Ski Helmets With Built In Goggles (Updated 2024)

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When your Ski helmets come with built in goggles, you sure know what you are doing. It looks more like you are ready for the winter cruise. The need for ski helmets with built in goggles cannot be over emphasized. On a quick note, built in ski goggles are referred to as visors. They are an important add on because they help you to enjoy a wider range of vision while eliminating any worries you might be having about goggle-gaps.

It is vital to protect your eyes from sun rays, reflective lights and even snows. Ski goggles are no match with visors when it comes to protecting your face from snow and the elements. Visors are powerful enough to deflect cold breeze as from the face. With visors, you also enjoy optimum warmth provided by the paddings on the side. Furthermore, these visors are exceptional at reflecting excessively bright light or even sunlight thus preventing them from entering your eye.

There is ultimately no exaggerating the essence of buying Ski helmets that come with built in goggles. If you are able to have one, you will sure thank yourself for buying it. But before you hurry to purchase, here are a couple of things to look out before buying Ski helmets with built in ski goggles.

Kask ChromeThe Visors are ReplaceablePRICING
Giro Vue MIPSAdjustable and Thermal-Maintained VentingPRICING
Bolle Backline Visor PremiumDouble Visors for Improved Visibility Even in the DarkPRICING
509 Delta R3 IgniteAnti-Fog and Anti-Scratch TechnologyPRICING
Kask Stealth AudioThe Visors Can Be Swapped Between the Two Helmet OptionsPRICING
  • Interchangeable Visors and Ski Helmet Compatibility. It will be a huge plus to be able to replace your visors when they get faulty. You don’t want to dump a whole helmet only because the visors aren’t good enough and are not interchangeable. So, look for Ski helmets with interchangeable visors. Most importantly, ensure your ski helmet supports a wide range of visors.
  • The best ones in the market should have enough holes and paddings that are very breathable. This will sure improve air entry and circulation.
  • Chin Straps. With chin strap, you are able to keep your helmet locked in on your head. It’s important that they are adjustable over a good range of length.
  • Ear covers. We should properly tell you to not go for ski helmets without goggles. You certainly don’t want to lose balance due to uncontrolled wind flows into your ear. More so, ear covers help keep your ears warmth and insulated in the cold winds and snow.
  • Camera Mounts. Some of the best ski helmets with visors feature camera mounts on which you can easily mount your go pro or what have you. If you are keen on having this, ensure you have it taken care of when making a choice.

While its easy to get just any helmet, its more of a tedious process to find the right ones. Apart from having to worry about size, quality is another important factor. We have therefore designed this guide through research and testing so as to simplify the process for you. We have selected the best of the bests and you will certainly not be disappointed by going for any of them.

1. Kask Chrome Ski Helmet

The Kask Chrome is one of the ski helmets designed with coziness in mind. The Kask makers have taken ski comforts to even a whole new level. The Kask Chrome comes with features that put it ahead of many others in the market.

Speaking of its features, it is built with an integrated smart venting system. This features more aeration pores and improves the circulation of cool hair within the ski. In order to corroborate the effect of the venting system, the fabrics on the inside are made breathable so as to enhance your comfort.

With this ski helmet comes a panoramic double visor. This is probably going to get your excitement levels high, right! The double visor technology offers you a quadruple resistance capability to misting, a huge benefit better than a single lens. The visors are replaceable and are always available as a good fit for a wide range of Kask.

The micro metrical buckle of the Kask chrome is another feature which comes as an improvement to the helmet’s ergonomics. It can be easily adjusted even if you have your gloves on.

What more? The padding on the inside of the Kask Chrome is removable and considerable dense to make for exquisite comfort and fantastic shock absorbance. Because it is removable, you can easily wash it and maintain the Chrome’s cleanliness. The inner lining also extends to create exquisite ear covers.


  • Panoramic double visor
  • The visors are replaceable
  • Removable inner padding for easy washing and replacement
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Soft and warm earflaps
  • Made of Merino wool, natural fiber and fantastic thermal regulation


  • Doesn’t come with camera mounts

2. Giro Vue MIPS Snow Helmet

Of all the helmets bringing beautiful and innovative solutions to the dilemmic scenario of google plus helmet, the Giro Vue MIPS can certainly not be left out. A quick thing to say about this ski helmet with visor is that it combines sufficient high-end features with simplicity. So, if you are looking out for a ski helmet to protect your head without stacking up too much design, you should then go for the Giro Vue MIPS Snow Helmet.

The Giro Vue comes with a very durable polycarbonate shell which sums up the strength of its impact protection. This outer shell is in an excellent fuse with the well-padded internal form makes up for a Ski helmet that is up to task. The visor of the Giro Vue comes more like a shield which is convertible and offers a sufficiently large range of view. It additionally features an exquisite face foam on the nose region as well as on the shield.

The fit-system feature of the Giro Vue is so fantastic. It makes it easy to achieve a custom fit in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t matter whether you have your gloves on or not. The adjustment feature allows for up to 6 centimeters for improved stability. With this helmet, it appears you will always get your fit, thanks to its vertical tuning feature. This feature helps the helmet to support varying types of goggles as well as different head shapes.

Another interesting feature is its thermostat-maintained venting which is very adjustable. The control button of the thermostat is placed on the inside of the helmet and you an easily adjust to the level you desire. Furthermore, the Giro Vue features an anti-odor technology in he padding which helps keep it from developing odor.


  • Superior optical clarity
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Vertical tuning for custom and universal fitting
  • Adjustable and thermal-maintained venting


  • Some inferior parts

3. Bolle Backline Visor Premium Ski Helmet

The Bolle Backline Visor Ski helmet is one of such helmets you can depend on to get you down the slopes safely. The Bolle ski helmet with visor well combines a stunning design with a high level of performance. It is built with very hard outer shell construction in a bid to offer you maximum protection. The helmet can also hold well when hit by sharp objects or high impacts blows.

The visor appears polarized and well designed so as to prevent UV rays from hitting you hard on the face. The Bolle Backline also offer an exquisite Click-to-Fit system which allows for achieving the best fit. More importantly, the ski helmet is also designed with a number of ventilation holes which are adjustable and allows heat dissipated into the helmet to easily escape out. The air circulation can as well be easily controlled.

Another cool thing about the Bolle Backline is that the visors are double and the lenses have been exquisitely built to form a protective shield from the bright light of the sun. Even when moving in the dark hours of the day, you can be afforded an appreciable level of extra vision and clarity.

Also, there are earflaps coming with the Bolle Backline and this helps to keep your ears warmth and insulated away from the cold snows.


  • Adjustable buckle
  • Double visors for improved visibility even in the dark
  • Click to fit technology
  • Incredibly hard outer shell


  • Isn’t customizable for varying head fits though available in just two sizes
  • No color options to choose from

4. 509 Delta R3 Ignite Full Face Snow Helmet

As far as ski helmets with visors are concerned, this is arguably one of the best if not the best. With the 509 Delta R3, you can’t go wrong on the skis. The design is so exquisite that you will almost want to jump on a ski anytime you see it. The 509 Delta R3 combines high performance in different capacities with the ability to choose between three distinct setups. These configurations include the full face, the dual sport, and the open face

The Delta R3 comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch technology along with a double pane is essential for enjoying a sharp vision even when the weather is not friendly.

It features a lightweight construction on the polycarbonate shell as well as a high-quality internal lining and cheek pads which is removable and washable. A cold weather breathbox, replaceable cold condition chin cover is of other features coming with the ski helmet. The strap buckle is magnetic Fidlock and allows you to adjust on the fly without losing focus or energy. It is also adjustable even with gloves on your hands.

You can easily remove the Delta R3 shield at the press of a push button. Even more exciting about this ski helmet with visor is that its venting is adjustable. This means you can control the amount of air that flows into the helmet while wearing it on.


  • Made for the hard and soft everyday skier
  • Of incredible quality and features
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch technology
  • Three different setups
  • Removable cold weather breathable box


  • Available only in large size

5. Kask Stealth Audio Ski Helmet

When it comes to outdoor gears, the Kask never ceases to amaze outdoor enthusiasts with their high-performance releases. The Kask Stealth Audio is another ski helmet with goggles many ski lovers would love to get their hands on. It is cherished by many for its keenness on safety and performance boost to the user. While it is available in two sizes, it also comes in different colors of black/yellow fluo shine and orange fluo shine.

Talking about the Kask Stealth’s venting system, it comes with the adjustable type through which you can adjust the rate of airflow into the helmet. This allows you to customize your comfort while enjoying the fact that it can be closed and opened with gloves worn on your hands

Unlike some other high-end ski helmets with visors, the Kask Stealth comes with a single lens visor but with superb performance. You enjoy a fantastic vision and optimum protection because the visor is both anti-fog and anti-scratch. Interestingly, it is easy to flip up and down. You can also swap the visor between both color types of the ski helmet available.

The manufacturers made sure the inner padding is removable so as to maintain the hygiene of the helmet and hence promote your comfort. The textile is Shalimar padding and is incredibly breathable and dries very rapidly, thanks to its textile type and quality.


  • Anti-scratch and antifog technology
  • Removable inner padding
  • Fast-drying padding textile
  • Adjustable venting system
  • Built for comfort and ease of adjustability
  • The visors can be swapped between the two helmet options


  • Price a little bit on the high side


Really, you need not crack through pages or comb through websites to get what’s best for you. In fact, some helmets are of course more than meets the eye. But as we have exhausted a number of ski helmets with googles, we consider them the best of the bests. Whether or not you are a professional or regular skier, you can be sure to get your fit out of any of these. So hurry and make a pick as you are about to see your skiing experience take a new shape for good.

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