What Gear Do I Need For Snowboarding?

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Snowboarding is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports. It is incredibly enjoyable to engage in and can leave you with an experience you wouldn’t forget in a long time. Yet, in the midst of these, staying warm and comfortable when snowboarding is vital if you are to stay protected and safe.

Your snowboarding activity can be exciting or rather nerve-wracking especially if you go all in with the wrong gears. However, the possibility of you considering snowboarding as a lifetime hobby shouldn’t be dampened by your first-time trial. We don’t want you to have a ‘mere first-time experience and that’s pretty much what you had like to avoid too. Setting aside some efforts to ensure you are prepared for everything will ensure that your snowboarding will be an incredible experience. To this end, we have prepared this list as to the ‘what’s’ and ‘whatnots’ you should find yourself out with.

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STAUBER SummitSnowboard and BindingsPRICING
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1. Boots

Snowboard boots are intended to accommodate your feet explicitly for comfort and allow optimum power transfer from your feet to the board. Snowboard boots come in standard shoe sizes, so deciding on the right fit wouldn’t come with a lot of hassle. Ultimately, your boots ought to be cozy and fitting, however, not too tight so that it doesn’t affect your convenience.

ThirtyTwo Focus BOA Snowboard Boots

This Snowboard Boots, has been around for a while and it is one of most popular 32’s boots, with such an excellent reputation for all-mountain riding. It is cherished by many snowboarders because of its superior lasting capability and comfortability.

The ThirtyTwo Focus features a dual BOA closure mechanism which allows you to quickly dial in fit. With this system, you can quickly lace up your boots speedily without losing on time. When it comes to longevity, it holds up very well compared to other boots, and it is always comfortable from the very first day.

It’s reinforced shell and great internal harness offer you all of the power you need in dicey terrain. With the foam cushioning coupled with its 3-Dimensional molded tongue, you enjoy a more comfortable feel like never before. The Vibram outsole and the adaptive footbed ensures the boots stays functional across all snow terrains as it offers you great traction.

With removable flex inserts, the responsive flex can be tweaked to your preference. If you wish to have top-notch riding, definitely a top-notch boot to match also will be needed, and the ThirtyTwo Focus Boa sure fits the bill.


  • Attractive
  • Offers great adjustability
  • Superior traction
  • Speed lacing with the BOA closure system
  • Great flex rating, 9/10


  • None

2. Snowboard and Bindings

Snowboard bindings serves as the pivotal connection between your boots (and feet) and the snowboard. It detects the movement in your muscles and links up the power transfer from your feet to the snowboard. It is important that it matches in compatibility with your boots and your board. There is of course no snowboarding without a snowboard, it is the chief component of the overall activity. The best snowboard comes with a length commensurate with your height and body weight, allows for quick twists, sharp carves and stays functional over a long time.

STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package

This is a high-quality snowboard with new technology that allows you to enjoy a smooth time testing the snows and to perform all kinds of riding patterns in a seamless way. The shape of the board has been improved for better surf and to offer you a secured experience on the icy trails.

The STAUBER Summit snowboard is made lightweight, thanks to its 100% wood core. It is designed with rubber strips which helps dampen vibrations and reduce losing in on power. 

The bindings are also sufficiently lightweight and features a raised back which can easily be adjusted. Designed with secure straps which allows a custom fit on your toes and ankles. Its aluminum made buckling system affords you of better security and improved fit.

Coming this package is a snowboard with a camber-rocker-camber construction, eight stainless inserts and nuts, two (2) mounting discs, a strap, and a pair of bindings.

With much been said, this snowboard package is ideal for beginners as well as pro snowboarders.


  • Camber -rocker-camber construction
  • Durable pair of bindings
  • Good at dampening vibrations
  • Ideal for both beginners and pro snowboarders


  • Bindings may prove difficult on adjustment

3. Helmet

Sliding through icy snows come with its risks, so wearing a protective helmet is one of such little things you can do to stay safe and ultimately ensure a memorable experience. As a new snowboarder, you may have difficulties with control and maintaining balance, thus securing your head is foremost in your precautions for safety. Even if you are a pro rider, the helmet brings more to the table by providing warmth to your head. The Smith Optics Code MIPS is the right helmet to go for.

Smith Optics Code MIPS Snowboarding Helmet

Smith Optics is among the brands which can go a long way to supply you with the most extensive range of color choices. However, beyond the aesthetics, Smith Optics is known for high performance helmets that delivers well on protection and warmth. Its Smith Optics Code MIPS is here to keep you secured and cozy no matter how tough things get on the snows.

It is very lightweight and features an In-Mold construction which makes for its durability and strength. Ventilation in this helmet has been improved with its Airevac ventilation system which integrates six (6) vents for superior airflow. So, your head isn’t prone to overheating at all.

The Smith Optics helmet stays intact on your head with its Wayfinder strap and Fidlock system. They work together to allow for a secure and comfortable fit thus allowing you to concentrate on your snowboarding. It features a BOA 360 fit mechanism which is adjustable and easy to use. What more? The interior part of the helmet is well padded and extends to your ear sides, offering superior warmth and protection all day long.

More features of this Smith Optics include a replaceable goggle lock, an Outdoor Tech sound system, and is available in 16 different color options.


  • Very soft cushion on the side of the helmets
  • Six vents and Airevac ventilation feature
  • Excellent fitting


  • Price range a little on the high side

4. Goggle

Snowboard goggles helps to steer clear of glares and protect your eyes from the snow while riding. Goggles have also been improved with better lenses which helps prevent harmful rays from reaching the eyes.

SPY Optic Bravo Snow Goggles

If you are searching for the best ski goggles for your next snowboarding, ensure that you go for the SPY Optic Bravo. It is carefully crafted to provide the best user experience and you can expect tons of highlights that will make this item a fantastic pick for you.

The snow goggle is built with polyurethane frame which makes it strong and weatherproof. The lenses are incredibly antifog and they function very well to provide a crisp optical clarity. It also comes with very good padding of three-layers of Isotron foam around the frame for enhanced comfort as it touches the face. Impliedly, there is neither any hitching or friction as you comfortably wear the goggles throughout the snowboarding time.

The ventilation within the goggles is good and will ensure your face doesn’t get all sweaty when you wear it. The lenses are ARC spherical and are polarized so they can effectively reflect direct rays of light. It features a lock steady lens replacement mechanism which works by pressing the button, and has high compatibility with most helmets out there

The silicone ribbing, which you will discover in the tie, is another element that is well-adored by numerous users of this pair of goggles.


  • Great value for money
  • Polyurethane frame
  • Well-padded frame for comfort
  • Lenses are polarized (coated)
  • Weatherproof
  • Great ventilation
  • Excellent fit


  • The straps could be made better with quality buckle

5. Gloves

Protected and waterproof snowboard gloves are additionally significant in your snowboarding adventure. Gloves now come with improved features which makes them even better at protecting the hands. These specific gloves will secure your hands from the cold and offer the warmth it needs so it doesn’t freeze.

FRDM Elevate Snow Gloves

In case you’re searching for a moderate pair of gloves you can rely upon when the temperatures fall low, look no further as FRDM Elevate Snow Gloves offers superior warmth to the hand. It combines the ability to be waterproof, weatherproof and at the same time, breathable. Warmth is never a lost cause with the FRDM Cold Weather as it comes with a high performance berber fleece at the back for insulating your hands against the cold snows. The grip of the gloves’ palms is also improved by the 3oz hairy tricot

Built for the outdoor, the glove is designed with the hipora fabric which is great at protecting from the elements. More so, the gloves are improved for handling such that you can do some other stuff like picking a tool while the glove is still on your hands. Conveniently hold your phone and snap photos or send texts, reach your hands into for the bindings for adjustment and do many other stuffs without having to first remove the glove.

It also features a zipper opening on the back of the gloves so you can easily access your fingers. More coming with the gloves are loop opening tab, nose wipe at the back of the thumb, pairing clip, and undercuff, all in one piece for a great experience using the FRDM Elevate Snow Gloves.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable goat leather and hipora fabric materials
  • Creates a thermal pool on the hand
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Ideal for winter and outdoor sports


  • Available only in black color

6. Jackets

Your jacket is one of those items you wouldn’t have any desire to abandon when you step on the snows for your game. Jackets keep you warm, dried, and offer you spaces to store your valuables. They are every bit as important as other gears because of the role they play in the overall snowboarding experience. The 686 Men’s Anthem does really well in keeping you warm and dry.

686 Men’s Anthem Insulated Jacket

As much as this jacket is waterproof, it is additionally windproof, and it won’t let the wind penetrate your skin. This implies the coat keeps you warm and protects you from the any perils of extreme cold climate. The jacket likewise fits well and doesn’t lose shape with time.

The 686 Men’s Anthem is sufficiently light to wear throughout the day on the snows. It is carefully crafted with the infiDRY 10 clothe material which is very waterproof and known to keep out snow and rain. The jacket features a Zip-up Air-Flow vents combined with sized mesh to offer you a very breathable jacket that affords you the comfortability you need.

It features a zippered front flap covers on it to prevent moisture or water from getting through the zip. It also comes with zippered pocket on the right chest for keeping your small valuables, and two enclosed storage pockets at both front sides of the jacket. Into these two pockets, you can dip your hands to keep them warm.

The 686 Men’s Anthem comes with drawcord hem for modern fit and also features an extended collar to secure your neck region from flying snows.


  • Cozy and warm
  • Long sleeves for optimum warmth
  • Extended collar
  • Two side pockets and a zippered pocket on the right chest
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t come with a hood

 7. Pants

Pants also play an important role in keeping you warm. The best pants fit perfectly, afford you of enough flexibility, are weather/water proof and can keep you warm.

Quicksilver Men’s Porter 10K Shell Pants

As you prepare to go all out into the snow, ensure you are wearing the Quicksilver Men’s Porter Shell. It is up to task for giving you enough flexibility on the snowboard and can keep you dry.

It is made of 100% polyester which improves the pant’s durability and water resistance ability. More so, with its 10K Quicksilver dry mechanism, the ability to stay waterproof even under extreme wet conditions is taken to a whole new level.

This snow pant fits incredibly well and is very comfortable to the skin, thanks to its taffeta and brushed tricot interior lining. No wonder it is reviewed by many to be one of the best you can go to the snows with.


  • Internal Velcro waist adjustment allows for a customized fit
  • Incredibly waterproof
  • Two side pockets on the around the knees
  • Brushed tricot lining
  • Made of 100% polyester


  • Very pricey


You are never on the wrong side when you deliberately invest in going to the snows with the right gears. You want to experience a great time such that you will keep doing snowboarding again and again. So, to the question: what gear do I need for snowboarding? This guide answers it. Go all out with these reviewed gears and you will appreciate snowboarding even more.

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