Best Full Face MTB Helmets Of 2024

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One of the most important factors to consider while riding a bike is your protection. The head is one of the most delicate parts of the body that controls every other parts. In case of accidents, when the head is hit, every other part may be affected. As such, there is need to maintain a high level of protection while riding bikes. 

One of the most effective ways is picking the best full-face MTB helmet that would prevent and protect your head from damage in case of accidents, head on collusion, high speed or low speed impact. It should be noted that there are a variety of options available on the market and thus the need to select the best of best.

This guide is designed towards articulating a few of the best full-face MTB helmet that would help guide you during your selection process. On a general note, it is very important to note a few things before selecting a full face mtb helmet which include.

Demon United PodiumCPSC certifiedPRICING
Fox ProframeImproved Levels of ProtectionPRICING
Troy Lee Designs StageFIDLOCK Magnetic Buckle SystemPRICING
Giro Switchblade MIPS20 Vents With Internal ChannellingPRICING
Fox Head RampageFiberglass FeaturePRICING
Bell Transfer – 9Comfortable and DurablePRICING


Free air flow is most certainly one of the most important feature of a full face mtb helmet. Of course, it is most certainly weird to suffocate under a full-face helmet and as such, it becomes imperative to take into cognisance the free flow of air coming in and out of the helmet. Best full face mountain bike helmet makes this feature one of their most paramount of all included features in their designs.


Beyond reasonable doubt, full face helmets are meant to be light in weight. It is quite important to consider the weight of the helmet before purchase due to the fact that heavy helmets are very difficult to wear and move around in. It has to be light in weight in order to ensure ease of head movement and ensure that less stress is being exerted on the neck.  


Many a people make the mistake of purchasing just any full face mtb helmet without considering how comfortable it would be. Be sure to check if it fits, slacking, suffocating or free. Peradventure there is a slight feeling of discomfort, it is very much advisable to refrain from purchasing such helmet. In addition, bike riding sometimes can be a very delicate task, as such, you need to be careful and strategic about your protective wears one in which the selection of a full face mtb helmet is paramount.


There is no point in wearing a protective helmet when you don’t see clearly in it. On no account should you purchase a helmet that won’t ensure proper and clear vision. When choosing a good full face mtb helmet, ensure that the clear vision from different angle is made possible without exerting extra strength or energy.

It is to be noted that the aim of this guide is to expose you to the best full face mtb helmet available on the market.

1. Demon United Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Are you an enthusiast mountain bike rider in need of the best helmet to protect your head against damages in case of accidents? If yes, this is perhaps best choice to go for. The Demon United Podium full face mountain bike helmet is made of the best materials that are durable, credible and long lasting. Beyond reasonable doubt, reviews from users over the years has been credible and encouraging; these reviews confirm the fact that this MTB helmet is profoundly outstanding.

The MTB helmet has a full face protective mechanism with linen of foam in between. The helmet is well ventilated and is available in different colors of choice. Demon full face helmet is relatively light in weight and it is user-friendly. In addition, the comfortability of the helmet is one of the features peculiar to it. The Eps foam liner can be removed at any point in time for adjustment or washing.


  • It is comfortable and user-friendly
  • It is CPSC certified
  • It is well ventilated and incredibly light weighted
  • Vision is clear and encompasses different angles


  • You have to measure the length of your head for a proper fit
  • Helmet comes with only one set of pads

2. Fox Proframe Full Face MTB Bike Helmet

Fox racing has been dedicated to producing the best of all and have over the years made quite a number of outstanding products; one in which the MTB bike helmet is one. Make your bike riding experience worthwhile while maintaining a maximum level of protection with the fox proframe full face mtb bike helmet. The product is made of extremely durable, and quality materials that would ensure ease of use and comfortability. The design of the fox proframe full face mtb bike helmet paves way for proper ventilation on a whole new level.

This product is extremely light weight and can be used by both men and women riders without any difficulty or issues. In addition, the MTB bike helmet is very comfortable and doesn’t exert stress on the neck of its users. The product has an improved level of protection that is not common to other kinds of full face mtb bike helmet. Beyond reasonable doubt, the Fox Proframe full face mtb bike helmet is one of the best currently on the market.


  • It is versatile and comfortable
  • Ventilation is credible
  • Improved levels of protection
  • Suitable for both men and women riders
  • Effectively absorbs sweat


  • It is mostly suitable for women
  • It is credible but not the most credible compared to others

3. Troy Lee Designs Stage Full Face MTB Helmet

The Troy Lee Designs is one of the most outstanding full-face helmet. It has a polylite shell construction with enough fiber reinforcement which ensures the comfortability of users. Thus, one of the most prominent features of this product is the Dual Density EPS co-molded with EPP that work hand in hand to safely ensure user’s safety during high or low speed impact; as such the risk of injury to the head is reduced or prevented. In addition, it as has a polyacrylite injected reinforcement which ensures durability and further protection.

Troy lee designs have an eleven high flow air ventilation intake and fourteen open core exhaust ports with deep max air flow internal channeling. The Troy lee product has static silver comfort liner, which delivers high odor absorbing function and a quick dry moisture feature. The cheek pads use Xstatic fabric and also a soft interior surface for maximum comfort and ease of breathing.


  • Product is quality and durable
  • 11 high flow air intakes
  • 14 open core exhaust ports
  • It has a FIDLOCK magnetic buckle system
  • Very comfortable
  • Extremely light in weight


  • Head measurement is required to get a perfect fit
  • Some goggles don’t fit in well (can be solved by purchasing a perfectly fitting goggles)

4. Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB Helmet

The Giro Switchblade is a new ASTM downhill full-face helmet with a removable chin bar feature. The Gro switchblade MTB helmet is made of quality materials that are durable. It should be noted that the comfortability of this helmet is one of its kind. Are you considering purchasing a helmet that is worth the price? Then you need to consider this product.

Giro switch blade MIPS MTB helmet makes the protection of its users a priority based on the fact that it comes with linen structure that is capable of protecting the user’s head against slow or fast impact. In addition, the helmet has an inner structure that’s ensures proper ventilation, i.e proper air flow. Also, the removable chin feature supports proper ventilation in the sense that once it’s removed, or moved or shifted, air rushes in the more. The wind tunnel cheek pad Ventilation adds more to the cooling power of the helmet while in use. The helmet is comfortable, light weight, durable and most importantly protective.


  • Removable chin bar feature
  • 20 vents with internal channelling
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is well padded to support the protective feature
  • Product is made with quality material to ensure durability
  • It is very light in weight


  • Head measurement is required for a perfect fit
  • One of the best but not the overall best available on the market

5. Fox Head Rampage Full Face Bike Helmet

For years, the fox racing has been one of the leading brands in history especially when it comes to cycling and biking. Over the years, their products have stood test of time and their quality is no less than credible. Beyond reasonable doubt, their gears and accessories have made a first class impression on many users. The Fox Head Rampage bike helmet is usable by both male and female (adults in general), user friendly and comfortable. It should be noted that there is a proper ventilation mechanism in its design; a first class cheek pad and inner linen to reduce the risk of injury against high speed or low speed impact.

The product is usable for mountain biking, BMX or surfing. In the light of staying safe, your helmet is one of the most crucial factor to consider when picking out your mountain biking outfit. The feature of this product also includes an exceptionally light fiber glass shell which prevents the helmet from weighing too heavy on the head while riding. The inner lining consists of a soft cheek pad, inner lining and an outstanding D-ring strap to hold the helmet firmly to your jaw. There are 11 vents that allows for proper ventilation/airflow while the helmet is in use while lessening the risk or the irritation of overheating. Evidences proves that the helmet is extremely comfortable and easy to use. In addition, if as a rider, you are a lover of goggles, the helmet opening is wide enough to adapt with any modern goggle design. The rampage is available in all sizes, which range from small to X-large.


  • Fiberglass feature ensures durability
  • Proper ventilation port up to 11
  • Versatile and usable by both men and women
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • Made of durable and quality material
  • Clear vision is guaranteed


  • Its tight fit feature sometimes can cause irritation

6. Bell Transfer – 9 Mountain Bike Full Face Helmet

The Bell although isn’t as sophisticated as the Full-9 helmet, nonetheless, it performs the most important feature of any helmet which is protection. Get the experience of an amazing helmet with the Bell’s Transfer – 9 at relatively half the price of most helmets. The helmet is comfortable with extra paddings all for your comfortability and protection in case of high or low speed impact. In addition, the bell’s Transfer -9 has a proper air flow ventilation mechanism that would reduce the risk of overheating or irritations while in use.

The Product is firm, durable, quality and superb. Although the product is made from slightly heavy materials nonetheless, it performs the job of a helmet beyond expectation. To ensure comfortability, the 3-D formed quick-snap cheek pads and interior pads can be adjusted to taste depending on the user.


  • Relatively cheap and effective
  • Proper ventilation mechanism
  • Comfortable and durable
  • It is user-friendly and portable
  • Usable for bike or surf related sporting activity
  • No difficulty with vision


  • Slightly heavy materials were used for its production
  • It has half the feature of the Full-9


While riding, it is very important to take note of your safety first; accidents or high impact sometimes can be inevitable. It is believed that the provided details and information as regards the best full face MTB helmet in this guide is explicit enough to help you choose the product which best fits your need and budget. In conclusion, don’t make the mistake of making the purchase tomorrow, make it today; if you are making the decision already, don’t forget to go through this guide as many times as necessary in order to give you an insight of what would really fit your budget and need.

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