Ski Helmet vs. Bike Helmet – Use for Intended Purpose!

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A helmet is primarily designed to keep your head protected, but they come in different and many forms. The best helmets provide an equal blend of comfort, air circulation, and protection. So, whether you are out onto the mountain to enjoy a long, rugged ride or you are just freestyling around in the town, it is important to have your helmet on and it must fit and fasten just perfect.

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Are ski helmets and bike helmets the same? You need not wait until you get caught up in a big air or hit by a tree while skiing before you appreciate a helmet before you buy one. As an enthusiastic skier and rider, getting a helmet is important and you can benefit from the warmth and safety a helmet offers. Ski vs bike helmet (also snowboard vs bike helmet):

Differences Between Ski Helmets and Bike Helmets

Can you use ski helmet for biking? When it comes to the distinctions between ski and bike helmet, they are not really so obvious but one thing is certain – Ski helmets are designed for higher impacts than that of bike helmets. This is due to the typical speed of a snowboarder is almost twice that of a biker.

Also, ski helmets are more padded with insulation material so as to offer warmth to the skier’s head. This is not always common to many bike helmets and even if, it doesn’t get to be as much as that of ski helmets.

Furthermore, ski helmets are certain to extend by the sides so as to cover the ears from getting cold but it’s different with bike helmets.

So as a Skier meant for the mountain colds and icy regions, you may want to put all these into considerations anytime the thought of going for a bike helmet crosses your mind.

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Major Parts of Helmets

The Inner liner; this is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam material which has an appearance of a Styrofoam. It is designed to pack together and absorb shock on hitting a surface. It also of course protects your head against abrasions and sharp edges.

The Outer Shell; also referred to as the outer layer and is a rigid surface which protects the inner liner of the helmet from scratches and bumps. It is usually a ABS high-density plastic. It helps by spreading the force of impact over the broader part of the helmet whenever you fall.

Choosing the Size and Fit of a Helmet

Making the right choice on the fit and size of the helmet is paramount, or else, it will be difficult to get the best from it. The first is to measure your head by making use of a soft tape. You can easily wrap the tape round your head at the region just over your ears and eyebrows.

A lot of helmets come measured in centimeters and it might be best to use a tape calibrated in centimeters. Suppose you don’t have a soft tape, you can use a soft line or string material and wrap it round your head after which you can now measure the line.

In an ideal situation, you should have your measurements somewhere in the middle of what’s given and if you are at the end of the measurement, you should increase up a bit.

As regards the fit, once you pick the helmet, wear it on your head and have the front align with your eyebrow and gently tighten the strap until you feel comfortable. If it feels comfortable that way while leaving your head and the helmet’s lining with no gap, that means the helmet is your perfect fit. Take note that the back of your neck is not touching the rear end of the helmet.

If after your head is strapped in the helmet feels shaky or spacious around it, that means it’s too big for your head. However, if it feels so tightened such that you feel squeezed around your head, the implication is that the helmet is too small for your head.

Now that you know the rituals for buying the right helmet in fit and size, lets head straight to the product we have carefully selected for you. We have saved you the hassle of having to waste energy and having your thumb on your head in the L-shape while combing through catalogues of products –so breath-taking and confusing. We are confident that just before you exhaust this guide, you will find that aha moment! Let’s take a look the difference between ski and bike helmet.

Ski Helmets

1. Oakley MOD5 Ski/Snowboarding Helmet

The Oakley designed the MOD5 Adult Ski helmet with one major factor in consideration and that’s to bring smile on the face of skiers and snowboarders. It is one of those helmets out there that puts premium concern on comfort and style. The MOD5 helmet blends current technology with a stylish design to make such an incredible ski helmet perfect for getting through the hits and hard of the mountain.

It features a superior padding on the exterior and interior part of the helmet which is certain to keep you safe and secured without experiencing any feeling of bulkiness or load. The MOD5 also comes with a strong hybrid shell which protects the head and offers unmatched comfortability for all-day usage. The inner lining is replaceable and you can easily swap it any time you want to.

The adjustability of the vents makes the Oakley a darling helmet for many ski lovers. This allows you to control the air that gets inside the helmet by adjusting the vents, great for eliminating any tendency of fogs building up on your goggles. It also features a couple other ventilation outlets for controlled heat management.

The MOD5 comes at 11 inches high and 10 inches wide, and can only be hand washed. It also features a magnetic buckle. Any pair of goggles you have bought for use will work just right underneath this helmet, thanks to its modular brim feature.

What more? The MOD5 helmet comes in diverse colors of mix of blue, black, and grey. It is also available in sizes of large, medium, and small.


  • Durability and moderately lightweight
  • Ventilation system for controlled aeration within the helmet
  • Magnetic buckle
  • Hybrid construction of the shell


  • Can only be hand washed

2. Smith Optics Vantage MIPS Ski/Snowboarding Helmet

One of such brands that will go all out in making helmets polished into different colors so you can make a pick that matches your wears is the Smith. If you are in search of a durable ski helmet which will not sabotage your style, you need not search further as the Smith Optics Vantage MIPS is one among few ski helmets that offer that kind of blend.

We are confident to tell you that with this helmet, you can never go wrong! It comes with a lot of cool and amazing features which separates it from the pack.

The Smith features an Aerocore system construction which is designed to allow for increased flow of air thus ensuring superior temperature moderation and little or no fogs on your ski goggles. In addition to this, its AirEvac 2 ventilation mechanism allows for a combined synergistic effect between your helmet and goggle. Its hybrid shell design integrates a blend of a durable ABS design and lightweight in-mold system so as to provide a superlight and low profile strong helmet.

As regards comfortability, the Smith Optics Vantage MIPS is very well in on that with its Snapfit ear foams. This feature comfortably covers your ears from the icy cold weather and can be easily detached to allow cooling on cozy days. At the back of the helmet, you will find a goggle clip with which you can securely lock in the goggles. It can be detached for keeping the weight of the whole helmet a bit under.

A simple brim construction extending stylishly on the front of the helmet helps protect from the elements. It is available in diverse colors and sizes of large (59 to 63 centimeters), medium (55 to 59 centimeters) and small (51 to 55 centimeters).


  • Adjustable ventilation
  • MIPS technology – Multi-Directional Impact Protection System
  • Different color skins
  • Superior hybrid shell design
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t fit for long oval shaped heads

Bike Helmets

3. Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

Helmets has never been this much an object of fascination in the biking world until now. The Lumos Kickstart Smart bike helmet takes the thrill of using bike helmets to a whole new level with new day technology and designs. The Lumos helmet is such a highly technically built helmet fashioned out of desire to boost safety for riders along with a number of bright light features. This is so important today because being visible on your bike is so much pivotal especially in this current world where distractions are everywhere, so with the LED lights, you can easily get the attention of anyone are they are bright to see.

The Lumos Kickstart smart helmet is built with a high quality plastic and its padded on the inside with soft foam for increased comfort. Though the Lumos shape design isn’t so unique, it sure works just fine as any high end helmet will do.

An interesting part of its features is the incredibly clean Wireless Remote device which comes with two buttons, internal accelerometer that can detect braking whenever you pull the breaks. This remote control is weatherproof and would sure not be affected by the elements, rechargeable and detachable (on and off your bike’s stem) as well.

The helmet comes with automatic warning lights built into the rear end and extending to the sides of the helmet and a couple somewhere around the front of the helmet. The warning lights are able to detect whenever you are breaking the speed and alerts any vehicle behind you by giving off a solid red light. The helmet comes with a magnetic USB cable with which you can charge it in 2 hours and enjoy 2hrs and 6 hours of usage in solid and flash mode respectively.

The helmet features an adjustable strap with which you can fit it and keep it locked in on your head.

Another interesting thing about the helmet is that it can be connected to either of the iOS and Android versions of Lumos helmet companion lamp with which you can seamlessly control it.


  • Solid LED lights
  • Sleek design
  • Magnetic USB cable for charging
  • Very comfortable


  • Available in only a single size
  • Quite heavy

4. Kask Protone Bike Helmet

Advance unto the tracks with the incredible Kask Protone bike helmet. If you are keen on ventilation and strength, a helmet that can get you confident while on the back as you cruise through the tracks, you can settle for the Kask Protone helmet. It is one of the helmets out there designed for safety and many hardcore bikers who are not only constrained to roads but ambitious enough to go for the hills and rocky mountains.

The Kask is also a symbol of technical innovation furnished with a modern outlook. It features a Aero control mechanism which provides an unmatched aerodynamics and superior performance shell that has been verified for durability in the Jaguar’s tunnel. This helmet offers a ridiculously low drag and offers a fantastic air ventilation to the user. With the ventilation mechanism, it properly dissipates heat and allow for quality airflow into the helmet irrespective of how oriented the rider’s head is.

Because of the polycarbonate covering on the outer shell of the helmet, the base ring and around the back, the helmet’s MIT technology assures of superior protection and increased safety. The helmet also features an in-mold build which connects the external polycarbonate covering to the polystyrene core of the helmet so as to provide robust shock absorption ability.

Among the Kask’s features are its 3D dry foam padding which integrates a multi-layer cell construction, washable lining and chinstrap that foils skin irritation.


  • Great fit and well ventilated
  • Washable lining and treated chinstrap
  • Robust shock absorption mechanism
  • Well-padded for comfort and ease
  • Very durable


  • Very pricey
  • Doesn’t come with LED lights


Although the most paramount thing for safety as a snowboarder, skier or a biker is discipline on the tracks and modestly careful, the need for helmets can never be over emphasized. They are key safety players in keeping your head secure even when you experience a fall or high impact. We know how important this is and we have reviewed these best of the bests helmets out there. We hope you understand the difference between snow helmet vs bike helmet. With any of them on, you are ready for the tracks!

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