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If you have ever walked or traveled with ski gears, you will be quick to agree that it really sucks. Having to move your skiing gears including goggles, ski pants, gloves, boots, jackets, helmet among others through the hustle and bustle of cabs, traffics, and airports, drains out your passion to explore untrodden terrains. It is therefore important to say that the amazingness that lies in your journeying to your skiing mountain and the front of your doorstep is best enjoyed with a pivotal item which is the skiing bag. However, as it is important to have the perfect bag for your skiing adventure, so it is take note of a few things before you set out to make a purchase:

Dakine Fall LineHandles On Three Sides For Lifting The BagPRICING
Thule RoundTripCompression Straps For Hooking The SkisPRICING
High Sierra Deluxe WheeledInline Skate Type Of WheelsPRICING
Winterial RollingExtra Compartments For StoragePRICING
KULKEA KantajaSmart Design And Extra Storage CompartmentsPRICING

Picking and Stuffing a Ski Bag

One of the things that determine the size of ski bag you should buy is the nature of skiing expedition you aim to go for, the frequency of your transits with skis and how you intend to pack or stuff your bag. Well, if you are the type that like to travel light, you could probably go with a simpler skiing bag which can contain just a ski. But apart from that, we will advise you go for one that can contain a couple pairs of skis, like two or thereabouts. And talking about the two pair of ski, a good pick should be of a narrow-waisted pair suitable for hardpack and another pair that is broader for powder. Having these pairs handy will afford you different varieties to choose from should the weather turn out different from expected.


One other thing to note when making your choice of the ski bag to go for is if it comes with internal or external straps or not. Of a truth, straps may be just the basic thing that will make a huge difference in your camping experience. Interior straps are good for keeping your poles intact and secured from damages which may result from moving around unnecessarily while in the bag. The exterior straps help to compress the stuff in the ski bag from the outside thus eliminating the possibility of damages from gears rubbing on each other. Although budget bags are common to have minimal straps, the quality and durable ones yet come with compression straps on the inside and outside of the bag.

Extra Features

Moving your skiing gears can be a lot difficult in itself, so you want to make sure the bag you choose comes with a lot of positives and added features that will boost your movement to and fro the mountain. High end bags usually come with extra features including handles, straps, padded tires, and pockets. With added pockets, you can get to store extra stuff like gloves, socks, neck gaiters, and shovels.

Having highlighted a couple of things to note when making your purchase, we have carefully developed a list of ski bags which are top ranked and will serve you well while going for your next skiing adventure.

1. Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag

The Dakine bag is one very strong bag which is well padded for airline trips. The good thing about the bag is that it stays intact even after taking a couple of trips and you wouldn’t notice any damage or tear. The Dakie bag is available in two sizes of 175 cm and 190 cm and you can choose from either of them. With this amazing bag, you can let your hair down and loosen up while you are still in full control of your skiing gears.

The exterior part of the bag is designed with pocket and comes with a superior zipper for seamless movement into the bag. The zipper cars which the bag features can be locked up thus allowing for maximum security over your stuff as soon as they get inside of your bag. The exterior pocket is wide enough to contain a ski boot, although you may not want to put it there since they can easily tear nor would you want to risk losing your boot in transit. However, stuff like gloves and hats are okay to be kept in there.

One other amazing feature of the bag is its urethane wheel. With the urethane wheel, you can easily move your bag in and around the airport and anywhere else as long as the terrain is smooth enough for the wheels to roll. The bag is sufficiently large and will contain your poles, skis and some other stuff just right. However, it does not come with any strap or anything to hook down your ski to the bottom of the bag.


  • Sufficiently large
  • Protective urethane wheels for easy movement
  • Quality zipper
  • Handles on three sides for lifting the bag


  • No strap to hold down ski
  • Quite heavy

2. Thule RoundTrip Ski Bag 192cm

A lot of people are very familiar with the bike and ski racks from Thule, but what do we say about their ski bags? The Thule RoundTrip is an adorable ski bag which is exquisitely durable, strong and perfect for carrying double pairs of Nordic skis or one pair of alpine skis to as long as 192 centimeters in length. This ski bag is a darling of many skiing enthusiasts largely because of its versatility and safety-centered design.

The RounTrip comes with additional space apart from the main compartment mostly for containing ski poles. It is also well padded for safety of your gears when in transit. Also to achieve maximum protection of your gears, the Thule RoundTrip is designed with cinch-top ski sleeves.

This ski bag comes with padded shoulder straps which are detachable, as well as grab handles –included for seamless airline travels and peace of mind all through the journey. It features lockable zippers for tight closing up of your stuff inside the bag. With the 600D Polyester designed into this bag, you can expect it to stay intact and fine even through the rigors of the move. It also contains robust external compression hooks to keep your gears well strapped to the bag and thus protected from shifting.


  • Durable and reliable zippers
  • S-shaped zipper which coils round the bag for easy gear retrieval
  • Suitable for winter
  • Compression straps for hooking the skis


  • Might be bigger than it needs to be for some users

3. High Sierra Deluxe Wheeled Double Ski Bag

Perhaps, you are that skier that is always on the move, this may just be the right bag for you. There’s almost nothing as comparable as a nice old fashioned or vintage ski trip on a perfect snowy hill. You are set to slide all out on the slopes? Ensure you come prepared with a bag like the High Sierra Deluxe that can hold everything you need to make your skiing a sweet and memorable one. If you set out with the Sierra Deluxe, you can save yourself of worries over having your gears get wet while inside the bag in case the weather gets rainy. It is designed with a water resistant fabric, thanks to its durable coating which allows everything contained in the bag to be as dry as it can be.

The main compartment of the bag comes with a U-shaped opening and allows you to hold as much as double pairs of ski up to 170 centimeters. It is also made of superior Diamond Ripstop Duralite for waterproofing ability and convenient inline-style set of wheels.

The compression straps allow for easy readjustment of the bag’s size. Another feature of the bag is its inline-style wheels and well-padded tow handle, both making movement of the slopes with your gears like a breeze.


  • Sufficiently large handle padded with neoprene and adapted for comfort
  • Padded tow handle for smooth ergonomics
  • Compression straps
  • Inline skate type of wheels
  • Durable and highly dependable


  • Handles rip off easily

4. Winterial Rolling Ski Travel Bag

Winterial ski bag has come to be one of the most dependable bags in the market today and has become the choice bag for many people embarking on a skiing adventure. The reason is not farfetched, the ski bag has been built to withstand the rigors of transiting through airline and moving up the ski slopes. More so, it was designed by travelers who are of course very much familiar with the pain points experienced by many other travelers alike especially when they embark on a skiing adventure.

The bag is designed with waterproof nylon shell which never allows for water penetration hence protecting your gears from getting exposed to the snow, water and other moisture elements that can cause damage.

The Winterial rolling ski bag is also built with a water resistant inner lining which is purposely added to stop any melted snow or moisture content that might have made it into the bag through the skis. This doubles up as a rust prevention mechanism thus allowing you to enjoy your gears for a lot lengthier time than even designed for.

Another interesting feature of this bag is its interior straps designed with superior quality buckles to help you fasten your ski poles in a secure and precise place in the bag. This of course prevents them from damages as you move the bag around. Furthermore, it comes with added compartments which serves well as extra storage spaces for keeping some small sized ski tools. The wheels are fitted with pads for protection against accidental hits on sharp pointy surfaces.

This amazing bag also comes with high quality zippers of aluminum hardware make as well as zipper tabs which will ensure your stuff are securely closed in the bag. One other thing to note about this bag is that is easy to lift and move around, thanks to its double stitched handles and shoulder straps which the bag comes with.


  • Doubly padded inner lining for added protection
  • Durable wheels built with solid paddings
  • Durable zippers
  • Extra compartments for storage
  • Doesn’t get wet (easily)


  • Absence of divider for ski poles

5. KULKEA Kantaja Ski Bag

Bothered about how you will organize your ski gears and poles? Get yourself this KULKEA Kantaja ski bag. Perhaps, you not only do skiing but also indulge in other outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, or an adventurer, the KULKEA is definitely going to fit just right for you. This bag is well recognized for its smart design and the incredible amount of storage spaces it comes with. It makes getting your ski apparels and gears up the moment seem like a breeze. The KULKEA Kantaja is available in two different sizes of 170 centimeters and 190 centimeters and can thus hold skis as long as that respectively.  As it is with most high end ski bags, it also comes fully padded and is wide-mouthed, best for holding your apparels, alpine skis as well as poles.

With its incredibly wide opening, it allows for easy access and stuffing your bag with enough visibility. Talking about the versatility of the bag, its tires are such a good thing to have. They appear to be exquisitely larger than that of the briefcase and are well treaded for movement even on rough terrains.

The fabrics of the bag are built to be water resistant with polyurethane coating of 420D nylon ripstop. What more? Your gears and other stuff are well protected from the elements and any possibility of getting soaked by snow or raindrops.

The KUKLEA bag’s ski stabilizer technology and Pole Grabber feature helps keep your ski gears as well as other tools in the bag to stay secured and well separated.  It is available in varying colors of black, blue, green.


  • Quality YKK zippers and superior pulls for seamless use with gloves
  • Smart design and extra storage compartments
  • Waterproof ability
  • Padded handles


  • Recommended strictly for adults


Summarily, we are confident to tell you that you can never go wrong with any of the above reviewed ski bags. If you are a traveler and a hardcore ski enthusiast, a ski bag might just be what you need to take your skiing experience to a whole new level. These products have been used and tested for several qualities, and guess what; they work just fine! So yes, make a pick from this list and soon you will find yourself talking to friends to do the same.

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