Best Skis for Intermediate Skiers of 2024

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Experience a delightful ride with the best ski available on the market. These products are unique, strong, lightweight and long lasting. They provide users with the best skiing experience; a true definition of fun, safety, fashion and durability. The best intermediate skis feature light weightiness, ease of initiation, reduced vibration impact amongst others.

Are you at a purchase cross road? Are you experiencing difficulty as regards which ski to opt in for? You have your answers all embedded in one guide. Beyond reasonable doubts, there are several products available on the market, and selecting from this range of may posit a problem. Also, as a potential buyer, many sales assistant would suggest various products; it is quite okay to listen to them but it is best to seek knowledge before decided which brand to purchase.

This guide is targeted towards bringing to you the best intermediate ski available on the market. On a general note, there are imperative factors to check for before selecting a ski, they include.

Rossignol Soul 7 HDIt is Very Easy to Put and Remove at WillPRICING
Rossignol Smash 7Includes a Fiberglass CorePRICING
Blizzard Rustler 11It has a Less Vibration Impact While in MotionPRICING
Nordica Enforcer 100Includes a Firm Control FeaturePRICING
Atomic 2019 Vantage 97 TIFull Structured Side WallPRICING

Weight: The weight of a ski general describes the trajectory of how a ski would be made use of. Heavy weight skis are quite difficult to initiate and navigate. As such, it is quite imperative to check for the light weightiness of the product before eventually purchasing. It should be noted that the best skis for intermediate skiers reviewed in this guide are all lightweight and very easy to navigate while at the same time reduces the risk of accidental slipping.

Vibration impact: The vibration impact of any ski while in motion shouldn’t be too much to bear. The best skis compiled in this guide comprises of skis with the lowest vibration impact while in use. Before purchase, be sure that the intended product should have a low vibration impact in order to ensure a smooth cruising experience.

Comfortability: It is quite important to check the balance or stability of a ski before purchase. While under observation, be sure to check for comfortability, ease of wearing and removal and other comfortability factor. It is quite important to note all these in order to avoid futuristic problems of oversize, undersize or hurt while in use. Many buyers tend to complain of discomfort while in use due to purchase of poor quality products for normal price due to oblivion or negligence.

Durability: There are quite a number of ski products available on the market, as such selecting which is most durable may posit a problem. It is quite imperative to carefully observe the product by checking reviews and recommendations as regards the product. A major factor that constitute the durability factor is the qualitative nature of the material used. It should be noted that the list of ski product put together is this guide have proven to have withstood rigorous usage over a considerably long period of time. This guide has successfully put together the best and durable ski products available on the market.

1. Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis

The Rossignol is a free rider’s delight, that is outstandingly unique compared to its contemporaries and is designed to give riders the best experience in skiing. The new Rossignol Soul 7 HD has been restructured, improved and built with outstanding features that does no other thing but gives users an out of the world experience for relatively cheap and affordable price.

The product is light weight, has a less vibration impact when in motion, and it is made of quality materials that ensures durability and longevity. The adaptable ski features a new air tip 2.0 in its makeup. This ski includes an ease of initiation due to light weightiness of the product. It has a carbon ally matrix that delivers a reliable feel and reduces high speed calibration.

At 106mm underfoot, the Rossignol Soul7 HD are always ready to be used on any mountain, terrain, or any other applicable place of choice, be sure to experience a first-class ski with the features the Rossignol has to offer. The product can be used by anyone without any gender bias. The product is as well durable and long lasting.

The Rossignol Soul 7 HD has a side cut of about 136/106/126, radius of about 18m @ 180cm, a weight of 3.8kg/pair @ 180cm, an airtip 2.0w/ reinforcement, core made of carbon alloy/ Paulownia and powder turn rocker and it is flat. The Soul 7 HD skis only give the best experience and nothing less than outstanding.


  • It is lightweight
  • Very easy to use
  • Ensures easy initiation
  • Has an adjustable feature
  • It is very easy to put and remove at will
  • It has a state-of-the-art design


  • When not carefully maintained, the tail slips

2. Rossignol Smash 7 Skis w/Xpress 10 Bindings

Enjoy skiing while using this amazing Rossignol with every taste of fashion, style, durability and quality. Paint your skiing experience with the best colour in history with the Rossignol Smash 7 Skis w/Xpress 10 Bindings.

The all new Smash 7 is an all mountain powder ski for hitch free and progressing free riders at any point in time. The Smash 7 comes with outstanding features which sure brings it to a whole new level. It is light weight, ensures easy of movement, emits less vibration and it’s made of quality material. The Smash 7 features an accessible and an exclusive powder turn rocker profile for effortless free ride performance.

The side cut structure consist of a deep and short side cut radius directly underfoot; a centred side cut. The side cut feature delivers a confident power and edge grip exactly where you need it while in motion. The free ride rocker has a 50% camber, and a 50% progressive tip & tail rocker that is designed for the deepest powder days. The progressive rocker profile features longer, lower tip rocker, a tapered tail profile, and traditional camber underfoot, delivering effortless floatation, an instant speed controller, while ensuring that the power, energy and grip sets you back in track.

The air tip 2.0 is newer, lighter and stronger compared to others, it as a fully integrated structure i.e a reinforced 3D structure, increased stability, and a reduced swing weight. The carbon alloy matrix has an amplified energy and shock absorption feature, it has a high definition stability and edge grip, and a dynamic power drive.

The Smash 7 has a light wood core that ensures a light weight agility and touring performance and a playful power stability. The free ride rocker in addition, ensures an effortless float, a steering and reliable speed control. It has a power, energy and edge grip for groomed snow performance.


  • Very light weight
  • Includes a free ride rocker
  • Includes a fiberglass core
  • It is user friendly
  • Has a Rossitop cap structure
  • One of the best skis available on the market


  • Most suitable for men
  • Less aggressive advancing skiers would error on the shorter size of the ski

3. Blizzard Rustler 11

The product is part of the Blizzard’s new free ride collection, the Rustler 11 is only waiting for you to let it loose on some big terrain. The blizzard is an outstanding product and can be used to cruise any terrain, mountain or location.

Over time, reviews had shown the dexterity of the product. It is very light weight, and user friendly. The waist ranges from 112 to 166mm depending on how long you want your ski to be. The product has a set of rockered pow sticks that will float through chest deep conditions without any problem. The Rustler 11 uses a Blizzard carbon flipcore drt technology that features a sheet of titanal in the core the increase the responsiveness, effectiveness, stability, and uni-directional carbon frame for ease of manoeuvrability and light weightiness.

Its progressive wide body structure has an aggressive turn radius for stability when you let go of the brakes while in motion; as well as giving you an early rise tail that is designed to carefully and smoothly initiate movement. The side walls of the product increases edge grip and power transmission while handling high speed situations.

Its length exists in different structure; 164cm, 172cm, 180cm, 188cm, 192 cm. it features a rocker-camber-rocker profile. The construction of the product has a sandwich compound sidewall.


  • User friendly
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It is quality and durable
  • It has a less vibration impact while in motion
  • It is very comfortable to use
  • Gives users the best skiing experience


  • Not suitable for children
  • It is made specifically for men

4. Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis

The product is a combination of style, fashion, comfortability and durability. The Enforcer ski is specifically made for men and is geared towards giving users the best ski experience.

The product features an all mountain CamRock profile combines the agility and float of rocker with the stability and power of camber energy 2 titanium laminates on the top and bottom of the core in order to improve grip and stability. The products feature a full wood core provides improved energy return and also a reduced weight push yourself just a bit further with the Nordica Enforcer 100 skis. The product is mountain and any terrain friendly.

The all mountain CamRock profile works well with the energy 2 titanium laminates inside the ski to give you high speed stability and intense power carves while ski is in use. The product is light weight, durable and user friendly. It can be used by anyone across all gender.

Beyond reasonable doubt, the reviews received as regards this product acknowledging its dexterity has over the years increased and strengthened its level of reliability. The Enforcer is hell bent on giving users the best experience in history through its sophisticated structure, speed feature and firm control feature.


  • It can be used by anyone of any gender
  • Includes a firm control feature
  • Adjustable feature inclusive
  • Low risks of accident
  • Sophisticated design
  • Can be used to surf any applicable terrain of choice


  • Although one of the best but not at the top of the list
  • Maintenance is required to avoid wears and tears

5. Atomic 2019 Vantage 97 TI Skis

The Atomic 2019 Vantage 97 ski is an all-mountain skiing product that is capable of giving users outstanding and memorable experience. Over time, the exceptionality of the product has never been compromised, instead the manufacturer sorts to improve the products credibility and features to serve users better.

Till date, the Atomic 2019 Vantage still stands to be on of the best ski available yet on the market. The product has a long blurring line between the piste and powder which can help you lay down a line you’ll be proud to claim as you’re in-bounds and out of bound with all sense of confidence and control. The product is durable and have proven to have stood the test of time. In addition, the product has a reduced vibration impact while in motion.

The ProLite feature entails that you’ll feel lighter. The outstanding light construction with added reinforcement in major zones carries lesser weight for improved precision and comfortable feels while in use. The titanium tank mesh layer gives it more strength and stiffness that guarantees user’s satisfaction. The included energy backbone gives the product more reinforcement and stability to ensure ease of usage, movement and utmost convenience.

The Atomic 2019 ski is a state-of-the-art product that grants users with an experience that is worth holding on to.


  • It is very comfortable to use
  • It is light weight
  • One of the best products available on the market
  • It is user friendly
  • Full structured side wall
  • Safe to use


  • Not suitable for children
  • Not as cheap as the others


The best skis for intermediate skiers are available in different colors and sizes by different manufacturers, nonetheless, this guide has reviewed the best of all the skis available on the market. We understand it can be confusing and stressful getting the best for yourself, but with our research we know that the above reviewed skis have proven them to be outstanding amidst the competitions. So get yourself one and smile all your way home. Take your skiing adventures to a whole new level.

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