. Keen Voyageur Hiking Shoe

The Keen product’s been breaking grounds and making a difference in the world of hiking shoes. Are you a lover of mountain hiking or any form of hiking? Here is a choice for you.

The men’s Voyageur hiking shoe design is made of a 100% quality leather and mesh that has the sole purpose of giving you the best hiking experience and outstanding comfortability. It has a rubber sole which enables user to hike terrains that are both smooth and rough. The heels of the hiking shoe measures about 2” while the platform itself measures approximately about 0.75”. it has a removable insole embedded in it. In addition, it also constitutes a metatomical EVA foot bed to ensure your comfortability. The product is extremely comfortable, durable and stylish; peradventure you are thinking of making this selection, it is most advisable to clean this product using a leather cleaner that could be found in any footwear deal shop.

Maintain your cool in the comfort of the Keen men’s Voyageur hiking shoes. To briefly add, the mesh lining replaces a water proof barrier which ensures continual airflow in and out of the hiking shoe.


  • It is durable and comfortable
  • It is made of a 100% leather
  • It is user friendly
  • It can be used to hike any topography
  • Features a waterproof feature in its design


  • It is most suitable for men
  • It is one of the best and not necessarily the best of the best


Hiking shoes are one of the most important tools needed during hiking. They tend to give the feeling of comfort and safety while hiking all kinds of topography whether in familiar or unfamiliar places such as the mountain. It should be noted that protecting your foot with hiking shoes isn’t a factor to consider lightly and as such there is need to be strategic about your selection. This guide has successfully highlighted and discussed a few things to look for when choosing a hiking shoe of your choice and all you need to do is make your pick and smile your way home.

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