What Size Bag for 2 Week Trip?

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Call them rucksacks, knapsacks or packsacks, backpacks are perfect for travel. It is a sack designed with cloth carried on the back which is secured using two durable straps over the shoulders. Other backpacks come with one shoulder strap – mostly the lightweight type. These types of backpack come handy for putting your equipment because carrying heavyweight stuffs by hand is challenging and can comes with a lot of stress.

Are you planning your first 2 week trip? Backpacking allows you the opportunity to travel around the world if you so wish on a budget. You may need to lower your living standard a little bit and start eating street food and sharing a dorm and bathroom with other people. It lets you see different cultures on a low budget.

The question is, how do you know a great backpacking backpack? How to pack for a 2 week trip? What kind of features do you look out for when buying a new backpack? The weight may be a critical attribute for many, but we want to understand what backpackers go for as regards capabilities—not dependent on weight.

Osprey Packs Rook 65Perfect Volume/Weight RatioPRICING
Terra Peak ExplorerBag Weight is Below 5 PoundsPRICING
MOLLE II RucksackComplete Setup Which Consist of Frame, Straps, and Side PouchesPRICING
High Sierra Pathway 70LThe Pack Features Eight PocketsPRICING
Kelty Coyote 80It Features a lot of AdjustmentPRICING

Side Water Bottle Pockets:  Backpackers love packs that feature side water bottle pockets and also double as store gear.

Load lifters:  Load lifters are also essential, providing means for fine-tuning the fit of the backpack. Most backpackers prefer them as part of the feature that comes with the packs.

Rear stretch pocket: Another feature that is worth having is an ear stretch pocket for putting your wet gear or stuff layers; a large number of backpackers consider them essential and should be part of their backpack too.

Hip belt pockets: Hip belt pocket is equally not left out of the features for a great pack. They come handy for holding a couple of your stuff, and safely too.

To help you break the hassle of having to comb through different catalogues of backpacks, we have helped you narrow down the searches to just the best ones you will find out there.

1. Osprey Packs Rook 65 Men’s Backpacking Backpack

Osprey Rook 65 Backpack for Men emerges from the new 2019 series and is lightweight. It comes with an adjustable torso size, excellent ventilation, rain cover, and it is affordable.

The Rook 65 is larger than the other pack from the same series – from Osprey. The other type is the Rook 50 pack. As you may already know, there are corresponding packs for women – the Renn 50 and Renn 65 backpacks.

The Osprey Rook 65 Backpack is highly affordable and reliable as any other pack for hiking and backpacking. They may lack some features, but they still have the essential features. It is lightweight, and that can only be true when you view it in regards to volume and volume ratio. What that means is the more volume capacity, the lesser the weight—and the weight-carrying comfort is not compromised in any way.

So to be considered lightweight, the volume/weight ratio must be around 41 liters/kg, and that is commendable. Some other options may come with better values.

The Osprey Packs Rook 65 Men’s Backpacking Backpack is a high-quality pack that features a classic lid and collar. It also has a sleeping bag compartment with a divider that lies between the two compartments. You can easily detach the divider; a buckle allows you to do it effortlessly, so you have a single compartment with bottom access alongside too.

Additionally, it has a bonus rain cover that has its pocket lying on the bottom. The pack is hydration compatible with a reservoir sleeve included inside the main compartment.


  • A unique torso adjustment system
  • Ideal hip belt padding
  • Made from quality materials and craft
  • Rain cover
  • Great ventilation
  • Perfect volume/weight ratio
  • Reasonably priced


  • It comes with no attachment for ice axe or poles
  • Lack of front pocket

2. Terra Peak Explorer Backpack

You get a great bargain in Terra Peak Adjustable Hiking Backpack for its storage space regardless of the size you buy. It has a couple of pockets that are well-positioned for ease of reach; it also has side pockets that make it easy to get your stuff and still return them – faster and in an orderly manner.

Front pockets and the mesh side pocket enables you to store a water bottle as well as handles that are correctly placed, making it easy to get the back when it is not on your back.

It comes with a sleeping bag compartment, including an extra side compression straps for any mats or poles at the top of the pack; you’ll get an additional 20L of storage that is apart from the main body so you can store your extra clothes or even tools. This adjustable bag allows you to adjust in line with your torso length.

It is the backpackers’ delight for the extra mesh padding that is on the back as well as hip belts that help to prevent sweat buildup. Also, the hip belt comes with removable PE boards for including some stiffness

To this end, the grip is strengthened, making it easier for you to carry the weight on your hip. For wetter weather, the Terra Peak ranks high as it is treated with water-repellent coating and also has a built-in rain cover. It, however, does not come with hip belt pockets.


  • It has an 85L storage space and still rides like a 65L bag
  • Easy to adjust the weight distribution
  • It is perfect for longer trips
  • Bag weight is below 5 pounds
  • It is well integrated


  • With the too tight adjustment, the shoulder strap may chafe

3. MOLLE II Rucksack Backpack Assembly (ACU)

The 1000 denier Cordura nylon is a presence in the classic ACU camouflage pattern with MOLLE webbing lining. But the truth is that rucksack features a complete setup—main compartment, shoulder straps, internal frame, and sustainment pouches.

You will get an additional of 1000 cubic inches in volume in terms of usable space from the sustainment pouches—when combined. The frame is made of a durable polymer, and a quick release mounting systems attach to the rucksack. It is among the most expensive MOLLE Rucksack.

As you already know, it comes with plenty of storage space, including framing and the right straps. Another good thing is that the shoulder and waist straps provide some padded support to make it easy for your shoulder and back. However, the pack is still a heavy pack, so be warned. Get your muscles prepared if all your gear has been stuffed into the pack.

You will get about 5000 cubic inches of storage capacity when the side pouches are included. When packed with care, you can survive days off this rucksack.

It is considered the best MOLLE II Rucksack for those on the road—the travelers that require days to store items at all times. It features space that is specifically for transporting survival gear and items.

This is the best MOLLE II Rucksack for travelers who need multiple days of items stored with them at all times. This includes space for transporting survival items and gear.


  • It has a storage capacity of 5000 cubic inches
  • Complete setup which consist of frame, straps, and side pouches
  • Ideal for multi-day traveling


  • It is costly and a cumbersome option to consider

4. High Sierra Pathway 70L Pack

Regarded as an all-around pack, the High Sierra Pathway is perfect for backpackers and hikers. They come with a deep zipper granting you access to the spacious main compartment, stretchy mesh side pockets for water bottles, front zippered that includes an organizer and also a padded grab handle that appear on the face of the pack.  Its suspension system is regarded as high-tech—padded air mesh back panel combining with an internal frame as well as High Sierra’s AIRFLOW technology.

The sternum and shoulder straps are well adjustable featuring a built-in, so you move your stuff around from one point to another. The pack is compatible with hydration system

The pack has two compartments – a top and bottom compartment. It is separated via the divider from the main compartment. The two toggles will hold in place the divider; it is not stable meaning your gear from the compartment may slide down into the bottom compartment. On the outside of the compartment lie two compression straps. It is ideal for longer hikes where you may not need a full capacity.

The main compartment is vast and also clean, including a hydration system pocket as well as a small clip for your keys or some other kinds of a small piece of item that you intend to keep close to yourself. One of the features that are worth your money is the exit for a hydration system hose on either side of the inner compartment, with a wide opening so the hydration hose can come through. You can close the main compartment using the pull cord and also the cord lock.


  • Pathway Backpack is a well-designed and a sturdy pack
  • The padding is thick on the waist and shoulder straps
  • It has a zippered pocket on either side of the waist strap
  • The pack features eight pockets


  • The waist strap pocket is small with a zip in the middle
  • It lacks internal zippered pockets

5. Kelty Coyote 80 Backpack

The Kelty Coyote is an affordable pack. It may not be the best among on this list, but it still appears to be a great buy for backpackers, trekkers, travelers who are on a shoestring budget. It is perfect for growing kids, aside from being reasonably priced. It can be adjusted, and the fabric is sturdy. It features plenty of pockets.

With some fabric and cosmetic changes, it is difficult recognizing this pack. For the line, you will get a new adjustable suspension system, a new front stretch pocket, a convertible top lid, and an open sleeping bag compartment. The pack comes in two colors – Ponderosa Pine and Twilight Blue.

When it comes to comfort, the Coyote has a good rating. It works well for lighter loads. However, the quality of the foam, the design of the waist belt and shoulder strap is below what is expected when compared with other packs. On a weeklong trip, the foam becomes mushy, and that is not what you need in a pack. The material of the foam is far from a high-quality product.

The adjustability combined with its durable fabric and lowest price makes it an excellent choice for growing kids when you don’t want to spend much money on them. The Coyotes shines in this regard.

The Coyote is rated as a large pack at At 5 lbs. 9 oz, which most backpackers don’t want as a feature. However, the volume is commendable as it is one of the biggest packs. It has a weight addition of 0.5-1 pounds than what you had experience in other packs.

For durability, Coyote wins the heart of backpackers. It is designed from a durable fabric and beefy suspension. Its low price makes it the choice of so many people, regardless of its shortcoming.


  • It has several pockets
  • Superior durability
  • You can gain access through it several inlets
  • It features a lot of adjustment


  • Does not provide much comfort considering it weight


When you go on an adventure, you will want a lightweight backpack; heavy ones don’t cut it. You will need a backpack that comes with several pockets to handle your gear and there are some on the list that falls into that category. You may even need ones that have ample storage capacity or other features. Your next back-country hiking trip is around the corner, and you can’t seem to place your hands on the best-fit backpacking backpack? This list will come handy to help you make the right choice. If you’re looking for all the features in one place, it may be seemingly impossible as no one-size-fits-all when it comes to backpacks. Know the features that appeal to you and go for it. You can be sure that a pick from this list will leave you smiling and grateful anytime!

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