Timberland vs Columbia Hiking Boots (Updated 2024)

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The type of boot you go for is mostly dependent on the terrain you intend to thread on or cover during your walks. A correct footwear is very important. Your best bet is to visit online shop as there are several types to suit your needs. You will come across different styles– even colors if you’re a fashion-conscious individual and this again may be the beginning of many problems revolving around choosing the best.

If you’re preparing for a trek throughout the day, you need to make sure you’re wearing the sturdiest men’s climbing boots to keep you more comfortable throughout the day. Go for a boot made from quality leather and sharp textures, to combat all form of obstacles either in the wild or anywhere else. 

Deciding for the boot that will suit your needs can be the difference between having a great walk or changing your mind about walking. If you’re going hiking, don’t buy them as soon as possible before the multi-day trip. When you do that, it means the boot will not be adequately worn before you use them. Again, if there are any problems as regards fit or quality of the boot, you’ll never get the chance to see to any issues before you’ll spend days with the boot on your feet.

You could risk blisters forming on your foot or several other problems, and you can’t do anything since the D-day is right in your face. Otherwise, you’d have to return them for a boot that fit better for your trekking needs.

Timberland AnkleStrong OutsolePRICING
Timberland ChocoruaLightweight, Waterproof and BreathablePRICING
Timberland Mt. MaddsenDurable OutsolePRICING
Columbia Newton Ridge Plus IIFlexibility and StabilityPRICING
Columbia RedmondGreat Level of ComfortPRICING
Columbia North Plains IIVery LightweightPRICING

Columbia vs Timberland hiking boots – Features

There are probably no boots that can be described as ‘off-road’ hiking boots. You cannot have a pair of hiking boots that will suit all kinds of terrain without compromising on quality and comfort to some extent. This way, the best way to have your shoes last a long time and not hamper your comfort level is to have a few pairs that suit different terrains.

Snake Bite Protection

If you are going to be trekking, there are areas known to be dominated by poisonous snakes;  it is advisable you choose boots that keep your ankles safe and are made of a material that is difficult for poison animals to penetrate.

Boots Designed for Snow and Ice

If you are going to be trekking through areas that are wet with snow and ice, you will need boots that can withstand moisture and keep your feet warm as well. These hiking boots usually have spikes built in them as they assist the hiker in climbing slippery slopes and preventing you from injury. So certain kinds of hiking boots are appropriate during winter season.

Prevention of Shoe Bites and Blisters

Whatever the types of hiking boots you choose, the shoe is designed to prevent the wearer from getting shoe bites and blisters, and it is of the highest importance. You don’t want to cut your fun-filled adventure short because of a pair of uncomfortable shoes.

Shoe Liners

If you are preparing on the type of shoe liners to use with your hiking boots, to make them fit more snugly and comfortable, you have a choice of liners to choose from. Moreover, the best liners are luxurious hiking boot liners.

Waterproof Boots

Keeping moisture out of hiking boots is of prime importance, both from a comfort point of view as well as a durability. Cowhide boots are suitable for this purpose and can stay dry while you jump through a stream, a few stomps on dry ground and you are ready to go again.

For the best buy, below is a roundup of  Timberland and Columbia hiking boots. They come in broad ranges. Read on and make your choice.


1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

These boots come in different colors—6 actually—and different size ranges from 7 to 15, as well as half sizes. So you have so much on your hands to select from. This boot will fit because they are true to size.

The upper part of the boot is manufactured using full-grain leather. Therefore, there should be enough comfort when you break them into a tiny bit. Leather boots come stiff; that means you should spend ample time to break them in. Sadly, there is no precise time to how long it will take to achieve that. According to some people, there was zero breaking time; others say it took like one month to break them in.

The leather of Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot undergone treatment with waterproof properties as it passes through the tanning process for it to be 100% waterproof. These boots are seam-sealed, meaning not even a single drop of water can enter its interior. You’d have a dry foot also if you have to walk through the creek.

The outsole is made of rubber, featuring multidirectional lugs for improved traction. Again, these boots come with the B.S.F.P system of Timberland with the acronym Brake, Support, Flex, and Propel. That will give you the perfect idea of the traction to expect from the White Ledge.


  • Built for flexibility and comfort on the top and base
  • Strong outsole with incredible footing   
  • Very versatile for the city and trail work


  • Narrow fit for a more extensive fit

2. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof

This Timberland Men Chocorua Trail Mid climbing boot is a hugely popular lightweight mid-height hiking and exploring boots; well suited for wet conditions, rough territory and any outdoor events and activities.

One more reason why you need the Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof is that it’s  water repellent to go through any territory without difficulties. It’s also lightweight, and the padded sole is ideal to offer great padding,  great comfort, and  great valueyou’re your money.

The upper part of the boot is a blend of a waterproof leather as well as synthetic. The leather is made waterproof during the tanning procedure. The inside is either fixed or waterproof and breathable. Gore-Tex layer is used to keep your feet dry. The lower part is a padded sole and double thickness footbed which gives extraordinary padding, while the outsole is elastic with drags for unrivaled footing.


  • Durableand offers a great value for money
  • Lightweight, waterproof and breathable
  • Perfect for multi-purpose use, excellent all round boot
  • Wide feet option available
  • Stylish and traditional hiking boot look


  • Need to be careful with the eyelets and new laces
  • Insole not as comfortable as it could be
  • Not ideal for backpacking, etc.
  • Might be a bit thin on the soles for tougher terrain

3. Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot

Whether you’re on the trail or off it, Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot stands tall on the list of hiker boots. They are durable and of high-quality from top to bottom.They feature waterproof uppers which are flexible and comfortable, enabling the wearer to stay fearless in most weather conditions—whether rain or snow.

You will get plenty of grip with the compression EVA midsole to combine with multi-directional lugged outsole—it is perfect for a challenging terrain. It  is designed for versatility and comfort from top to bottom and itd durable outsole provides for exceptional grip and traction.


  • Durable outsole for exceptional grip and traction
  • Comes handy for that versatile for that city


  • The tongue dig right into your fee


4. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot, Breathable, High-Traction Grip

In situations where you need a lightweight, waterproof, and sturdy boot,  the Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot is your best option. These explorers come prepared in a robust, lightweight plan. They offer dependable comfort, prevalent padding, and a high-vitality return. The elastic footing outsole will guard you well and during your walk crosswise over different landscapes. These waterproof, lightweight boots will keep your feet dry, give you excellent comfort and backing while you swagger your stuff and conquer the most burdensome trails.

Columbia Men’s Newton is the perfect boot for beginner hikers. To this end, if you’re new to hiking, and pondering which footwear to pick, this is the ideal choice. It’s a moderate learner boot that accompanies incredible highlights for outdoor exercises.  It’s produced using a material that incorporates Polyurethane leather coated, work material. The leather is solid guaranteeing that with this hiking boot you can go for mountaineering as much as you wish.

These Columbia boots are waterproof enables you to go hiking in territories that are dry and wet. It has a feature that offers a waterproof-crease rigid structure equipped for keeping water away from  your shoe which can make it wear so quickly. It’s breathable to keep away sweat on a sunny day.

The Columbia Newton Plus II is the perfect boot for hiking both outdoor and indoor. It has a shank under the curve that guarantees the most extreme soundness and courage when walking. If you are navigating a sloppy terrain, stress no more. This boot is intended to evacuate mud since it has the Omni grip outsole.


  • Ideal for short hiking trips and also light weight
  • It gives you flexibility and stability
  • It comes with Omni grip sole for muddy conditions
  • The boot is very supportive as well as waterproof
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • The laces are a bit short
  • Not too ideal for those who want to go for long hiking trips

5. Columbia Men’s Redmond Mid Waterproof Boot, Breathable, High-Traction Grip Hiking

Deal with the nasty trail in waterproof, rugged comfortable Columbia Men’s Redmond Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. The Redmond offers exceptional performance while still keeping a lightweight comfort. With other hiking boots going bulky and uncomfortable, the Columbia men’s takes a different turn and comes light as you walk. The Redond’s long-lasting suede leather with the combination of mesh and webbing upper uses Omni-Tech breathable seam-sealed membrane and waterproof to keep your sock and foot dry.

When your hiking partners can’t seem to go further due to the harsh and wet section of the trail in front of them, you can offer to move across. ATechlite midsole provides excellent comfort and stability, maximizing energy efficiency without putting on weight. The Redmond’s mid-top profile provides protection and ankle support, with the Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber outsole offering excellent stability—even when the terrain is wet.


  • Surprisingly light
  • It has a premium look
  • The footwear come in full package
  • Great level of comfort                                                       .


  • Turns out to be too small for many
  • It features a mesh upper which tears easily

6. Columbia Men’s North Plains II Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot

The Columbia North Plains II Mid is one of the least expensive and lightest pair of boots. The combination of its weight, leather upper, the mesh, and tight fit makes it part a trail runner and part a hiker. The North Plains II feels at home while on groomed trails with very light packs and few obstacles—mostly for people who prefer extra support for their ankle. It is not an all-rounder and shows some limitation on rigorous trails.

If your eyes are closed why wearing this boot, you feel like you are wearing a pair of tennis shoes. Coming out of the box, they are comfortable with a tennis shoe feel. The inner membrane hugs your foot,  and the cushioning in the footbed is incredible; so they’re perfectly fine on the groomed pathway.

These Columbia waterproof boots have got the sweet spot regardless of some drawbacks. This is a suitable pair of a hiker boot for people that would stick to flat and smooth terrain. They are affordable and offers excellent value for money.


  • It is very lightweight
  • Provides extra support for ankle
  • Cushioning inner membrane and footbed
  • It is comfortable


  • It has poor stability
  • Features a low flood level


Comfort, durability and waterproof are some of the features you want to see in a hiking boot. The options above will fit quite well depending on your budget. Going for the wrong boot can be as bad as burning up your feet because the wrong hiking boots will definitely leave your feet sore after or even before you finish hiking. So, it is understandable if you put so much time and concentration in getting the best fit and it’s a good thing you are here because we have compiled the above list just for you. Hiking can be fun with the right boot, so go for the one that best suited and have an exciting experience all the way.

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