Most Comfortable Hiking Sandals Of 2024

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Sandals are probably not your first choice when hiking is mentioned. However, there are sandals designed for hiking and comes with several benefits. As such, they can be considered an excellent addition to your gear closet.

You can use them when the weather is warm on a gentle trail, particularly in tropical climates. Again, if you intend going for a multi-day backpacking trip, you might think in the direction of hiking sandals–which are a great alternative to boots when your feet need to breathe. So, what do you look out for in a pair of hiking sandals?

E.C.C.O. YucatanIt Comes With a Plush FootbedPRICING
HOKA ONE ONE Tor TrafaIt has a LightweightPRICING
KEEN Newport H2It is Quick-DryingPRICING
Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve ConvertibleComes With a Built-in Ankle ProtectionPRICING
ECCO Biom DeltaIt is Very DurablePRICING
Teva Tanza SandalCan be Easily AdjustedPRICING

Better ventilation: Hiking sandals feature less upper coverage; it heat dissipating ability is excellent – heat goes out through the vent openings, successfully preventing heat buildup, and taking out sweat. They are impeccable during hot seasons as they are amazingly breathable.

Lightweight: Sandals meant for hiking are exceptionally lightweight, weighing up to 700 grams a pair on the average. Manufacturers employ light and synthetic materials in many sets to make them lightweight. The lighter the footwear, the less vitality is expended when in use.

Fast-drying upper: Most hiking sandals feature upper webbings designed from a synthetic material that dries almost immediately. That is the reason some hikers lean towards wearing hiking sandals when navigating shallow waters, for example, streams, creeks, waterways.

1. E.C.C.O. Yucatan Outdoor Offroad Hiking Sandal

The E.C.C.O. Yucatan is generally considered as one of the most comfortable sandals that you can think of. You’ll love it a great deal. We didn’t find this sandal to be useful in the indoor when compared to others.

The E.C.C.O.’s footbed is very comfy—the smooth surface feels excellent almost immediately and the secondary support is reliable. The majority of the straps is adequately padded and gives a soft, delicate touch to the skin. We additionally consider the sole to be quite firm and somewhat harsh during impact.

The Velcro strap is a material that is sewn in at a specific distance; hence the sole is very loose. The absence of front strap adjustability is a downside for users. Such an oversight appears to be abnormal for the great people at E.C.C.O. That has a penchant for making products of high-quality. Moreover, even though sized accurately, the non-adjustability strap sits on top of toes, as opposed to behind the limit of our feet, where it ought to be. 


  • It is comfortable
  • It comes with a plush footbed
  • Comes with a firm sole


  • It has no stability
  • It is not durable

2. HOKA ONE ONE Tor Trafa Hiking Sandal

Imagine you had to cross a 4X4 using a sports car, and your feet had a Men’s Hoka One One on them. You will get great comfort coming from neoprene frame and also the nubuck leather cradling your feet.  The soft E.V.A. footbed offer cushion for your ride with the flex groove handing down adaptability when an uneven terrain calls. Whatever the adventure may be, Tor Trafa is up to the task with the Vibram MegaGrip Hi-Traction outsole.

Grab the opportunities of the hiking world with the Hoka ONE ONE Tor Trafa Running shoe, or perhaps I could say sandals. You have the protection and help of a nubuck leather upper fortified with stretchy supportive neoprene; the open strap configuration takes into account excellent ventilation and drainage if a trail run moves you through the creek. Besides, there’s the mix of genuinely cush impact ingestion from the R.M.A.T. Midsole, and the close shoeless experience of featherlike weight and only 5mm of drop.

Pen sandal style heel creates perfect ventilation and excellent comfort. The Meta-Rocker Geometry lends towards a natural gait and takes you forward with every step you make. Even the engineered R.M.A.T. Midsole offer excellent support for a ride which is amazingly lightweight.


  • It is comfortable
  • It features good cushioning
  • It has a lightweight
  • Offer excellent traction
  • It comes with Arch support


  • Lacing system takes time to get used to

3. KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

If you are planning to hike using sandals, your best bet is to go for some kind of protection with regards to the type of trails you will be venturing on. Several trails come with rocks, sticks, roots and other objects that could be harmful to your foot and toes too in case they’re exposed; the Keen Newport H2 is your reliable choice.

The Keen Newport H2 remains first-rate among the top contenders for a closed-toe sandal. The large toe box, fast-drying materials, and a grippy outsole make it ideal for watersports aficionados and for people searching for a sandal that will protect their feet. With more coverage than most sandals as well as breathability than a standard hiking shoe, the Newport strikes parity somewhere in the middle.

While it doesn’t have a similar hold as the top-scoring Cairn, the Newport H2 has features a stiff rubber outsole energetic lugs which like to nibble into wet and dry surfaces. The Newport comes in just behind a model with an excellent Vibram sole fabric. It held its own quite well in wet conditions and how rapidly the sole could change from wet to dry surfaces.

Talking of overall comfort, this sandal readily comes to mind. Even users who do not have an affinity for toe designs will be happy wearing this. You’ll get more excellent protection from stubbing your toe in a rocky river with the help of the toe box and the instep material.

It has a great semblance to a sandal; the closed-toe models bring to the table an upper hand when it comes with stability. But from experience, more isn’t more, especially when it comes to sandals. The Newport presents a stout sole material that is perfectly stiff and also resilience for being lightweight.


  • It offers comfort
  • Provide good traction
  • It is quick-drying
  • Very breathable
  • It does not slip on


  • It has no adjustment points

4. Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible Water Sandal

The fact remains that some shoes are made to be at a higher level than others, and the Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible sandals effectively separates itself from the competition. Most hiking sandal lovers will fall for these pairs. Even those that have summited Mt. Whitney and other different peaks have worn Merrell boots and a couple of times, so they can attest to its uniqueness and positives that this pair of lovely sandals brings to the market.

Merrell shoes are reliably consistent with size. For sandals proposed to be worn without socks, I suggest a half-size less than what you’d opt for in a typical shoe to accomplish the ideal fit. The All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible is manufactured as a hydro hiker, which means they have a sturdy, hiking style sole which can go all through the water.

This structure attribute put them in a perfect world appropriate for stand up paddlers navigating harsh, rocky conditions. On recommendation, a paddler who feels good and wears this footwear while paddling would enjoy them quite well.

The Vibram offers excellent traction on wet surfaces, as well as submerged rocks, which is pleasant when you are on a paddling trip or off your board for a lovely selfie. It is the hikers’ choice, and you will never forget them in a hurry. The All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible gives excellent protection to your feet while enabling your toes to squirm free. Get a pair today and go into the wild with rest of mind to begin your exploration!


  • It is fast-drying
  • Works excellently well in water regions
  • Comes with a built-in ankle protection
  • Makes it through tough terrain with ease
  • Extra efficiency provided by unifly midsole


  • No adjustment points

5. ECCO Biom Delta Offroad Sandal

Sports sandals are an excellent addition to your summer wardrobe, and this sandal brand delivers on wear ability and comfort as well. This incredible hiking sandal offers brilliant padding for comfort throughout the day, while you get a protective fit with speed-lace clasp and flexible uppers.

Active junky enjoys the great determination associated with the B.I.O.M. last, which powers for hours and days at great form— I mean foot-wise.

For testers of this product, they plow through the root-strewn forest, including alien deserts—even the dry creek beds were not forgotten—with unwavering confidence that is not common with most sandals. The fearless exploration is made possible by the protective T.P.U. Toecap as well as TPE footbed.

With a lot of coverage to secure against abrasions, the breathability offer superiority but benefits from traditional U.V. exposure to destroy odor-promoting microscopic organisms. At a modest premium to standard-issue game models, this E.C.C.O. sandal walks into advanced settings with ease. It steps on impediments without losing rhythm.

E.C.C.O. leathers are cleverly made, where high-quality craftsmanship and tenacious advancement are a crucial piece of the procedure. Conceived from a blank canvas of premium rawhide, E.C.C.O. leathers are designed and transformed into beautiful shoes and accessories that will last for years to come

The natural habitat for quite some time has been a leading force in this design; regardless, it offers an endless source of motivation with various types coming from the manufacturer. For more than several years, these sandals have fulfilled purposes, merging creative innovation with motivation from nature, to make the uncommon fit, comfort, and exceptional sturdiness that are central to E.C.C.O.


  • It is Comfortable
  • It is very Durable
  • It comes with a stylish feel
  • Offer good cushioning


  • It wears out easily
  • Known for scooping rocks into the toe
  • It comes with less support than Cerras

6. Teva Tanza Sandal

A sandal will always remain a sandal–that used to be the perception of so many people. But as soon you encounter sandals from Teva Tanza, each with a unique purpose, that ideology will start to shift. The value it brings to the table cannot be underestimated—grab it with both hands when you eventually experience the feel.

The Teva Tanza Sandals are the perfect open shoe structure Teva is well known for. With three adjustable straps (instep, toe, and heel), shocpad, neoprene foam padding, and anatomical footbed fit and feel, even comfort of the Teva Tanza is top notch.

The Nonmarking Spider Rubber outsoles offer excellent footing even on wet surfaces, and the nylon shank guarantees stability on the rugged landscape. Microban zinc-based antimicrobial treatment prevents stink while the standard T.I.D.E. (Teva Innovative Design Lab) features to keep your foot very comfortable –either on or off the trail.

The Teva Tanza is by every measure many hikers’ preferred choice of a sandal as it is the most versatile for the various tasks, for example, hiking, water sports, urban life, and beach time. It offers excellent comfort when you wear it due to its padding under the straps, and the anatomical footbed gives a measure of arch support and a full ride.

The weight and thickness of the padded sole additionally offer great height off the ground and a fierce stage from which to walk on rocky trail and pathways.

With the adjustable Velcro, you can customize the fit. Again, the Velcro available on the instep strap can leverage a few extra stitches to keep it in place as it mingles with the plastic restrainer when the straps are release to pull off your foot.


  • It comes with a comfy padding
  • Excellent arch support
  • Can be easily adjusted
  • Very versatile during summertime and adventures


  • Tension release is not comfortable with the Velcro on the instep strap—it gets in and out of your foot


You will get hiking sandals in various sizes and shapes. These sandals are designed to be worn with heavy backpack and with the wrong choice comes a great pressure on your joints and may cause harm to your feet. They are most ideal for use in tropical or mild climates, and on less difficult trail for you to enjoy every bit of your adventure.

Your regular hiking boots may not be what you need for your next adventure. Try a pair of hiking sandals; they will work perfectly well for you. They allow your feet to breathe while you hop from one rocky terrain to another.  Having carefully reviewed some of the best hiking sandals out there, we believe this guide will bring you a lot closer to choosing that perfect sandal for your next exciting hiking expenditure.

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