Zamberlan vs Asolo Winter Hiking Boots

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How exciting it is to look forward to the taste of the mountain trails? To just a regular or a visitor, the mountain terrains are every bit of a stressful heap of rocks to run away from. But to a passionate hiker like you, it’s just the perfect quench for a thirst, a challenge to conquer and a pleasure to savor in! Even at that, how bad can it get when you are not prepared with the right piece of gears? Tell you what – very bad!  

To get the best of your expedition to the mountains, whether you are a regular or a professional hiker, you need the right piece of gears one of which is your boots. Boots? Yes! What a lot of mountain goers don’t know or usually fail to accept is that the kind of boots you wear to the mountains has the potential to make or break your experience. Hiking boots are pivotal for your comfort and optimum performance on the mountain top.

When you go hiking and backpacking, you will definitely be spending lengthier times on the trails and through the hustle and bustle of the wild. If you have to get one or two things right and well sorted out, it has to be your boots. You certainly need good boots to weather through the rugged trails without putting your feet at risk of injuries and sores. With the right boot, you will be doing yourself good as it will also boost your performance throughout your expedition. The boots will grace your feet with support, traction, as well as stability.

Zamberlan 996 Vioz GTXThick Rubber Soles For Great TractionPRICING
Zamberlan 1023 Latemar NWSelf-cleaning Lugs On The OutsolePRICING
Zamberlan 960 Guide GTX RRSurprisingly LightweightPRICING
Asolo Fugitive GTXVery Waterproof And BreathablePRICING
Asolo Power Matic 200 GVGore-Tex Inner LiningPRICING

Hiking boots are critical to your comfort and performance on the trail, and having understood this, we have designed this guide to help you in making the right choice. Here, we are reviewing the Zamberlan and Asolo boots which we have tested and found to be a good fit for almost any mountain goer. But before we go to the nitty gritty of each boot we have selected, let’s bring you up to speed with a couple of things you should always look out for when making a purchase.

  • Weight: It is generally accepted that the weight of a boot depends on the extent of its robustness. For boots that come with full-grain leather, they usually weigh more than others largely due to the support and rigidity the offer the ankle. However, it is important that a boot is not too heavy to lift so it wouldn’t compromise your power and comfort. So, though it’s not entirely poor for boot to weigh more, you can as well shop for those that have medium or lesser weight yet with outstanding quality and features.
  • Upper: The chief build material of a hiking boot’s upper is an abrasion resistant leather. Nubuck or Full grain leathers are one of the varying forms in which leathers come in. Leather made uppers are generally stronger and of more quality than the synthetic ones.
  • Midsoles and Outsoles: The Zamberlan and Asolo boots are often built with polyurethane midsoles and are such a good pick. These midsoles are strong and provide support to the hiker at every point of the walk. Also, their outsoles are made of rubber. They are designed with deep and massive thugs which have been added so as to offer superior stability even on rough terrains.
  • Inner lining: In most cases, the inner linings of several boots do not maintain a balance between waterproofing ability and breathability. With boots designed with gore-tex inner lining, you are sure to sail at any time of the weather, even in the rain. More importantly, go for boots that offer a balanced blend of breathability and waterproofing, something you will easily find in Zamberlan and Asolo boots.

Now, we dive into the boots we have carefully selected for you.


1. Zamberlan 996 Vioz GTX Hiking Boots

As far as hiking boots go, the Zamberlan Vioz is one of the top choices you will see in the market. This incredible pair of boots has been designed with exquisite features such as its Italian leather construction along with the comfort it offers. It is built to last you through several years of use and will perform exquisitely well even on rough trails. Because of the stiffness in its structure, it adds to the boot’s ability to offer you maximum comfort for as long as you have it on. The Zamberlan is the right choice if you are looking to extend your hiking trips for lengthy slogs and a bit of mountaineering.

Speaking about the Zamberlan features, it sure doesn’t come short of durability. It comes with a full rubber sole which provides superior traction and grip. The soles are thick enough to get you up and moving even if the terrain is steep. Its Hydrobloc Full-grain leather upper is an outstanding feature of the Zamberlan which makes many like it even more. With this feature, you can depend on the boot for quality, durability and comfort. The incredible thing about its upper is that it has been developed for increased toughness and water resistance.

Furthermore, as it is with most Zamberan boot, it comes with Vibram built 3D outsole with superior lugs which digs deep into surfaces of different shapes. This robust Vibram 3D outsole also helps you break your speed during descents and also provides added grip anytime you are climbing up the mountain. What more? They are re-solable!

We are impressed by the boot’s breathability and comfort, thanks to its Gore-Tex inner lining. The Gore-Tex ensures your feet are well protected from water while offering the best breathable performance. The Microtex wicking nylon collar lining is another feature of the boot which ensure that your ankle is well kept from excess moisture.


  • Superior comfort and performance
  • Durable Vibram 3D outsole
  • It is re-solable
  • Gore-Tex for exquisite breathability and comfort
  • Thick rubber soles for great traction


  • Design is quite heavy

2. Zamberlan 1023 Latemar NW Hiking Boots

Just looking at this boot alone will give you a quick impression that it’s a real deal. Haha! We earlier talked about the Zamberlan Vioz, a great hiking companion by the Zamberlan brand. Well, here is another exquisite leather made boot, the Zamberlan Latemar built by the same brand with the user in mind. For a hard rock climber or every time mountain hiker, this is about the most dependable boot you can trust to carry you through the rough terrains. It wouldn’t break nor give in quickly to years of rugged use.

This hiking boot is handcrafted and comes with a Norwegian Welted design which gives it that noticeable appearance of durability. It as well offers a good grip and traction. More so, this welted design allows the boot to fit right on your feet as gloves so you can ascend the mountains with comfort and free of blisters. It is of Tuscan leather made which are incredibly soft, and comes at a 3.0 millimeters thickness. This Tuscan leather also helps it to be very rugged and durable

Also, the Zimberlan Latemar is made of Vibram NorTrak soles, a great feature that allows the boot to provide you superior traction and great lift. It comes with a double density PU which offers light weight and durable support. So, irrespective of how stony or slick things get on the mountains, the NorTrak Outsole’s self-cleaning lugs really do keep you firm. This thus allows you to concentrate on enjoying you’re the views without fearing your next step will be a miss.

It features a calf leather lining with shapes with your foot as you use it and altogether creates a superb Italian boot wear experience.


  • Very durable and offers great support
  • Self-cleaning lugs on the outsole
  • Norwegian Welted design for comfortable fit
  • Synthetic sole for great traction


  • Not so light

3. Zamberlan 960 Guide GTX RR Hiking Boots

The Zamberlan 960 ranks as one of the best hiking boots you will see out there. It is built for resilience and have been carefully made to be a lot lightweight than the Zamberlan 996 Vioz as well as many other hiking boots in the market.

Whether you are with heavy loads as you go hiking or not, the boot is up for and ready any time. It doubles as a great backpacking tool and has been designed with ZBPK technical backpacking by Zamberlan for superior fit. It comes with an improved ¾ Rubber Rand System (RRS), built by a more refined rubber component that has better elasticity. With the new and improved Rubber Rand System comes with a beveled edge which helps to prevent your ankle from peeling.

This incredible boot comes with extra protection and offers great traction as it is with other Zamberlan boots. It features a Vibram StarTrek outsole which is really thick and offers great support for the feet. Its dual density PU construction allows your feet to stay fit and comfortable all through the hiking. The Zamberlan Men’s 996 also features a TPU stabilizer as well as a tread which is useful for superior braking as you come downhill.

Furthermore, this boot features a toe climbing region and a sufficiently spaced grippy lugs that allows for easy self-cleaning. It also comes with a heel strike zone.

To keep your feet away from moisture and snow, the Zamberlan Men’s 996 has been designed with 2.8 millimeters Hydrobloc Tuscan Nubuk leather upper in order to achieve this. In addition, it offers superior breathability and water resistance all in one piece, thanks to its Gore-Tex membrane.


  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Very waterproof and breathable
  • Perfect for moving heavy loads even on a steep terrain
  • StarTrek leather upper


  • Needs to be extra tight to feel secure
  • Prone to spillages especially during break-ins


4. Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots

Something about Asolo boots is that they perform so well in quality without looking ugly. So, if you are keen on having a mix of quality and style in a single boot, then you can have it all in the Asolo Fugitive GTX. This incredible boot from Asolo manufacturers blends finely the power of a heavy-duty boot in a stylish construction with the comfort of a seemingly weightless boot with flexible upper. Whether you find yourself in the mud, rocky terrains or stony mountains, the Asolo Fugitive GTX has come to offer you maximum protection and foot stability.

The boot is made of Cordura, Suede which lends to its beauty and lightweight. The suede upppers are water repellant and combines with the Gore-Tex lining helps keep the feet incredibly protected from moisture while providing maximum breathability. It comes with a Lug Sole which are wide for self-cleaning and keeping the shoe all neat throughout your hike.

One other feature of the Asolo Fugitive GTX is the Asoflex thermoplastic support. What this feature does is to cut out any possibility of sustaining bruises when walking or hiking through rough terrains over long distances. With this boot, you can enjoy excellent traction due to its very durable polyurethane midsoles on top of a dual-density rubber bottom. These altogether offer your feet superior grip and support.


  • Rubber outsole, toe cup and heel cup for maximum protection
  • Very waterproof and breathable
  • Self-cleaning lug soles
  • Metal eyelets
  • Has a stylish look


  • Difficult to find large width

5. Asolo Power Matic 200 GV Hiking boots

The Asolo Power Matic is true to its name as a one of a kind hiking boots that delivers great power and support without breaking away. It is one of the bestselling hiking boots from Asolo most cherished for its ability to provide such immense support to the ankle and the arch while allowing you to maintain an ultimate control as you hike.

With the Asolo Power Matic, you can be sure you have got the right hiking gear they’ve got the needed traction on just about every terrain you can possibly wear it on. The durable construction of this boot is evident in its softly weighty feel but you can be sure to get your comfort maxed when you are in it. Its feature Rubber sole is such an excellent addition which can be attributed to its great traction as well as grippy ability as you walk on any terrain, even the rocks.

The Power Matic is built of leather hence its toughness and ability to remain functional no matter how often you wear it. It features a Vibram outsole makes the boot have a goof grip. More so, the ankle cuff is designed with enough padding to improve mobility and comfort.

Also, it features a Gore-Tex lining which is a built technology that helps keep your feet away from water or snow.


  • Gore-Tex inner lining
  • Vibram outsole for good grip
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Good traction


  • Front lace loops usually rust after a while
  • Lengthier break-in time


It may sound such like a cliché but the truth about hiking boots is that the right ones fit you just perfectly and delivers enough quantum of utility. All of the above reviewed hiking boots are certainly the best you will find in the market. You certainly cannot go wrong with any of them. Make your choice and smile your way up to the mountains.

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