Hiking Shoes Brands List (Updated 2024)

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So what precisely makes a decent hiking shoe? Most outdoorsmen would believe that it needs to be durable and perfectly fit for your feet, as well as ankle. Otherwise, you bear the risk of getting your ankle twisted and your feet sore with blisters. Top hiking shoes brands place more focus on these features of hiking shoes: waterproofed, durability, control of moisture, and thermal properties; these brands offer everything.

There are different tools to remember when planning for a trek and one of the most vital to consider is the perfect hiking shoes. Choosing the right footwear determines the success of your trip. As you get the right pair of hiking shoes for your hike, you’re super excited. But is it truly the “right” pair? This guide gives you an insight on all you need to know to get the best value for your money in the purchase of a hiking shoe.

Merrell Moab 2 VentProfoundly BreathablePRICING
KEEN Targhee IIIt's Exceptionally Light Just as ComfortablePRICING
Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 GTXWaterproof and BreathablePRICING
Salomon X Ultra 3 GTXIdeal for a Wide Range of Hiking All Year LongPRICING
The North Face Ultra 109 Gore-TEXLifetime GuaranteePRICING

Few Features to Consider                                                

Boot Height – shoes with a lower cut, mid-cut boots, high-cut boots (your decision here will be determined by the hiking choice you make: clearly the higher the boots, the more the security, ankle support, and leverage)

Soles – Deep lugged soles give traction and resist slipping. They ought to be solid enough to be supportive and flexible to allow walking naturally.

Construction – The lower should look like the upper part of the shoe and also has more water-resistance and durability.

Weight – The lighter your hiking shoe, the easier it will be when walking. Initially, it used to be the heavier, the more help you would have; but hiking shoemakers are always taking a shot at making lighter shoes for hiking while keeping support.

Waterproof – If you will hike in the rains or trekking through wet regions, you might need to consider waterproofed hiking shoes. (Remember that these might be hotter since they may not breathe.)

Insoles – Some hiking shoemakers introduce right insoles. Depending on the features of your foot and problems, this might be an issue. The sole should be built to your foot for most support and balance (e.g., If you have a high curve, you need an insole with a steep curve.) Another possible thing is to take out the first insoles and replace them with better ones to accommodate your needs.

1. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

If you need to have an experience that is out of this world when wearing a shoe for your next outdoor adventure, you can give it a trial buying this ventilated shoe for hiking.

Any shoe buyer would most likely love its leather and upper tongue of the shoe that gives protection and breathing space. The lower tongue of the shoe will likewise shock you as it keeps the flotsam and jetsam out. It contains a synthetic leather toe cap and heel counter.

What also makes anybody like this hiking shoe is that the air padded in the heel helps with stability and shock absorbing while the pressure shaped foot frame gives support as well.

The Merrell can keep your feet dry since it has a breathable work lining wicks. Moreover, it contains formed nylon curve shank and 5mm depth lug.

This Merrell shoe is one of the hiking shoes that have plenty positive reviews due to its brilliant features which incorporate M Select FIT.ECO, a trademark innovation of Merrell, for its ever molded foot bed which has an extra supporting heel and zonal arch.

The main inconvenience that I see with this shoe is that it may not be the best boot for long hiking adventures and wet conditions.


  • Profoundly breathable
  • Very flexible and lightweight
  • Elastic toe guards give excellent toe protection
  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Provides maximum stability and support
  • Keeps feet dry


  • Not the best shoe for long exploring experiences
  • Not the perfect boot for wet circumstances

2. KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoe

Hiking shoes are great additions to your kit for hiking. They give a more versatile option to hiking in better conditions and on even trails. A bit of history of KEEN; it’s a Portland-based organization that used to deliver toe protecting shoes before moving to making an alternative type of footwear. Presently, they manufacture top-rated shoes for hiking ideally made for all types of indoor and outdoor activities.

The model on our review is the KEEN Men’s hiking shoe that is produced using a fantastic material that makes it reliable and better for all hiking excursions. It comes with an incredible rubber sole that makes them ideal for individuals with thin feet.

Moreover, it has a dry waterproof surface that guarantees that your feet will remain dry by enabling an abundance of sweat to getaway. The hydrophobic work lining also helps in keeping your feet dry consistently by giving astounding breathability.

It accompanies a removable foot bed and EVA foam padded sole which gives phenomenal padding to the feet and in this manner it’s the best hiking shoe for long outings with knapsacks. For rock hiking purposes, this hiking shoe has ESS shank that offers stable torsion and accordingly secures your ankle.

This shoe features waterproof innovation that is best in class. This implies it keeps water out, regardless of how wet the territory you’re climbing on. It’s an overall landscape hiking boot since it has a hauled outsole that grasps well and guarantees that your feet remain secure and safe all through the climbing trip.

In a situation that you need a boot that you can easily slip on and off for any movement, then you should have the KEEN Men’s hiking shoes. It’s a pair that gives enough ankle support.


  • It’s a pocket-friendly hiking shoe with amazing features
  • It has the best waterproofing features when compared to other hiking shoe
  • It gives unique toe protection for long treks
  • It’s exceptionally light just as comfortable
  • It offers strong footing


  • It’s not as amazingly robust as other hiking boots
  • There are instances of the soles losing up free after a little time of wear

3. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 GTX

Adidas has extended its hiking footwear line generously as of late, and the refreshed Terrex is truly proficient on the trail. The smooth structure and single-pull binding system are reminiscent of a Salomon shoe. However, this hiking shoe is considerably lighter and harder than the others. The underside feels like a hiking shoe, and protection around the side of the foot are amazing, with the Gore-Tex coating offering waterproofing without feeling swampy. That is a winning equation for Adidas and has made the Terrex line very prevalent.

For what reason is the Adidas hiking shoe revered? We observed the shoe to be on the firm side, it loosed up a bit after following two or three days of hiking. Furthermore, although the Lace Bungee system is practical and we haven’t had any issues with it, it’s certainly not as smooth or straightforward to employ as Salomon’s proven Quicklace. In terms of stability and support, the R2 is cut genuinely low, but Adidas makes the shoe in a Mid-GTX version.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Truly comfortable
  • Excellent grasp
  • Waterproof and breathable


  • No adequate ankle support

4. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Boot

The energy in hiking footwear is pushing far from massive boots toward lightweight shoes and even trail sprinters that are quicker and increasingly comfortable. You do lose some ankle support when crossing rough trails, yet the weight savings and feathery feel are justified, despite all the trouble it brings for some.

These hiking boots have a dependable and robust design which draws in so many ladies. The main reason for these boots is that they are made to keep going for long, which implies they’re strong and of high quality as you use them from one location to another—that is hike from place to place.

Regardless of how you wear them, these boots will be the most comfortable hiking shoe that you could ever buy. These boots can sustain trials while climbing the mountains or even wet backwoods walk would not lessen their performance.

These hiking boots have additional cushioning around the ankle and has great sole for an extra support in the Terrain, which isn’t extremely simple. It feels like light climbing boots. However, the performance is strong. It is made up of high leather which makes it reliable.

It has an amazingly decent and refreshed binding system which is superior to different boots. The boot is astoundingly waterproofed and treated as an excellent boot for wet or spring season. It keeps up the strength and durability, which enables the user to walk unreservedly with no inconvenience.

Experienced hikers generally use it since they can explore while hiking. The waterproofed feature of these boots allow them to maintain a strategic distance from any foot rankles. Because of its exceptional cushioned underside, the boots give the greatest comfort to the foot and has enough space to let the foot breath.


  • Fit well from the very beginning and shouldn’t encounter a long break-in period
  • Better configuration to give critical security and support
  • Ideal for a wide range of hiking all year long
  • Waterproof and breathable capacity functions


  • Seems too much a boot for the light trail hiker

5. The North Face Ultra 109 Gore-TEX Hiking Shoe

As one of the leading quality outdoor wear designer, The North Face needs not to be introduced. The shoe is a stable shoe for hiking built with components, to offer the durability of a hiking shoe.

The hiking product has unique rubber sole to give incredible footing as well as grip over different territory. Nonetheless, it performs less amazingly in wet and slippery conditions. 

A well compressed molded midsole and mid foot-shaped shank gives fantastic stability, while the rigid Snake Plate offers protection to your forefoot from brushing over uneven trails. The hiking shoe has a leather and breathable mesh upper completed with an extended synthetic comfort range membrane that keeps water away while enabling the feet to relax. A toe protection cap guarantees durability and enhanced protection on rough or uneven trails, while the laces give a customized fit.

This unique hiking shoe offers excellent support and has been intended to provide security and safety over a wide variety of territory. Comes with a lifetime guarantee, these athletic shoes for hiking are towards the upper end of the price scale, moreover, considering the brilliant performance, they command great value for cash.

Perfect for sturdy hiking and outdoor exploration, these hiking shoes would also be appropriate for any wear meant for outdoor activities, including the urban environment.

Some features:

  • Upper: a synthetic fabric water proof that allows access to air as well as water vapor, used in outdoor and sports clothing
  • Breathable fabric allows air to pass through it easily
  • Coated leather upper midfoot support
  • Toe cap protection
  • Compression-molded EVA padded sole

  • Toe cap and T.P.U Snake Plate for additional foot protection over rough territory
  • Water resistant and breathable. Kudos to their synthetic membrane
  • Strong and durable
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Less compelling traction on wet, slippery surfaces


A lightweight and adaptable shoe is ideal for a short and direct day trip over a well-trodden and easy route, but it leaves one’s feet hurting and you could twist an ankle when hiking through the harsh and temperamental landscape over a long period of time.

Nevertheless, a tight and well-supported hiking shoe may be overkill on your simple trip, but it is going to give the comfort you deserve all day long and also give the support on a trek up the side of a mountain.

Hiking shoes or boots have been around for several years now, but over the years, they have gone through innovations to suit many preferences, taste and lifestyles. You can’t get enough of them, and their many features will always make them to stand out. Going on your next hiking adventure? Relax and check if you have all the right gear intact—those that will make your experience up the mountain more memorable. Look no further, the brands on this list will come through when you need a reliable, durable and attractive hiking shoe.

What are you still waiting for? The right shoe is staring at you!

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