Hiking Carrier For 2 Year Old (Updated 2024)

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Hiking is one of the best experiences in life, and so also is having a baby. However, combining the two doesn’t always come easy. And just because you now have kids shouldn’t hinder you from getting to the outdoor and hitting the trail. But even in all these, you might be wondering how you can combine the sweet experience of nursing your 2-year old with the thrill of hitting the mountain trail. The great thing is that there are baby carriers meant specifically to help you through the hassle of getting your kid up the hike without losing on the thrill of the whole experience.

Hiking carriers are designed to be exquisitely supportive and allow for a seamless and comfortable ride. They are usually feature-rich mostly due to the delicateness that comes with hiking with a baby. These features usually include padding, suspension systems, durable harness, straps, and lots more, and this informs of why they are usually so pricey. But we have done the hard work of narrowing down the best out there so you can get the best deal at a pocket-friendly price.

Osprey Packs Poco AGAnti-gravity Suspension SystemPRICING
Chicco SmartSupportCanopy CoverPRICING
phil&teds ParadeEasily Adjustable for Different Body Ahapes and FitPRICING
phil&teds EscapeComes With Hydration StoragePRICING

Tips To Consider In A Hiking Carrier

  • Harness and Cockpit. The security of these two features of a baby hiking carrier is of utmost importance in your considerations. It determines whether or not your baby will be kept safe during the whole hiking process. When the harness is well secured, you already have the huge factor of keeping your baby safe checked. The best harness system comes with high adjustability and fits comfortably around your kid’s shoulders, legs, and arms.

Thinking about cockpit? It is the surface upon which your baby sits while in the carrier. One of the things you want in your choice carrier is for the cockpit to offer sufficient support for the head, neck and back. It should also come with paddings and sufficient cushions in the front so it can protect in case your baby jerks forward during the hike.

  • Weight and Age. Hiking alone is a thrill in itself, but having your baby up there with you gets all the more exciting. But it is appropriate you go for the one that fits your kid’s age and weight. Most kid carriers will come with age range recommendation for carrying usages. When you are planning on hiking with your 2-year old, ensure you go for the carrier that provides the right support the whole body particularly the head and neck regions. Baby hiking carriers also provide weight recommendations for use. In this perspective, you should consider how long the whole hiking is likely to last, the longevity of the hiking carrier just as your kid grows.
  • Sizing and Adjustability. You want a hiking carrier that offers as much adjustability as possible such that it can easily fit different body size and shapes. Why? Because you may not be the only one doing the carrying while in the outdoors unless you don’t want any help. Thus, the need for the carrier to be easily adjustable or maneuvered for best usage experience.
  • Extra Features. You are making a good choice if the carriers come with as much positives that will improve the experience altogether. Its worth going for a carrier that comes with a sunshade. That sunshade can double up as a protection against morning dews or light falling snows. You can also look for added features like water bottle holder, hydration system and storage pockets.

In going for a carrier, the ultimate tip might just be to go for one that is big on adjustability, provides      superior comfort and can grow with your kid through varying changes in weight and shape as a result of growth.

Read further as we unravel the best hiking carriers for your 2-year-old.

1. Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier

It is arguably true that the Osprey Packs Poco AG child carrier is a darling of many parent hikers. It is an award-winning baby carrier that delivers on its claims. It includes one of the most consistent frames you will see in many hiking carriers.

The Osprey Packs features an anti-gravity suspension system which helps greatly in keeping aches on back, hips and shoulder from developing or proliferating. It blends the magic of a lightweight aluminum with a superior mesh to offer a mix of stability balance and comfort. It lets you move with ease as though you are not carrying any backpack.

Talking about the cockpit of the Osprey Packs Poco child carrier, it is fully framed and sufficiently padded. The child feels so secure on the cockpit and wouldn’t sustain any injury or inconvenience whatsoever. The butterfly harness of the carrier is covered with fleece. The carrier offers a lot of support for the legs to aid undisturbed blood circulation. Its adjustable stirrups also come with superior paddings to contribute to the comfort of the carrier.

The carrier comes with a detachable drool pad located at the anterior end of the cockpit. It is very soft to feel and well padded for the kid’s comfort. Your 2-year-old might need something to get busy on, thus, the carrier comes with loops for toy attachment. The loops are placed around the cockpit where the kid can easily reach. Storage need has been taken care of by the small stash storage pocket into which you can keep your small valuables like keys.

Furthermore, there are two grab handles coming with the carrier. These reinforced handles allow for easy quick maneuver when you are about to lift up or place down the kid hiking carrier. It also features an in-built sunshade in a zippered pocket specially designed for it, from which you can easily deploy sunshade from that pocket.


  • Superior quality and features
  • Anti-gravity suspension system
  • Exquisite padding
  • Detachable drool pad
  • Adjustable stirrups and solid aluminum construction
  • Adjustable hipbelt
  • Dual reinforced grab handles


  • Quite expensive

2. Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier

This is another high-performance hiking carrier for kids. It provides a smart way to get your growing 2-year old kid up the mountain. The Chicco SmartSupport is a favorite for many hikers because of its versatility especially in the multi-positioning it provides.

This incredible hiking carrier brings comfortability to a top notch with its lightweight aluminum construction on the frame which also makes the carrier exquisitely strong. The waist is well padded for comfort as well as the shoulder straps so you wouldn’t feel any strain as you carry on. The lumbar claims to be energy absorbing and is effective in cutting down strain on the shoulders and back to the barest minimum. The lumbar support is also designed in such a shape to allow free airflow and sufficient ventilation to your back for hitch-free adventure.

The Chicco Smart’s multi-position seat offers an adjustable support, a well-padded backrest and a five (5)-point harness to provide security and comfort. It also comes with a n easily-adjusted canopy which serves as the sunshade for the kid. The waist straps can be fastened around your waist for improved fit on your back and security of the child. It features a flat fold technology around the smart support which makes the carrier travel-ready and seamless to store. The kickstand feature that has been built into the carrier makes setting down and picking up a breeze.


  • 5-points harness technology
  • Offers superior ventilation
  • Well-padded backrest, waist and shoulder straps
  • Canopy cover
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • In-built kickstand


  • The canopy cover isn’t so effective

3. phil&teds Parade Child Backpack Carrier

The beauty of child carriers is reflected in the design of the phil&teds Parade child carrier and you can depend on it to provide enough safety all through the period you child is in it. With this carrier, durability is never an issue of worry, thanks to its aluminum construction.

You will particularly love this carrier because of its incredibly light weight and compactness which of course isn’t at the expense of the carrier’s full functionality. It comes with a weight of 4.4 lbs. but you can confidently lift children of up to 40 lbs. in weight as claimed by the manufacturers.

It features an Active-ergo fit system of harness which comes with padded hipbelts and shoulder straps. These allows for seamless wearing, increased breathability as well as free airflow to your back. The harness is very adjustable so you can achieve customized fit on different body shapes when you have got someone to help you. Because it is built with aluminum stand and frame on the internal part, you can easily have it freestanding as load the carrier up and pack flat for safekeeping.

The external fabrics are of quality, being high-grade, resilient, washable and waterproof. In addition, it comes with a small removable backpack at the back, water bottle holder, and storage pocket for keys.


  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Active-ergo fit system of harness
  • Superior breathability and ventilation
  • Quality and waterproof fabric
  • Easily adjustable for different body shapes and fit


  • Doesn’t come with in-built kickstand

4. phil&teds Escape Child Backpack Carrier

This is another child carrier for hikers who are looking to enjoy the outdoor with their 2-year old kids. The phil&teds Escape is one type of carrier which is big on adjustability and very user friendly. Typically, it is recommended for kids age range of 6-months to 3-years old, thus, your 2-year old have a place in the phil&teds Escape carrier. The support offered by this carrier is also massive; adjusting the length of the torso is like a breeze, thus, you can uniquely fit it and fine-tune it to support your body. It is able to spread the weight evenly with its double core waist strap coupled with superior lumbar support. This ensures you remain comfortable especially when you are in for a long hike with your 2-year old.

The carrier puts your child first and its designs has been tailored to offer maximum comfort. With its dynamic headrest and a comfy shoulder cradle, your kid can drowse as you hike while their neck and head are kept secured and supported. The Escape child carrier also comes with an adjustable and contouring 5-point harness support system that articulately reinforces the kid’s body so they can be secure and safe.

The shoulder cradle of the phil&teds Escape carrier is developed from an exquisitely soft fleece for child’s comfort. Also comes with graphic drawings on the inside to keep the kid occupied and amused as you hike. The carrier is built with very durable fabric material grade which is also waterproof and padded. Also coming with the carrier are air-friendly mesh panels that mold seamlessly for comfort and allows for superior ventilation to keep the temperature at the lowest point.

The carriers base loading system you to seamlessly give up your back and rapidly set down the carrier on a free stand before offloading your kid from the cradle harness just the same way it helps when you are about loading your baby before mounting the carrier on your back. The foot stirrups allow for efficient circulation of the child’s blood as you take on trails and enjoy the cruise of the hike. With the featured double carry handles, lifting the carrier has never been made easier, also the one-hand maneuverable stand allows for secure and superior setting down procedure.


  • Well accessorized with rain cover, change mat, hood, mirror, day pack and foot stirrups.
  • Comes with hydration storage
  • Superior quality headrest and shoulder cradle
  • 5-point harness system
  • Air-friendly mesh and base loading system


  • Price a bit on the high side
  • Might be heavy/bulky due to the extra accessories


Escape into the wild with your child closely attached to you without losing out on the thrills of hiking. Whether your decision is to step out for a long or short hike, these child hiking carriers are capable to hold your 2-year old and help you get through the hassle the trails may present. As they have been carefully selected, tested and reviewed, you can trust that any pick from this list will bring the best value for your money and you will smile your way home!

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