What Size Snowboard Bag Should I Get?

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Preparing to step out for your snowboarding activity, you want to have all your snowboard gears packed up so you don’t mar your experience by having to improvise on the snows. This is why you need a snowboard bag that conveniently hold your snowboard gears, more importantly, you want to achieve this without breaking the bank. While snowboard bags come in fits and sizes, in actual sense, the best one comes a little bigger than what you really need. This likewise allows for extra storage to stuff your other valuables. The size of your snowboard bag will ultimately tell how well your snowboard will fit into it.

If it is about a snowboard bag dimensions, you are probably wondering how big should your snowboard bag be? First is to check out the dimensions of your snowboard. If it comes in a large size, then you’d need to go for a bag that is also sufficiently large. This gives affords you the needed space to conveniently hold your snowboard and store your clothes. But if the bag is smaller than the snowboard, should you buy? Don’t!

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Snowboard bag types

  • Padded (Non wheeled) Snowboard Bag. They are more common with snowboard riders who travel a lot. Padded snowboard bags are easily recognized for their various ranges of padding level – fully padded, slightly padded on the floor of the snowboard bag and more. They are usually available with multiple or single board lifting options. If you are the type that travels a lot especially by bus or air, padded snowboards bags are highly recommended so as to offer protection for your gears from other people’s bags and cargo. The major downside to them is not having wheels and as such, might proof stressful to move from one place to another. 

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  • Sleeve. They are about just any snowboard bag you will easily find with a regular snowboarder. They are very basic and minimalistic in their design. It is okay if you’re the type that drive to the snows and this makes padding relatively unnecessary. One more thing about them is their cheapness and most of them can only fit just a single snowboard.

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  • Padded (wheeled). Wheeled snowboard bags are an ideal choice for riders who do a lot of trips and go along with more than a single board with them. These padded wheeled bags are big on paddings and often come with ample space for keeping several boards. They are really loved by many largely because of the amount of storage spaces they provide even for boot bags and many of your snowboard gears. However, they are usually bulky and might be a bad idea to take them up the mountain or for airline trips.

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We understand that getting the best snowboard bag size might prove to be a bit of hassle. To this end we have rounded up the best you will find in the market.

1. Demon United Phantom Travel Snowboard Bag

With the Demon United  Phantom Snowboard bag, getting packed up for your snowboarding has never been made better. It has been carefully engineered and designed with features that allows it to perform exceptionally. Unlike other snowboard bags with the 600 Denier fabric, the Demon United beats them with a good quality fabric shell, thanks to its improved 1680 Denier fabric material. This makes the bag very resistant to holes due to abrasion.

With the Demon United, mobility is never an issue to worry about. The bag comes with detachable shoulder straps and carry/tow handles giving you several options to carry the snowboard bag in any way that suits you. It is incredibly spacious, coming with 65 in x 14 in x 8 in dimension, thus offering enough space to hold your snowboard and other gears conveniently. It features extra storage spaces such as its external pocket for keeping your important accessories.

The padding of the bag is very topnotch and that may just be what you need to get your gears up the snowy terrains on your next snowboarding outing. The padding is very thick and surrounds the whole bag -top, sides, bottom. It is designed with superior lining which is waterproof.

Yes, it comes with wheels, specifically the 3.5 inches All-terrain wheels that are as well rubberized. These wheels feature top speed rate bearings that allows for seamless towing of the bag. The bag’s sixteen (16) inches curb rails ensures the bag is well secured when towing it at the airport.


  • Can hold two snowboards, two pairs of boots, goggles, pants, jackets and tune kits
  • Great padding
  • Improved 1680 Denier fabric
  • Curb rails for enhance bag protection
  • Incredibly spacious


  • Doesn’t come with side panels
  • Might proof difficult for airline trips due to its size

2. Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag

Looking at the Dakine High Roller from away, you can almost smell quality. If you are keen on versatility, features, and you are up for long trips, get yourself this Dakine snowboard bag. It is very functional, having what it takes to hold at least two snowboards and be your companion especially during unpredictable weather conditions.

It is spacious enough to two snowboards with either of them with bindings mounted on it. It can hold with that s pair of boots and an outerwear. The Dakine High Roller is of solid construction, being made with all round padding for protecting your board from hits and abrasions.

The Dakine High Roller also comes with boot and outwear bags which are both removable. So, you can do away with them if you are not in the fancy of going out with them. The handle pairs at the end of the snowboard bag allows for easy rolling with a luggage bag with one hand.

The two pockets on the exterior are zippered and are handy for storing your essentials at close proximity to your hands. It features urethane wheels which are well oversized but rolls so effortlessly as you move through the airport. With its easily maneuverable handle mechanism, you can pair the snowboard bag’s handle along with your rolling luggage back and draw it with one hand as you keep yourself updated on the weather reports.


  • Removable boot and outwear bags
  • Solid construction
  • Urethane wheels
  • Well padded
  • Available in black and Ashcroft camo colors
  • Handle can be overlapped on your luggage bags for easy pulling together


  • Not great on fabric quality

3. Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag

Talking about best snowboard gear makers, Thule is certain to be on the list. They make some of the best high-performance gear and the RoundTrip Snowboard Roller is one of them. Coming with rock-solid wheels, pulling the bag has never been made easier. The Thule RoundTrip makes organizing your snowboard and preparing for your next trip look easy.

The Thule RoundTrip comes at an incredibly large size and gives up enough space to keep two snowboards with approximate lengths of 165cm each, boots, and other gears. It is made of fully 100% fibers and is padded on the sides and comes with cinch upper ski arms. With this roller bag, sagging hardly occurs and this is because the bag has been designed with enough structural reinforcements at the upper and lower parts of the bag.

It also features a couple of grab handles on every part -the sides, top, and ends of the snowboard bag. The shoulder straps are detachable giving you superior versatility. There comes with it a S-shaped zipper that wraps around the bag so that you can easily keep in and retrieve your stuff out of the bag.


  • Large size
  • High performance wheels
  • Structural supports to avoid sagging
  • Multiple handles
  • Padded on the top and sides


  • Quite pricey

4. Dakine Tram Ski Bag

The Tram Ski Bag is another top-quality bag made by Dakine and it comes with great features as with many high-end snowboard bags. It does exceptionally well in helping you transport your gears to and from the slopes. Not only does it pack your snowboard conveniently, it can also hold your boots too. The fact is that it was primarily designed for skis but it holds snowboards equally fine as well.

This Dakine Tram bag comes with some paddings and this one of the reasons it is loved by many. It ensures your gears are kept safe without having to worry about wearing or damage. It features side pocket to keep your valuables. You will find that the zips are of great quality and does fine in keeping your gears well secured inside it and wouldn’t show any sign of breaking. This main zipper is lockable to ensure maximum security.

Talking about its shoulder straps, they are removable and more important is the fact that they are well padded. This is to ensure an appreciable level of comfort on your shoulders, though the overall weight should be kept moderate. The Dakine Tram bag also features handles on both ends of the bag for multiple carriage options. It is great on packability and storing the bag away while not in use wouldn’t prove to be of any hassle.


  • Sleek design
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Lockable zipper
  • Double end handles
  • Relatively affordable


  • Padding not so impressive
  • Can hold only one snowboard

5. Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag

The Athletico Conquest brings simplicity and performance to a very close intersect and it’s perhaps the dream snowboard bag pf many enthusiasts out there. It is designed for an everyday heavy snowboarder who is looking to get all gears packed up in one piece.

First about the Athletico Conquest is its high waterproof ability, thanks to the 600D polyester material it’s designed of. The internal part is also lined with a heat-friendly waterproof material. So, whether the weather gets wet or rainy, you can trust this bag to keep your gears dry and get you through the time. Its padding cannot be overlooked as it has been built with 10 millimeters thickness of foam padding around the sides so as to prevent any possibility of damage on your gears even as you transport or move through the slopes.

The versatility of this board is somewhat unmatched. It claims to be able to hold all kinds of snowboards below 175 cm in length and it is also available in sizes 175 and 157 centimeters. The wheels are heavy-duty and leaves you with no doubt when it’s time to tow the Athletico Conquest. It allows for easy moving around the airport and outside parking lots.

The snowboard base is enclosed in a weather resistant tarpaulin. Keeps the bottom well maintained and supportive of towing on all kinds of terrain. What more? The Athletico features straps on the inside with which you can tighten down your gears to the base of the bag. This helps to prevent unnecessary moving of your snowboard and the gears over each other and thus removes risk of damages due to abrasion. Makes the Athletico even perfect for smaller snowboards as it perfectly eliminates any possibility of movement within the bag.


  • High performance and very versatile
  • Internal straps
  • Waterproof 600D polyester
  • Fit for all kinds of snowboards
  • Heavy-duty roller wheels


  • Available only in one color – black

6. Burton Gig Snowboard Bag

The Burton Gig is a non-wheeled padded bag that brings what a simple snowboard bag can bring to your snowboarding experience to fore. It is minimalist and it would be a great fit if you are the type with taste for compactness and simplicity. It provides great value for money. Designed with 600 Denier polyester, it will serve you even in wet conditions as it is waterproof.

It is well padded all-round in order to enhance protection of your snowboard. More so, the shoulder straps are sufficiently padded for improved comfort anytime you carry. They are easily detachable. It is zippered on the main storage and also on the external pocket. The contoured zipper can be locked for added security. The external pocket will help you hold your valuables securely.

It comes in different colors and four distinct sizes. It comes with handles at both sides which thus provide multiple carriage options in addition to the shoulder straps.


  • Simple design
  • Lockable zipper
  • External storage pocket
  • Detachable shoulder straps


  • Quite pricey


Getting it right with your choice of snowboard bag might be just what you need to take the experience to a whole new level. Whether you are up for a long trip through the airline, or making the trip with your own truck, you are certain to find your pick right here. These are the bests you will find and you should hurry and make your choice using this snowboard bag size guide.

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