First Time Skiing Checklist

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Skiing is such an interesting outdoor activity you almost can’t get tired of. The experience in the previous season will undoubtedly leave you in anticipation for the next one. But behind every successful skiing experience are gears working together to bring a memorable outcome. So, you are a first time at Skiing and you are looking to start on the right foot, we have prepared this ski equipment names checklist just for you. You are sure excited about your new adventure but you are probably nervous too and unsure of some essentials to go with. Do not fret, we have rounded up the best of the bests, read on as we unravel them to you.

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1. Ski Boots

Ski boots are a big investment and are important if you are going to have a memorable time on the snow. You want to get a big that will snug fit perfectly with your feet, align well with your skis and allows for optimum transfer of power from your legs to the skis.

Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots 

With the Rossignol Evo 70, you have got your feet well protected and set yourself up for a sweet adventure on the skis. It delivers high performance functionality, superior power transfer and is equally protective as well.  It is certainly the best to go for as a beginner or even an intermediate.

It is built with a polyolefine shell and polyolefine cuff, a strong plastic that enhances the durability of the boot. Polyolefine is widely recognized for its resistance to wear/tear and it characterized by high tensile strength. It doesn’t lose it form when exposed to oil, grease or water with the exception of fire, of course. The cuff and the inner liner allow for a comfortable and expansive fit

The Rossignol Evo 70 is designed with three buckles to ensure the boot is kept undeformed as you glide through slopes and steeps.

The flex of the boot is 70, a moderate flex perfect for beginners. It is also ideal for skiers with medium to large forefoot and leg shaft. The width of the forefoot is approximately 104mm allowing for enough space for the toes to fit without pressure. The ankle region is well articulated for improved circulation, comfort and warmth.


  • Great flex for beginners
  • Very solid, yet comfy
  • Superior power strap
  • Polyolefin shell and cuff


  • Insole may remove as you take off the boot

2. Skis

The right skis support your weight and comes at a moderate length between the top of your head and your chin. Skis that feature milder flex, particular designs like carving, and slender widths are ideal for beginners as they help you turn easily and maintain better control.

Traverse Ether All Mountain Ski

Launch your skiing career or experience with the Traverse Ether, it allows you to train and learn quickly on the move. It is designed with a Poplar wood core for better weight reduction, thus enabling you to slide through the snowy mountains effortlessly.

The Traverse Men’s Ether Ski has a 92 millimeters width. This moderate enough to supply you the needed maneuverability and support needed to cut through slopes and perform superior carves and twists on the snow.  It comes with rockered tail and tip; this enhances the float in powder just as it decreases the catch in sturdy packed.

You need a boot that will afford you enhanced power transfers as you swing through the turns, the Traverse Ether ski gives you that; thanks to its Camber underfoot. The steel edges of this ski will allow it to last for a long time without compromising its performance.


  • Steel edges for durability
  • Sufficiently wide for enhanced maneuverability
  • Rockered tip and tail


  • Price on the high side

3. Ski Helmets

The role that ski helmets play in your ski adventure is very important. Safety is vital and you must never risk head injuries. But apart from safeguarding your head from possible hits, the technology behind ski helmets have been improved so much that they are now much more versatile. They keep your head warm against the cold and are great at helping you maintain focus.

Smith Optics Maze Helmet

Smith Optics is undoubtedly one of the best ski helmet makers if not the best. They are great at making helmets that are optimized for safety and comfort. The Smith Optics Maze Helmet is our best pick for you because it incredibly sturdy, cozy, and well fitting. It is one of the most lightweight helmets from Smith Optics, yet with high performance

It is designed with the Smith’s AirEvac double ventilation system, a feature with nine (9) vents that allows for enhanced airflow into your head. It enhances the helmets ability to allow for balanced heat control within the helmet thus avoiding overheat.

Safeguarding your ears is never an issue with the Smith Optics Maze Helmet. It features ear flaps on both sides so as to protect your ear from the cold or entrance of snow drops. What’s more is the Goggle locking feature that keeps your ski goggles secured all through the twist and turns on the skis. It comes with the Sound systems from Skullcandy too, altogether making for a memorable experience.

Make a pick from the variety of 12 color choices the helmet is available in to match your other gear colors.


  • Superior ventilation system
  • Very lightweight
  • Features Skullcandy Sound system
  • 9 vents
  • Goggle locking feature
  • Earflaps for keeping the ear warm


  • The external coloration may fade easily

4. Ski Goggles

Call them visors or goggles, they are also an important part of your ski gear. They safeguard the eyes and prevent the elements from taking their tolls on your vision while you ski. Ski goggles have been developed to even be effective for vision in low lighting conditions. Some have been improved to shield from ultraviolent radiations. The best one fits properly, provides a wide range of vision and are compatible with many ski helmets; these you will find in the goggle below

Dragon Alliance NFXS2 Ski Goggles

Talking about ski goggles, the quality of the lens of Dragon Alliance NFXS2 separates it from the pack. It has been carefully crafted with features and functionality which is certain to blow you away.

It is anti-fog, meaning the effect of fog wouldn’t have impact on your vision. More interesting is the fact that it is designed to protect fully against UV radiations. Equally interesting is the fact that the lens allows for some airflow to ensure the eyes doesn’t get all sweaty during your skiing. It comes with enough brow venting so as to help maintain a clear vision.

The manufacturers went beyond to ensure maximum comfort with the goggles. It is well padded with multiple layered foam which allows the goggles to fit the users face shape. This thus ensures the topmost height of comfort. It also features a microfleece lining for draining out moisture.

Another interesting feat by this goggle is that it’s readily compatible with many helmets. More so, the buckle on the fastening straps are easily adjustable to fit whatever the size of your head.


  • Shields from UV radiation
  • Well-padded for maximum comfort
  • Wicks out air very quickly
  • High compatibility with many helmets
  • Superior anti-fog capability


  • Straps not long enough
  • Limited color choices

5. Ski Jacket

You want to enjoy the feeling that comes with skiing in the snowy cold, but at the same time, you want to keep yourself warm and well insulated all through the experience. It is not unexpected to experience a rapid fluctuation in weather condition while on the mountain; can switch from being just cold to wet almost immediately. When your ski jacket is resistant to weather, it is always up to the task of keeping you dry and comfortable irrespective of how bad the weather gets. So, you want to get it right with the reviewed jacket below

APTRO High Tech Ski Jacket Waterproof Mountain Rain Coat

Surprise the mountain weather with the APTRO High Tech and leave the weather stunned as to how you escaped the cold despite how snowy it was. This high-performance jacket comes with synthetic insulation featuring he 250 grams insulation filler which keeps the snow figured out of cold or rain. It cuts down its weight and wouldn’t feel heavy on you.

It uses the most recent 3D technology fabrics for improved durability. With an extremely small pore membrane, the jacket is able to wick away sweat from your body just as it offers you the convenience of waterproofing and breathability. The seams have been thoroughly sealed by treatment with adhesives so as to leave no room for water to seep in.

Its design is incredibly breathable, thanks to the zipper mesh venting. This venting system is fit into the underarm and as such allows for easy cooling off without necessarily zipping down the whole jacket. That way, you are well protected against stray snows. Suppose you flip or tumble, the powder skirt of the jacket will prevent snows from reaching your back.

It comes with features that makes it all the more functional and lovable. With the APTRO Men’s High, you almost can never run out of space to stuff away your valuables. Features YKK zipper, an interior mesh pocket for keeping your stuff like ski goggles, one left arm and interior zipper pocket easily adjustable cuffs, and lots more. It also comes with an interior drawcord hem for achieving a customized fit, and expandable glove that features a thumb hole.


  • Comes with ample pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Well-developed mesh for improved waterproofing and breathability
  • Provides superior level of warmth


  • Can at times get bulky


6. Ski Pants

The same reason to invest in a quality ski jacket goes for why you need a very functional ski pant. Cold can always find its way in from the lower parts if a quality pant is not utilized. It is important that your ski pant is waterproof, tough, and very breathable.

Columbia Bugaboo II Pant

The Columbia Bugaboo is a best-selling ski pant that has everything to do with comfort and style. Great thing is that it can also be worn by women because its style is basically neutral. It sure fits well for most men especially for newbies.

They are incredibly lightweight, wearing them on is as easy as breeze. It is waterproof and its seams have been well sealed to prevent entrance of water or snow, thanks to its Omni-Tech fabric. It is very breathable and even if you get your energies so high up such that you sweat, keeping you dry is always less of a worry with the Bugaboo.

It features a snap closure and external waist tabs which are adjustable and adapted to fit-form on your waist. It also comes with supported cuff guard for preventing snows from going up your legs. The interior lining is made of 100% polyester tricot so as to avoid any uneasiness and discomfort that comes from idle hitching. It also improves the water repellant capacity of the pant so as to keep you warm and dry.


  • Very lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable interior gaiter
  • Well supported cuffguard
  • Incredubly waterproof and breathable
  • Snap closure feature


  • Larger fit than it claims

7. Ski Gloves

Your hand will be in contact with snow almost all through the skiing time, so it is important to keep it insulated too. Being thick does not make a glove the best but waterproofing ability and being good at trapping warmth sure makes it perfect. Try out this Rossignol, it delivers!

Rossignol Gore Spirit Gloves

Rossignol are bestsellers when it comes to outdoor gears and with their Gore Spirit Glove, your hands will never know cold. The Rossignol glove comes with the Gore-Tex technology that makes the glove to be breathable and functional at protecting your hands from the weather. It also allows for comfort as it ensures an equilibrium transfer of heat and optimum moisture containment while in the cold.

It features a Fibreloft insulation for superior warmth and can be hand washed. Built of nylon and features synthetic palm, your grip has never been better. The ski poles stick to your hands like magnet. It also comes with a moisture removing brushed liner to easily wick away sweat that may develop within your palms. The interior fleece wrist cuff ensures that as you tighten up the glove to your wrist with the fasteners, you do not feel any discomfort because the fleece is soft and somewhat featherlike.


  • Provides balanced transfer of heat
  • Wrist made of fleece on the inside for added comfort
  • Fibreloft insulation
  • Inner brushed liner
  • Gore-Tex


  • Available only in one color


When you have ascertained that you have got everything on this checklist, you are set to kick off and hit the snows. As a first-time skier, high quality gears can determine how worthwhile your time on the slopes will be, and can much more affect your desire to commit to your new found sport. We have done the work of getting the best for you and with our recommended skiing checklist, you are unstoppable!

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